Rylie Joy is enjoying some fruits of my labor in the form of some sweater-sleeve pants. The idea here is that you snip off the sleeves of adult sweaters (100% wool…ugly and adorable alike) and sew them into leggings. Cute, right? Yah. AND, it acts as a cover (or soaker, Lia and Liz) over cloth diapers because wool is amazing and doesn’t leak or smell. Genius. You’d be amazed at how the ugliest sweaters become just the cutest thing once they’re pared down a bit. Who needs acres of rainbow stripes? No one- No. One. But sweet little girl pants? Yes. Yes. Yes exclamation point. (She’s giving you a thumbs-up in the laundry basket there.)

So, Curt and I were recently discussing the fact that my *ahem* medication is running out… and does Peanut need a sibling? Well, the answer is yes, of course, why is this even a question question mark. Curt calmly pointed out to me that we have only 2 rooms in our house at the moment and that all of my dresser drawers are full, which leaves no room for a make-shift crib. Ah. Yes… this is an important observation. He continued to calmly and sweetly explain that he is still working on the front and back porches and that the basement bedrooms/family room are on the ‘major project’ list only after porches, drywall sanding, and upstairs 2nd coat of painting. Ah, yes. Also important observations. *Excuse my while I call Walgreens to refill something.*

To soften this information, Curt presented me with a ‘minor project’ I had asked for…a rack to hang above the changing table, soon to be filled with diapers covers and sleeve pants. The wood is 2-inch thick oak from an old barn. The knobs are just random ones I had laying around. If this seems odd to you, well… I can only say that mismatched old door knobs are the least of my oddness and please love me anyway.

*sigh* I love that man. He SO knows how to break bad news to me.

If you are not a card-carrying member of the “I buy Rylie Joy presents” club, you need not read further. But Gramma Marcia has a major thing about Christmas Wish Lists (brother-in-law Bill keeps one in his wallet year round so he can add to it on the fly), and Rylie is an advanced sort of child, so here you go. Grandparents… this one’s for you.

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11 responses to “major

  • julie

    kate – i like you knobs. hee hee. it is a grrrreat way to get bad news – with a gift. maybe i should start insisting on that. okay – not maybe i will. love to you today – thanks for a great weekend. jules

  • Shanna, Adam and Gracen

    i think i’m going to sneak into adam’s closet and steal some wool. how many inches do you need for the rise? do they fall off at all?

    and i LOVE the doorknob project!! i may need to find something a little larger and more creative than my current prefab knob system and clothespins.

    sorry for the postponement of other “projects.”

  • Becky and Jeremiah Swann

    I think the doorknob hooks are amazing!!! I love them.
    also love the thumbs up picture I will file it under supercute!

  • KatieKate

    I almost ALMOST grabbed 2 of Curt’s sweaters because I think he wears them just to show he loves me, but I refrained. My restraint may not last long.

    As for rise…my favorite pair for her has about 8 inches from Ihatthisword crotch to waist. Yah. A lot…but it fits over the diapers well. We have a couple of pair that a definitely shorter than that…more like 6 inches.

  • Mandi

    I totally LOVE the sweater-sleeve pants!! They are sooo cute! And I love the knob hooks! You guys are just the most creative family. Can’t wait until all the major projects are done so you can add one more!

  • sunday

    i REALLY want to see your home. i am sure it is amazing i would become instantly jealous, but i am willing to go through that just to see it. the pants are amazing, the door knobs are fabulour, you are wonderfully. nuf said.

    oh well maybe not nuf said. i, too, try to get my family to give me wish list well in advance, but the mock me. why? all i want to do is buy and plan ahead. is that so bad i ask?

  • The Zoo


    I have not moved to Michigan but I sure wish I could. I would live near you on a gigantic piece of property and have my own chickens. i would come over and get wonderful ideas for decorating. Someone asked me last week how I did my “creative” rustic decorating and I told them all about you. We both know I have no decorating sense. I love your door knobs and may steal that idea for a coat rack at the front door. Rylie’s pants are terrific! Can you make some boy things for your store? I have 2 baby boys that I need cute, unique gifts for! Thanks for your note on the blog. I am swamped with reading Brit. Lit papers, helping write American lit papers, 3rd and 4th grade math, and geometry, and the list goes on and on… Love you and miss you! Renee

  • Mandi

    I also think you need more boy things in your store!

  • KatieKate

    Agreed on the boy stuff in the store…I’m working on it. Do you know how hard it is to find cute, plain BOY fabric that isn’t covered in puppy dogs? Oy. But I’m on it.

  • OurMrsMikrut

    This ENTIRE post makes so much more sense to me now that the latter four of the five pictures are showing up. Only the first one was there at first, at least in my bizarre little world.

    Bummer about the medicine, but I suppose Curt’s concerns are wise…you may find yourself wanting to use the bathtub for its intended purpose rather than Sibling Storage Receptacle (aka crib).

    I have an interesting big mindblowing thing to tell you of sometime…

  • Chelsey Meek

    Empty dresser drawer for a crib? Seems like the laundry basket is working just fine! 🙂

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