diapers covering only one ‘bun’ do not work, and other various insights

I love her.
She- and her impish grin- absolutely makes my day.
Obviously, we need to lower the mattress.

I show you this not (only) because she’s adorable, but because it demonstrates a point I have come to terms with lately: the girl has no clothes. When you stay home 5 days out of 7 and see dear friends the other 2, clothes become an afterthought. She has long grown out of the “yay you’re having a baby” clothes we received, and I have honestly not updated since save for a few onsies and pjs on sale. I just don’t care if her pants are too short or if she has shoes.

Alas, I know the seasons are soon to change around here in the Mitten State and I will have to alter my mindset. I have decided to try to make just about everything…but simply. Pinafores, pants, and shoes I can do. I want very much to do this from the fabric stash and Goodwill wool sweaters. If I made 5 apron tops and 5 pants, the girl would be a true home-grown diva. I could then spend $20 on some long-sleeve onsies underneath for layers and she’d be all set. Does she need 42 outfits? No. Is the stuff out there adorable now? Yes. Hello, Old Navy girls’ section. But I am feeling myself tugged even more in the simple (and green) direction these days and I think that’s good. Grandparents, you are welcome and encouraged to continue shopping so my child does not develop a complex.

We will also be concluding our mass landfill contributions after this last package of number 2s is finished…it shall be cloth for us. Cloth is so easy these days it makes it difficult to come up with excuses for our family. I’m at home and chained to the washing machine all day anyway. Will I keep disposables on hand? Absolutely. I don’t expect the world, or the church nursery for that matter, to have to deal with my conscience.

On a similar note (trust me)…I am researching madly about copyright issues and such to make sure I’m being honest and fair at the shop. It’s so hard…there seems to be no clear answer about patterns, inspiration, vision, blah blah blah. It’s such a huge issue in the creative-sewing world! And everyone, including the lawyers, seems to have a different take on it. But I do so greatly respect other people’s ideas…and I do so much want to sell you bags and pinafores to make both our lives easier and more beautiful…that the only way to be 100% safe is to stop buying patterns and simply draw up my own freestyle. So, I shall. Anyone with any true information on this issue is welcome to share.

In other news (still out there? blessed blessed people), I conquered the traditional pot roast last night. I think my oven and I have finally come to an understanding. We are friends. Wine, meat, potatoes… it’s a good thing. Tonight? Ham and potatoes (Chris, this is a good one for you.) from Williams Sonoma. It’s a standby in our house.

Ham, Potato, and Cheese Gratin

ingredients: 2 cups water (to simmer the ham in if it’s not already cooked…drain afterwards), 1.5# ham or ham steak cubed, 3.5# sliced potatoes, 3 cups milk, 1/4 cup butter, 6 tablespoons flour, 1# cheese (some sharp cheddar in here is mmmmm good), 2 tablespoons dijon mustard

Preheat oven to 350. Oil or butter a 9×13 baking dish (I often 1/2 this recipe, OR make the whole thing and put it in 2 dishes and freeze one). Alternate layers of ham and potatoes in dish.

sauce: Pour milk into a pot over medium heat. Warm until small bubbles apear at the edge…but not boiling. Pour into a bowl to set aside and save. [OR, warm milk carefully in a microwave and skip the previous step.] Melt butter over medium heat in the empty pot. Stir in flour and cook for 2 minutes. Don’t stop stirring! Add warm milk. Cook until sauce thickens…about 4 minutes. Remove from heat. Add in cheese and stir until cheese melts. (This 6 minutes of sauce-making is the key…it makes all the difference.)

Pour cheese sauce over ham and potatoes in dish/es. Bake uncoverd for 1 hour. Invite me over.

Wende has a great idea for dessert over at Evidently today…

I wish you a blessed weekend! Thanks for all the encouragement this week. I’m blowing all of you kisses… and Rylie is zerbert-ing you from her crib. Seriously. Remember that Cosby Show? *sigh*

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16 responses to “diapers covering only one ‘bun’ do not work, and other various insights

  • janna

    hiiiii! first. shoes: totally over-rated. second. i realized that the girls wear their ‘everyday’ clothes to church: onesies. other sweet babies have one dresses and ties. mine are just happy to have on more than their diapers. third. cloth. wow. i can be impressed and humbled and still choose to by generic disposable diapers, right? 🙂 fourth: zerberts–this is the girls main form of communication these days. i chose to believe that it means, ‘mommmy, you are the best.’ and ‘pulease, can we meet rylie and her mommy for lunch and camping soon?’.
    fifth: long comment all to say: i love you.

