I heard from my boy last night…the conference has been keeping him so very busy (well, that and there’s a working as opposed to non-working fireplace in his cabin). He sounds exhausted but says he’s having a good time and that the staff is unbelievable and the grounds are, of course, gorgeous (I know…it sounds a lot like rehab, eh?). Before he left for Colorado, he was required to take a number of seriously intense personality, IQ, leadership, etc. tests that they are debriefing while at this thing-a-ma-jig. You know, tests that reveal your innards to help you become a better leader and more prepared to save the world.

I live for this kind of stuff.

One of the strangest tests he took before he left was musical- recognizing tones and pitches and reproducing lines of sound. Yesterday, his results showed these were his 2 highest scores…out of everything. My genius engineer, planner, environmental port-a-potty crusader, math-ma-teer…scored highest on pitch and tone.

The facilitator then discussed the various different portions of all the tests and how they apply in the work world. When she got to these two particular musical tests, she paused…and said they had yet to figure out exactly how strength in these 2 areas translated into the business world, but they knew it was important to recognize.

That’s funny. FUN-NY. Pee in my pants, roll on the floor, cry real tears funny.

I miss the kid. I don’t sleep well without him anymore, especially this week when the world has been so horrific. I have found that I talk very little when he’s not around, which leaves most things in my head…just swimming around, bouncing off other things swimming around in there. I may know where the soap is this week, but I prefer it when he’s home. I like him.

Oh- his lowest score, you ask? As in, scored a less than 10% on? Vocabulary. Perhaps they were privvy to this conversation we had the night before he left:

We’re getting ready to bid that Calvin job.
I thought that job was already bid and selected.
Nope. That was just an initial interview before.

Yep. It’s comin’ down the pike.
Pike? Comin’ down the pike?
Yeah. You know…gettin’ ready to start.
Pipe. You mean pipe, right?
No. It’s comin’ down the pike.
Seriously. I think it’s pipe, Babe.
Well, maybe it is. But I am an inventor. I invented a new phrase.


Should I feel like an idiot when he kills me at Scrabble?


Seriously. It’s pipe, right, guys?


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11 responses to “finally

  • jimmy

    Nope sorry, coming down the pike is a correct statement. A Pike at one time was a toll road. Therefore the bid is coming down the road.

  • sunday

    i like pipe too. i thought that was right. but like he said he is an inventor, a creator, he can use any word he wants right? so what exactly is he doing in colorado. is this for leadership training?

  • KatieKate

    I’m taking Sunday’s answer over Jimmy’s. Sorry.

    Sun, it is for leadership development- you’re right. And, Curt LOVES to take down trees. Tell Worth to save some for him.

  • jimmy

    Not a problem for me. You have your priorities correct. Pike is an old word anyway, time for new stuff and leaders should be setting the trend.

  • jh

    Pipe yes. Yesterday my boy was talking about sinks (what?) and said he likes the “ob-round” ones – and i said you mean “oblong” ones and he looked at me like i told him his mother was a ugly witch and said – no it’s “ob-round Julie”. smile and nod. just smile and nod.
    maybe an obround pike?

  • Shanna, Adam and Gracen

    i think it may actually be pike, but i think pipe just sounds better. that’s the one i’ll teach the kid.

    sorry the boy has left you for the week. when adam took his job he said he’d be doing “occasional” travel, which has translated into about 3 weeks a month. fortunatley, he took us with him on this most recent trek. i have to sleep on the couch when he’s gone (not sure why), so this is saving my back.

    congrats to miss ry on that fabulous roll-over!

  • KatieKate

    I have been informed by close and not so shy local friends that it may indeed be pike.

    This has never happened before.

  • diane

    It’s pike. I just googled it to find out for you.

    you may have to change this post, eh?

    hi julie. miss you.

  • Jessica, Myron and Rylie

    Will you please go to my sister’s blog..lisser and jp…and read about shanna’s dream… i am about to pee in my pants laughing!!

  • Grace

    Did you ever see the movie “Lady in the Water”? There were a bunch of stoner characters sitting around wanting to invent a new catch phrase, and they came up with, “Baby’s on the half-pike”. I’m really not sure what it means, but maybe you could use it when your hubby comes home. As an inventor, he should appreciate it, don’t you think?

  • Chelsey Meek

    Pipe, pike…poop…whatever.

    All I know is that you are in love.

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