Are you kidding me?

[Shop’s up, folks. My machine and I are going to have a serious talk and then we’re going to make some more bags.]

Curt gave Rylie a bath while I cleaned up dinner (fried chicken and corn on the cob may just be the world’s messiest dinner) and then got her ready for bed. He must have dug into the back of her shelves, because he found the 2 new winter pjs I snagged at the Carter’s outlet (Diane was at Eddie Bauer). They zip up (Hallelujah) and are snug and have feet in them…with no-slip bumps for when she walks (which I’ve already decided will not happen until she’s 2).

People. I totally cried. They fit now. Her 12-month pjs fit now. She looks like she’s 8 years old! I half expected her to ask me for her own cell phone for Christmas or something! I just… well, I was just overcome. She’s so tall… and strong… and hilarious… and this afternoon she pulled the stool down on top of her and busted her lip and just cried and cried and cried with her head on my shoulder. I’ve been pretty weepy lately anyway…she is not helping the situation.

Hey- we are ROCKIN’ the cloth world, people. We got cloth comin’ out of our ears. We got cloth on day trips. We got cloth on overnight trips. We got cloth at the supermarket and we got cloth at bedtime. We got nakid buns all over the place. There were tears of frustration (thank you to Shanna who pushed me on and swore it would get better)…but now, dudes, we are ON IT. Easy. Natural. Oh so soft. Some of you have asked what we ended up with…allow me to divulge (Erica, this is especially for you).

  1. MotherEase- 5 of their one size deal-ios. I wish I had 100. I love these things. LOVE. THEM. Even on Ry’s teensy buns, I LOVE THEM. Ilove’emIlove’emIlove’em.
  2. I have 3 Thirsties covers- would like maybe 2 more. Lightweight and FANtastic.
  3. I have 2 AngelDry pocket covers- great for at night. I like.
  4. I have 30-some regular sized Chinese prefolds- for stuffing in the AngelDrys, for extra liners, and for when I run out of the MotherEase (like, after 11:30am…my kid apparently potty’s every 20 minutes or something). You seriously have to wash AND DRY these about 8 times before they are absorbant. Seriously. They don’t work AT ALL if you don’t. Someone I know may have had a really bad day because they thought it was just a manufacturers suggestion. It’s not. Seriously.
  5. I have 4 Snappis (because I lose things…a lot.)
  6. I have maybe 10 diaper pins stored in a covered bar of Ivory soap to help them slide.
  7. I pitch the wet diapers down the basement stairs until I can make it all the way to the dry pail in the basement.

I do not have any all-in-ones and don’t really plan on getting any. I use the Thirsties/AngelDry covers at night and when we’re cruisin’ the town… but most of the day the kid just scoots around in a prefold. I figure it buffs the floors. I do laundry about about every 3-4 days…though I have enough prefolds to finish out the week. I just don’t like everything sitting there, ya know? I have spent about $200 and should be set for the next few kiddos (no, nothing yet- sit down). The lingo in Cloth World is psycho weird. Longies, snappis, prefolds, pockets, AIOs, AIO2s, jelly roll, skirties, shorties…sheesh. Someone needs to talk to the nature folks about their VOCABULARY. But otherwise, I am a very happy cotton mamma. Ladies- you can do it. I promise you can. Thank you to all the moms who went before me and made my research that much easier.

And I suppose that’s more than any of you ever wanted to know.

Blessings to you all this weekend…I hope you laugh a lot.

We’re gonna eat pizza.


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11 responses to “Are you kidding me?

  • Shanna, Adam and Gracen

    i recently came across a cloth diaper dictionary. i really don’t think there is any need to have that many words for this process.

    congrats on making the transition, and i’m really impressed with the whole making it out the door and through the night! i’ve given up on most trips out unless i put a towel under her in the carseat. i figure one car seat cover can only handle so much febreeze–we’ve had A LOT of accidents. and i would take the cover “off” the carseat and wash it, but i have determined it’s impossible. and if there is a way, please don’t tell me. i just give up. period.

    AND i just realized about 20 minutes ago that i had thought i put the kiddie’s wet/clean diapers in the dryer LAST night. i did not. they’re disgusting and are soaking in a lovely bath of baking soda.

  • OurMrsMikrut

    But honestly, riddle me this, Batman…how feasible would it be if you were working full-time? (Read: “How feasible will this be for me, as I WILL be working full-time by the time this is an issue for me?”) Just curious for your (or anyone else’s) thoughts on that.

    I’m glad you reassured us that there’s no need to worry about Peanut #2 yet, as the comment about you being pretty weepy lately kinda made me wonder.

    Terribly diverting.

  • Chelsey Meek

    Weepy hugh? Hmmmmmmmm…

  • KatieKate

    yah. Accidents. Leakage…like when you’re at a cute little diner in Pentwater wearing a fun blue skirt.

    Chelsey Meek- you hush.

    And Laura…this is what we’re gonna do for you. KatieKatie will make you a big vinyl “wet bag” with a zipper. You buy some pocket diapers or all in ones (both function exactly like disposables) specifically for when you are away from Baby- ohmygoshareyoupregnant. Then, all Josh’s sis has to do is chnage Baby just like normal and throw the wet diapers in your handydandy tote.

    This is a good idea.

    Off to make a weekend wet bag…

  • Jessica, Myron and Rylie

    Glad it is getting better! Rylie jayne is also in her 12 month pjs. They DO NOT have the grippies onthe bottom and she slides all over the place trying to crawl around. i am in search!!!

    It maybe smart to not get the all in ones. They are easier but think about if you have 2 kids in diapers…they can share…. its fabulous dont ya think!!!

  • OurMrsMikrut


    I appreciate your craftiness and generosity on behalf of the Mikrut family, however!

  • Wende

    oh my. The thought of ANOTHER amazingly beautiful Mulder makes my head spin. The first one is so dang cute!!

    Get crackin’. 😀 hee. Ha! That’s so easy for me to say, cause, I’m DONE. And I never want to go back. But I’ll admire your sweetie from afar!

  • erica

    i’m glad you are there to pave the way for me with this whole diaper thing. the internet really is overwhelming and any brand that one person swears by three other people will tell you they hate. (that goes for every item i have ever looked for reviews of on the internet!!!) i heard fuzzibunz rock for nighttime. you might want to check those out.
    i made a friend who used to make cloth diapers so i have a bunch of fleece pocket diapers that she gave me and some prefolds…i guess i need to get some snappi things. i have assorted covers and stuff that i have been acquiring off craigslist…and plan to make some wool covers and doublers (though folks say you can just use prefolds folded up as inserts/doublers) and i need to get a wetbag and a liner and a diaper bag for that matter and and and people say i should wait a bit to start on cloth so now i am researching environmentally friendly disposables for the first few days until the tar ends (back to the annoying research) can you tell i am beginning the i am having a baby in a month freak-out!!!! any thoughts on disposables that are small and good for newborns and wont hurt the earth?

  • Lia

    As a single, city dweller with 0 kids, 0 sewing machines, and pretty much with 0 home making skills.. I only gather that your list is about some type of something for the Peanut.

    Rock on with your bad self.

  • KatieKate

    Lia- I’m gonna make you some cloth adult diapers for Christmas.

    Erica…I totally stuff with the prefolds. But I do plan to reclycle some wool and fleece into liners as well.

  • Shanna, Adam and Gracen

    disposables: 7th Generation or the Whole Foods store brand (365, i think) are good too. none of them are good for the earth, but these are at least good for baby!!

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