  • Shanna, Adam and Gracen

    THANK YOU for using the word zerbert. i’ve been using it for years, and very sadly, have received many a confused expression for bringing it up in conversation. thursdays at 8, we were always watching the cosby show. we even named our dog cosbie (notice how we very “cool-ly” changed the ending there?), though he turned out to be born with a bit of a crazy/inbred/aggressive issue.

    congrats on going cloth!! i need to go throw mine in the dryer, come to think of it. which ones did you decide on?

  • Jessica, Myron and Rylie

    We use cloth at home and disposables at work. we also sleep (at night) and go out on the town in disposables…just to be safe.
    congrats it gets messy but helps tons and it is much easier these days!

  • sunday

    i am impressed with you going green! good job. i LOVED the cosby show. who was really disappointed when you found out that cliff and clair weren’t married in real life? it really did break my heart. oh yeah, my baby is on her way to taking a 3 hour nap!!!!

  • Jessica, Myron and Rylie

    I wish my baby would take a 3 hour nap!!!

    Did you just put those pants up? I missed them the first time they are precious!!!

    I too loved the cosby show. it was the only night of the week we could stay up past our bedtime, just to watch it1

  • KatieKate

    I was indeed so very sad to learn Cliff and Claire weren’t married. I think Santa and the Easter bunny followed that same year- it was hard.

    And yes- the pants are yesterday’s creation and addition to Rylie’s wardrobe. Blogger wouldn’t let me post it at first.

  • Cortneytree

    I cannot share much on the baby clothes issue (other than to say YAY for homemade clothes–she’s too young to develop a complex yet–and when she does play her Dolly Parton’s “Coat of Many Colors” and tell her to suck it up), as I do not currently have a baby (all in good time…), but I do have to *squee* for a minute over the Peanut Library selection of Santa Mouse that appeared when I clicked on your blog today!! One of my favorite books EVER, I even bought my husband an out of print copy when we were dating (his momma told me that he loved Christmas mice as a kid).

    Ham and cheese and baking and Jane Austen and now Santa Mouse–oh, if we only lived closer!

  • miss christine

    That sounds delicious! I definitely will half the recipe, but it seems like a great one. 🙂

  • OurMrsMikrut

    I DO remember that episode of Cosby. And you make me some of those pants…in pajama form.

  • sunday

    oh yeah rylie is adorable!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wende

    That child is adorable. I was telling IZ last night that I rarely see a baby that rivals my own child at that age, because, uh, I’m biased. But Rylie does! SO CUTE.

    As for clothes, I didn’t make clothes for our kid, my sewing machine (and my illness at the time) limited me. But I did make use of consignment, thrift stores, and garage sales. We only bought oneies and everything else was used until he got to an age where you just can’t find good clothes used for boys. I hear this is never an issue for girls. My reasoning was, at that age who cared, he didn’t! I figured all the money I saved while he was little could be put to use when got to an age to have an opinion.

    Anyhow, my favorite sweater for him was a beautiful brown wool sweater someone had the misfortune to accidentally washed and then discarded on the top of the trash! Yes, I admit it, I rescued it. Washed it and he wore it forever. If I had it to do it over, I’d buy all sorts of pure wool sweaters from thrift stores and shrink them down. It creates that lovely felted feel, so not so itchy, and UBER cool on the fashion side.

    Oh, and thanks for the recipe link to my site. 😀

  • KatieKate

    It’s true…the used clothing arena for girls is fantastic. I plan to take full advantage. And I’m still cracking up that you rescued the brown sweater. I am sure SURE I would have done the same.

    Laura, you want a star on yer bum, too?

  • Wende

    Hey, it was a designer sweater. I’m just sayin’. 😀

  • Becky and Jeremiah Swann

    I wanted to be a Cosby…i was convinced Helman university was real and that i would one day go there! Wasn’t Denise the coolest!
    Rylie is super cute!

  • OurMrsMikrut

    I want stars everywhere.

  • the dicocco gang

    yeah and hurray on your cloth decision! I did cloth for my guys until they were each a year old. I couldn’t seem to find covers in their sizes after they got bigger… but that was in my alter-life and I didn’t know where to look. I think my sister has all my old covers and stuff if you wnat me to have her dig them out of storage.
    and… our church will most definately love to do cloth with you. Definately.

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