Apparently, it’s winter. Yesterday was a blizzard. Rylie, Abe, Scooch, and I stared out the back door for hours wondering where Spring went and if all that Global Warming stuff was just a hoax [kidding]. We tried to talk to a robin who had returned (too early) from wintering down South…but he just kept wandering around the yard muttering to himself. ‘Where is Spring?’ ‘My legs aren’t made for this stuff.’ ‘Sheryl, where is SPRING?’ We thought it best to just leave him alone for a bit.

Abe’s big brother (seriously, it’s his brother- same litter) is staying with us until Saturday to allow the Spring Lake Mulders time alone with precious Ava Eames. Losses thus far: 2 beanie baby gorillas, 1 beanie baby monkey, 1 small stuffed white bear, 1 large stuffed white bear, 1 deer front right leg (previously buried), and 2 hand towels. All were viciously subjected to do-or-die games of tug-o-war. Miss Ava is doing well…sleeping well, eating well, poo-ing well. You know, all the things that make life good for babies. And men, now that you mention it.

I washed my 2 pair of jeans that actually fit me…but forgot to take out the chapstick…and now have dried grease spots (that smell suspiciously like Cherry Sweet Lips) all over them. *sigh*

But, life is good, and I cannot complain. If you are praying people… and many of you are… perhaps you would join us Sunday at 10:30am as we gather as a worship team to pray for one of our own. We will gather to pray for our friends…our friends who are married and the husband continues to battle random, medically-unexplained seizures that rob him of days and peace and a normal life and just plain sanity. They are hurting so very much and I find myself completely overwhelmed with emotion. This morning I cried for the preciousness of health and ‘boring’ lives and my sweet baby and stupid grease spots on my jeans and the ridiculous gift of grace that allows us to petition the Creator of the Universe and beg for healing. And I am crying again.

It’s a Patty Griffin kind of day. And I will turn her up loud and dance and yell and cry and laugh. And Sunday, I will sing to a God who loves me. And I will try to help others sing from up front. And I will prolly cry. And then I will pray with friends for friends upstairs- though I am a terrible ‘prayer’… easily distracted and simple in speech, but we know that just doesn’t matter. So, if you think of it…

Funny. Patty’s ‘Moses’ is playing right now.
It must be time to sing.

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21 responses to “*ahem*

  • sunday

    i would do anything to hear you sing! will you sing for us on a video? i love your words they always inspire me to be better. i am easily distracted as well. last night at 3 in the morning when i was praying for my sweet BellaRose i started thinking about pack-n-plays. how does all that work out. can the Lord decipher my thoughts? I will pray for your friend.

  • the dicocco gang

    it is always time to sing. I’m glad we get to together.

    and I’m with you on the prayers..I feel a bit helpless here.
    thanks troy for giving us something we can join in togehter.

  • diane

    I did not realize the seizures continued. Thank you for mentioning it. I’ve thought of them often recently and now I know why…

    And now I am sad too…

    10:30 on Sunday? I’ll pray with you from my home.

  • Jessica, Myron and Rylie

    We too woke up to snow this morning. This may have been why Rylie decided she didnt need sleep last night. Since she was born in a now storm and all. SHe tends to get very excited when the white stuff comes falling.

    I too have felt quite humbled this weekend. Not only for the “Holiday” which is Easter but also for the health and saftey our good Lord manages to give us each day. We learned of two passings one of a long life, one of a mere 30 years. I will cry continue to cry with you. Cry of thankfulness and blessings He keeps showering on us. Cry for those who have lost and are struggling.

    I thought that I was “senstive” ( not the word I am looking for but close enough) before but becoming a mother totally changes the way you look at life. We Carr’s will remember your friends in prayer.

  • Becky and Jeremiah Swann

    Hey Katie I am a friend of Sundays and I am in Love with Patty Griffin, she (sunday, not patty,but wouldn’t that be cool) told me to check out your blog because you mentioned her. I am actually going to see her in Asheville Tomorrow night(yes like the song) and will sing with her for you!!

  • KatieKate

    UGH! I am SO JEALOUS of you!
    and [confession]…I check in on you from time to time when you chat with Annie and Sun 🙂 What a funny world. Where were all these people when I was in Black Mountain?!

  • jimmy

    Those of us on the outside will join, in thoughts, with u Sunday.

    By the way my “home” town of Traverse City had 2 ft of snow Friday/Saturday.

    Make some bread, life will get better.

  • Becky and Jeremiah Swann

    I’m glad you check mine we are developing quite a blogger world for us gals! It is awesome. Be sure to check soon on mine because I will try to take pictures of Patty on Friday so I will put them up soon after. Happy Blogging 🙂 Becky

  • KatieKate

    Thanks, Friends.
    I shall, indeed, make some bread. It’s just one of those days when reality kinda sets in and you’re grateful and heartbroken all at once, you know?

    But we’re doing good here. Patty always makes things better. Becky- take some good photos!

  • Shanna, Adam and Gracen

    oh, yeah, Patty people. we saw her a year or so ago (i have no concept of past time anymore–it could have been 5 years), and she was WONDERFUL!

    we were dancing to jack johnson earlier and crying too. we’ll be thinking of your friends and praying for the best to come to their lives.

    i’m happy today. even in what should be grief, something good is happening in the world.

    and sorry to hear about your chapstick, especially since to went through the whole ordeal of washing. adam “helped” with laundry once and left a black sharpie in his jeans. i don’t recommend trying that.

  • The VanderPloeg's

    we read your post today and lainy said
    “two abes!”

  • The VanderPloeg's

    we read your post today and lainy said
    “two abes!”

  • The VanderPloeg's

    we read your post today and lainy said
    “two abes!”

  • julie

    thank you kate – now i am crying too. much too much to do to even cry. thank you all. we’ll be there sunday – we’re ready. julie

  • KatieKate

    We have people all across America praying/thinking of you- now and on Sunday! And prolly some we don’t even know about! Something good is BOUND to happen.

  • Kate

    And YES, Lainy! Two Abes!

    Man, I love that kid.

  • Grace

    Hi there. My name is Grace and I too have been reading your blog after being directed here by the Dicocco blog. I keep coming back because I love the way you say things. You have a great heart and I really admire that.

    I do not know your friends but I am praying as well. I’m humbled that we can all pray in unity to the One True God… even when we’ve never met.

  • KatieKate

    let’s all cry again, shall we?

    My mother used to say, “It’s not what you said it’s how you said it, Kate.” It was not a compliment, and it was very much deserved…a lot. I’d like to think that’s changed a bit over the years.

  • Grace

    Well… I meant it as a compiment! And it’s good to “meet” you through your blog!

  • sweet mercies

    thanks for today. thanks for the questions and prayers. as hard as it was today has been better.
    so have you been to the blog http://www.etsy.com? if not go. now. stop reading – go shopping – or better go selling. katie kate – this is your site sister. love to you and your little baby who was crying her head off when i saw her today. and love to the daddy who was laughing at her crying her head off.

  • miss chris

    I made…. a website!


    Let me know what you think! 🙂

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