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Is it possible that a weekend can seem like a year? We spent Friday at Meijer Gardens (say ‘Meijer’ like Oscar Meyer) with Lainy and Marli and Sydney (aka Schreechy). Pictures were few as we spent most of our time watching the kids soak up the colors and the wings and the water and the trees. What a gift to have such a place literally right down the road. I see us spending a lot of time there in the years to come.

Rylie girl’s 4 month shots made for a sleepy (but not cranky) baby this weekend. She’s 18 weeks tomorrow, a stunning 11 pounds 6 ounces and 25 inches long. She’s also a talker. We had all the nurses giggling and the doctor skipping patients just to play with us. She’s a keeper. I’m ready for more. Seriously.

After the shots, we loaded up the (newly returned to us) 4-Runner with Abe, the baby, Huck Finn on iPod, and some Goldfish crakers and headed North an hour to New Era to spend a couple days with our dear friends Joel and Brenda (and Wyatt, 14 months and Abe’s friend, Bud). The cabin was built by family and friends…to include my husband pre-KatieKate. All the wood is from the 20 acres it sits on, and we had 2 days of 70 degree weather to enjoy it. Bliss. We made the obligatory trip to the Country Dairy Saturday night to have some ice cream. Ry was thrilled, if not a little shocked by the sweet goodness of homemade ice cream.

Well, people…there’s bread to be made, bags to unpack, Torah to read, and sunshine to soak up before the rain comes tomorrow. Abe is dreaming of the birds that got away this weekend. I don’t think he’ll be much help to me today…not that he ever is when it comes to chores.

Talk to you soon,

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12 responses to “back to life

  • Meg

    Hey Kate. Can I get a couple pictures of my little niece sent to me in the mail so I can hang her little picture at my work. I love the little naked one from last post. If not thats okay. Meg

  • KatieKate

    absolutely not. I am against publically displayiing my child for all the world to see.


  • meg

    I have to use my nieces because I don’t have children. Pretty soon I will take up the whole board with all of them.

  • KatieKate

    Well, you COULD have children…

    but I don’t recommend it in your current situation.

    It’s better when there’s a husband involved…

    you know, for the poopy diapers and stuff.

  • Shanna, Adam and Gracen

    i’m so glad rylie handles her shots so well. we are not so lucky here. it turns into three days of fevers, insomnia and moaning child. gracie has a flare for the drama, so give the kid a needle and she runs with it.

    and i have to say, i thought curt’s observation of you vs. pillow was quite poetic and profound. i have often thought as much of adam.

  • KatieKate

    Shanna, how do you feel about being Curt’s new best friend?

  • DAD

    I likes them overalls ……..

  • KatieKate

    and don’t let yer kid run with needles

    I’m just a newbie at this mom stuff, but I’m pretty sure that’s a rule.

    Daddy-o…I likes them, too! They’re standard Saturday wear nowadays.

  • Shanna, Adam and Gracen

    dangling/misplaced modifier–7th grade language arts–mrs. gouge would chastise me…

  • mom

    ….run with scissors, needles, same difference….always wear clean underware….change your clothes when you come home from school…feed your pets before yourself….and don’t make me stop this car………….love, mom

  • mom

    yes, I know it is underWEAR.

  • Jessica, Myron and Rylie

    Rylie Jayne sat in amazement watching Rylie Joy eat peas…..She cant wait!

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