Hello, my name is Kate and I shop in bulk.

Thank you for your support.

Rylie and I went to Costco yesterday…we were in need of 400 pounds of dog food and 6 cans of spaghetti sauce. I ran into a friend of a friend who may or may not have remembered my name. Rylie was still in her pjs and covered in dried carrots from breakfast. We stood in the 84-pack of pop aisle for a moment and made small talk while my 5 pound bag of organic broccoli and 20-pack of tube socks rested in the cart. I would have felt weird, but she had just loaded up a keg of root beer. I so love that store.

Back in the day, the Sebeck fam used to head to Sam’s Club on Friday nights and wander the aisles. Dad went to the tents and tools, Mom to the frozen meat, and Danny (who seems to channel Dean Martin these days) and I hit the ends of the aisles for all the free food samples. I don’t even think Mom and Dad fed us before we left the house. We would meet up front at the check out where, inevitably, my mother would be holding a 100-pack of Charmin and I would begin to whimper, knowing I was going to have to carry it out to the car and surely someone I knew would see me. Yesterday, I told Rylie her fate was the same because I’m over the embarrassment of youth. Cheap is cheap, and I can’t carry everything.

Rylie has her first teensy tiny tooth popping through on the bottom left side- it’s so cute (I think). She spends all day with her pointer finger jammed in there, well, pointing to it but won’t let you get a good look at it. She also has started holding her own bottle (GodblessAmerica it’s about time) and clapping for herself- which is hilarious. The newest thing is her apparent excess of finger strength. What used to be sweet little pats on the face has turned into probing claws of malice. I cried because I realized she was getting big…and that it was very possible she was going to rip my lips off soon and I wasn’t sure if any of you would still be my friends if I didn’t have any lips on my face.

But I’m glad you’re my friends at least for now.
I’m off to find a place for my tube socks and Charmin.
Blessings to you this weekend.
And thanks for all the J-Bird support! I have told him of your love and he returns it 7-fold.


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15 responses to “Hello, my name is Kate and I shop in bulk.

  • diane

    I’ve never been to Costo. I am wondering if I’m still an American?

    Perhaps that is where I should shop when I return in August. Kate, I have ZERO food in my house. My cupboards are EMPTY. Literally. It’s like the day I moved in. Do you know how much money I’m going to spend in August?

    And let’s not forget that Sept. 1 I can go SHOPPING again. Apparently I’m going to blow a small fortune in about 5 weeks time. You wanna come along?

  • Mandi

    I’m also a huge Costco fan, and Ruth has declared it her favorite store because of all the fabulous samples. Your Miss Rylie is just too cute…and good for her for getting a tooth already. My kids were almost a year old before they got any! And, for the record, I woudl still be your friend even if you didn’t have lips!

  • Mandi

    That’s “would” not “woudl.” Sorry.

  • l.b.o.

    and so now i can’t get “i love my lips” a-la veggie tales out of my head. usta!

    and you know i’d be your friend. always.

  • sunday

    you are THE funniest person i know. i miss you. rylie looks like she is going to be the same way. look at that personality!

  • dad

    Yes,dear welcome to the real world of shopping …………..
    Its about saving …..

  • Jessica, Myron and Rylie

    Rylie Jayne wants to clap SOOOOO bad. She just cant figure it out yet.

    I might be a little jealoous you can shop in bulk…we might could but it would be 2+ hours away and with gas at 3.50 would it really be worth it?

    does Rylie Love her seat!

  • KatieKate

    FIRST: THANK YOU for saying ‘might could’ Jess. Curt is conviced I’m a hillbilly.

    Second: Diane, we’re on.

    C) Rylie does indeed love her seat- I gave in yesterday and bought one. It’s nice that she can sit on the floor now without me worried she’s gonna crack her head open.

    and d) Sunday, I am just about busting out to know how in the ham sandwich you are doing these days. I wanna know everything. The most ridiculous details… how she’s sleeping…what size she’s wearing…what size you’re wearing 🙂 HA! I tried ot email you, but I didn’t change you your new email…so you write me first. katiemulderATgmailDOTcom

    and USTA to you too dearest little blonde one

    Is it bad that she’s getting her first tooth at 28 weeks? I heard later is better. But, Curt and I have good teeth…

  • KatieKate


    How dare you call me laughing and say it wasn’t really all that embarrassing and I shouldn’t have cared that much!!! Junior High is ALL ABOUT being embarrassed. YOU you you with your knee-high tube socks and tennis shoes. Gah.

    Like I said, I’m totally over it now.

    I’m going to get an ice cream sandwich.

  • Shanna, Adam and Gracen

    we just discovered costco. AND i just bought my summer wardrobe from there. did you see the shorts?!?!?! gloria vanderbilts and polos for $9.78!!

    your child makes me giggle. congrats on the bottle holding achievement. she’s quite the overachiever.

    have fun with the teeth. they make us bitter. she just cut #7 today, and i think we’re working on molars.

    this is probably not going to post, but i’m going to try anyway…

  • Shanna, Adam and Gracen


  • Jessica, Myron and Rylie

    I cant believe I said that. It is all thanks to Allison my new co worker from LA….She is getting me back on track and how!!!

  • bec

    KATE – I had never been to a Costco until I went with you at camp – do you REMEMBER us looking for that DANG Snapple pink lemonade. No one had it. Back in “those days” us East Coasters only had Sam’s, but we have since started the Costco phase. I think my dad would live there if they would let him. Seriously. No really.

    I’m giggling thinking of you and a flatbed THERE too, not just at Home Depot.

    Those little seats are worth giving in – I used to think they were weird, but they are quite handy. I have started keeping 10 month old triplet girls (I’ll let you think about that…) and they all line up in them to watch Baby Einstein and it is a HOOT.


  • Miss Christine

    KATE – your child is pretty much one of the cutest things on two legs! Rylie girl, your faces are priceless! 🙂

  • OurMrsMikrut

    Okay…I fear that if we renew our Sam’s membership, we will be ousted from the greater Mars Hill community for not being socially conscious. But until it expires in August…no Costco for us. But after, I promise. I don’t want Sam Walton et. al to have any more of our moolah.

    Also, hurrah for the Bumbo seat. My niece has one and it’s just hilarious. Beware of the “Ha ha ha I’m big enough to twist around and get that thing on the floor and WHOOPEEE I can twist myself right outta this thing!” phase. That part’s super fun.

    Further, I want in on Diane’s inaugural shopping trip. Call me. For serious.

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