Mother Goose smoked a pipe?

We are rescuing the basement. The basement…home to the freezer, the laundry, one of many tool benches, and 30 years of boxed treasures, memories, and CRAP-olla. The goal: one box a day. Sort, sift, Goodwill, re-box, hang, etc. Lord, help me. I’m already a week behind.

I found a gem, though…thrown casually in a plastic bag…my mobile from when I was a wee little lass. It flies wooden nursery rhyme characters above and plays (still plays!) that baby lullabye that no one knows the true name of…I think I made up words to it, “Go to sleep, Go to sleep, Go to SLEEP lit-tle ba-by. Go to sleep. Go to sleep. Go to SLE-E-E-E-EEEEEP.” You know it? It’s hard to sing on the computer.

But here’s my question: what is Mother Goose smokin’? Or is it even Mother Goose? It’s not, I don’t think. Who is it and what’s in her mouth? Maybe I don’t know my nursery rhymes as well as I thought. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Curt, Ry, and I headed to the VanderPloeg‘s last night for a little winter k-nitting action. Jo’s got some serious (baby) bootie action happening and I, well, my action is a secret. Aaron and Curt talked basement remodeling and 3-way light switch wiring- BOR-ing. Lainy and Rylie were not interested in fiber or engineering…they wanted to shop. Rylie wanted to drive, but she is clearly too young and Lainy is much more experienced with the stroller.
And, on a more serious note, I had the priviledge Tuesday night to sing for the closing service of a leader’s conference held at Mars Hill this week. Two-thousand pastors, youth leaders, deacons, elders, and staff of churches from all over the country and world came to be challenged and refreshed and served. It ended with church and communion Tuesday night. Singing during communion is always this clash of emotions for me. I find myself standing in the middle of something unreal and very personal…singing for people who cannot find the words or creating a backdrop for such a beautiful moment. But it’s often so very personal for them, and you can feel like you’re interrupting…or like you want to hug them…or like you run to run away down the aisle. This Tuesday was particularly hard because it was our (collective, world-wide) church up there…broken and tired and joyous and heart-felt and flat on their faces meeting with God. And I was honored to be there. I just want to take a minute to remind you that your pastor is tired and human and funny. They need to be encouraged and served and loved just as much as we do sitting in the pews. They struggle with their teenagers, they miss their families, they question Iraq, they hate the Christmas crowds, they don’t know why there aren’t enough nursery workers, they love ham sandwiches…just like we do. So, love on them…a lot.
Happy weekend to you all and to all a good night!
Rylie has slept through the night (8+ hours) 3 nights in a row now!

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10 responses to “Mother Goose smoked a pipe?

  • anna

    That’s Brahm’s lullaby. And you have no idea how tickled I am with myself that I knew that.

    I don’t know what that person is smoking though. Is it the king? Who’s men are trying to fix Humpty Dumpty (unsuccessfully, though)?

    It’s really scaring me now, though.

  • KatieKate

    Brahms. Yes. You, my friend, are brilliant.

    Rose thinks it’s Ol’ King Cole:

    Old King Cole was a merry old soul,
    And a merry old soul was he.
    He call for his PIPE, and he called for his bowl
    And he called for his fiddlers three…

    I’m not convinced, though. I mean, a blonde king? Seriously. You people are ON it.

  • sunday

    i love reading your words, like i have always loved reading them. thank you for always inspiring. you are a good friend!

  • erica

    i too immediately thought of old king cole…he was known to smoke
    and he did wear a crown. i think that is supposed to be a dapper red kingly robe he is wearing.

    i love that mobile. you are so lucky to have found it.

    oh…and i think the song might be called “All the Pretty Little Horses.” I researched it (yup, i was pretty bored at work today stuck in the office!) and found tons of different words…but try these on for size:

    Lullaby (some said hush-a-bye instead 🙂 )
    And goodnight.
    Go to sleep my little ba-by;
    When you wake,
    you’ll have cake,
    and all the pretty little horses.

    Black and bays,
    Dapples and greys,
    Coach and six little horses.

    Black and bays,
    Dapples and greys,
    Coach and six little horses.

    And goodnight.
    Go to sleep my little baby
    Sweet roses, go to sleep
    Go to sleep my little baby.

    no clue what it means…but it’s kinda pretty

  • Grammy

    Old King Cole was a merry old soul and a merry old soul was he…he called for his pipe in the middle of the night and he called for his fiddlers three.
    Every fiddler had a fine fiddle and a very fine fiddle had he.
    Oh, there’s none so rare as can compare with King Cole and his fiddlers three.

  • Jessica, Myron and Rylie

    I must say that I noticed the kitchen set at the VanderPloeg’s! This makes me estatic becuse I had the excat one!!! Got it for Christmas when I was 3. Oh I wish I still had it!

  • KatieKate

    Why did I never learn this Old King Kong- sorry, COLE…but it’s all I can think when I say it out loud- rhyme? I feel so left out.

    And if it IS the King…why doe she look like a girl- with the rosy cheeks and the muffin hat/crown? Geesh.

  • Dad

    Thats cause we probably got it in Germany ….. Remember the skinny Santa Claus?

  • Aunt Regina

    And in case you care – Here are the original words to the lullaby. See —-I learned something in those German classes

    Guten Abend, gute Nacht, Mit Rosen bedacht,
    Mit Naeglein besteckt, schlupf unter die Deck’
    Morgen frueh, wenn Gott will, wirst du wieder geweckt
    Morgen frueh, wenn Gott will, wirst du wieder geweckt

    Guten Abend, gute Nacht, Von Englein bewacht
    Die zeigen im Traum, dir Christkindleins Baum
    Schlaf nun selig und suess, Schau im Traum’s Paradies
    Schlaf nun selig und suess, Schau im Traum’s Paradies

  • KatieKate

    Oh. My. Lanta.
    I cannot believe you just wrote that whole song out- in GERMAN. I applaud you and shout BRAVO while wearing a long opera gown and black elbow gloves. Bravo.

    But I’m still a little mad you went to St. Thomas without me.

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