I bought a red chair.

It borders on victorian, funky, and ugly all at the same time. I think I am in love with it.

We now have 2 pieces of furniture in our living room, meaning you can come over to visit but only if the rest of your family sits in the car.

[boy arrives home, sticks out his tongue, and says,] “Hurts.”
[boy makes a sad face]
[girl mimicks the sad face in sympathy]
later that night…in the quiet that comes just before falling asleep
[boy] “I looked up on the internet about inflamed tastebuds.”
[girl opens and closes her mouth several times before responding carefully and with love] “Really? What did it say to do?”
[sadly] “Nothing. There’s nothing you can do.”
[physically supressing] “I’m sorry.”
[girl can no longer stand it] “What did they say was the cause of it?”
[boy] “Tongue trauma.”
[girl dissolves into a puddle of giggling mess on the bed; boy huffs and turns over towards the wall]
[boy starts giggling, too, at the realization of how absolutely ABSURD he is sometimes]

Winter k-nitting is upon us, folks! Let the fiber roll!

Starting next Wednesday, we’ll be meeting every other Wednesday from about 7:30pm-ish to 9:30pm-ish with (or without) sticks and yarn and general hilarity. Come one, come all. Prior knitting experience not necessary…sarcasm and thick skin a must. Consider this an open invitation. Perhaps this is just the spice your life is needing.

I made some flowers to celebrate.

Happy weekend to you all…we’ve finally got real snow, so I see some sledding in our immediate future!


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4 responses to “trauma

  • sunday

    i think that i am ready to learn how to k-nit. can you do satelite classes for me here in black mountain, nc?

  • Kristen

    Can you show me how to make those super duper cute flowers?
    I’ll give you a brownie.

  • katiekate

    I’ll do anything for a brownie.

    cast on 36
    knit 1
    bind off 4
    repeat to end
    cut tail
    pull tail through stitches (12)
    make a garden


  • Kristen

    does this mean i have to send you a brownie in the mail?
    i mean, i can. . . . . . it would be frozen as hard as a hockey puck if the belding postman could even deliver mail in this weather.
    i hope you guys are alive and well.

    i am so looking foward to wednesday. are you taking rylie or are you at the point where the kid has a schedule and she needs to learn what her crib is? or do you just want to reclaim certain parts of your life back (meaning, you want to leave the kid behind and feel all foot loose and fancy free)? do you find yourself wanting to leave her with curt just to see what happens and what she looks like after spending hours away from you? i remember jane being dressed in boys clothes, wearing socks i never knew we owed with giant stain someplace smack on the front of her. this is what would happen when paul was left in charge.
    sure, the kid would be real real happy. but but but but whatever. of course, she and the house looked like a total wreck.

    i am not-so-secretly hoping that you take her with so i am play with that little doll. curt is always welcome too. i think it might be time to take the yearly picture of curt with knitting needles in his hands.

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