I may have a few.
or 20.

Coca Cola
Oh, how I love thee. Non-diet, sugar-laden, bright red can Coca Cola. For many people, this drink defines me. I received 2 24-packs at my wedding as a dear gift… though they mysteriously diappeared before they reached my house. Are you out there, Person who swiped my Joy? You owe me. A friend recently remarked that our recycling bin was 99% full of the red and white aluminum… and it’s true. Our retirement is in that can. Ten cents return on every can I drink adds up. We will be millionaires in no time, all because of my sweet little addiction for one-a-day bliss.

They have driven me to the height of creativity and to the darkest parts of depression. I am addicted to words in any form. Graffiti, children’s books, menus, quotes, stinging arguments, eulogies, lyrics, cards, child babbling, unbelieveable encouragement… words. My mind is constantly filled with beautiful, rambling, strings of words.

based on a true story movies
Seriously. You show me any film with a mere glimpse of what once was and I’m in whole heartedly. Seabiscuit, Schindler’s List, Radio, We Are Marshall, Rudy, Titanic, Remember the Titans, Miracle, The Hurricane, The Pursuit of Happyness, Walk the Line, Erin Brockovich, A League of Their Own, Boys Don’t Cry, Catch Me if You Can, Blood Diamond, Finding Neverland… oh man.

I once (with the help of another roommate) convinced 2 roommates that we needed and could afford ESPN in college. I luh-huuuv sports. I will watch a Little League game of kids I do not know. I’ve even been known to watch golf if nothing else is on. My first love is college anything… basketball, football, baseball, soccer. I love it. But I am also dedicated to gymnastics, surf finals, motocross, tennis, track and field, and good lord even the lumberjack finals. It’s ridiculous.


And those are just the obvious ones.
Therapy could make a mint off me.

Time for you to share…
[oh and ps… thanks for all the sympathy, commiseration, and flat-out mockery I received on the finger-sewing incident. I love y’all.]


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34 responses to “addictions

  • bec

    Ooo… I love your “your turn” postings. A few thoughts… Red can Coke makes me think of you always. A fountain Coke can make my day. But, as bad as it is for you, Mountain Dew is my true love. Oh well. We needn’t get into my love of college football, especially. It’d take too long. And have you seen Freedom Writers? I think you would enjoy.

    My other addictions are as follows:
    Friends (the show) – it’s sick, almost. Any life situation going on, I can throw out various quotes from the show that are applicable.

    Photography. We know this. Thank you for letting me do your wedding. I did another this weekend and felt like a rock star.

    Thanks, Katie, for your words. We would all be FAR less enlightened folks without them…

  • miss christine

    My addictions/obsessions include:

    Chocolate. I don’t think this needs explanation.

    One Tree Hill – definitely a guilty pleasure. The only way I’ll ever turn SoapNet on is when a OTH rerun is on.

    Magazine advertising. My wall is thoroughly covered in pages I’ve ripped out of magazines. I think they’re gorgeous, plus they give me inspiration.

    Paper! I’m in love with any and all kinds of paper and the potential they hold.

  • CortneyTree

    I’m with you on the Coke, and while my true love will always be that little red can, I’ve been TRYING to work with Coke Zero. It’s only slightly less detrimental to my body, but at least I’m making the effort.

    Also, I would push down my own dear husband for a frozen snickers bar. I try to limit these as well, but in the midst of bidding on a house, they are calling to me, offering comfort and chewy frozen nougat.

    TiVo–I can’t watch regular TV. Hotel rooms are nightmares (what do you *mean* I can’t fast forward?), and family visits are only tolerable because as family we’d rather yap at each other or eat than watch TV. Which brings me to my final and most blatant addiction:

    Talking about food.
    We talk about food ALL THE TIME. When I meet new people I can be somewhat standoffish until I find out if they cook or not–then, it’s ON. I can compare notes all day long. Matt once said he’d married into the only family he’d ever met that, WHILE EATING A DELICIOUS MEAL, spends all their time talking about OTHER delicious meals they’ve had. We Hammontree’s are very proud of that–nothing wrong with eating well and enjoying it, I say!

  • sunday

    okay, i think that most people here are in denial. they must be, i think that they all need to go to meetings, no one has yet to talk about the addiction to blogging. come on i know you all have this one. i mean come on there are some of you out there that have not even met katie but are an active reader of her blog, this my friend, is called adiction. i have it, I KNOW. okay that said let me continue, diet coke. love it. you over me pepsi and i scoff at you, this atlanta girl will take no part. katie also where you like “based ona true story” movie, i love a HIP HOP movie. again being from the ATL how could i not love it. i mean there is a movie, which i have seen, called ATL. man this is such a good blog, can i keep going? maybe i should do my own blog entry since i am taking so much of your comment space. TCBY frozen yogurt-white chocolate mousse with rainbow sprinkles. i refuse to buy when there are no sprinkles. i think that i went to App b/c they had a drive thru TCBY, this is all true. okay i will stop, but i could keep going for sure like talking about MTV, sushi, newport harbor, internet, paper, books. i guess i have an addictive personality. ok i am done.

  • Shanna, Adam and Gracen

    1.) raw green beans.

    2.) red wine, which i DESPERATELY miss.

    3.) romantic comedies: even if they’re terrible, they’re still worth my time.

    4.) TLC and Discovery Health, preferably baby programming or house flipping.

    5.) whopper jr. with cheese and extra pickles.

    6.) ‘original’ frosty from Wendy’s with fries.

    7.) flea destruction

  • Jessica, Myron and Rylie

    1> The Office , I think I might have a crush on Jim?! Dont tell myron

    2. A good glass of red wine

    3. Freinds….. I still watch it nd laugh OUTLOUD!!

    4. Diet Dr. Pepper


  • Jessica, Myron and Rylie

    oh and maybe The Hills on MTV….I dont know why but i cant stop watching it!!!

  • KatieKate

    I have a crush on Jim, too!!!

    And, ok…since we’re being honest (thank you Sunday, for calling us all out on the honesty) McDonald’s #3 with (yah) a Coke. It is a ridiculous pleasure that I indulge in almost everytime I make the trek into town to do the week’s grocery shopping. Baby sleeping in the car (because the grocery store wore her out), drive, through, McDonald’s straws… yes. It’s true. A quarter pounder once a week or every other week totally makes my day.

  • sunday

    yes jessica, of course The Hills. who does not want lauren’s hair, and jim is totally hot! is there a way that we could do all our addictions at once. we would have to have like 8 tv’s set up to watch all the shows and a 10 tables filled with food. see my addiciton to your blog. i have already come back within minutes to check out the comments. i LOVE the varsity sweater on your shop. what other sizes do they come in?

  • Shanna, Adam and Gracen

    VARSITY SWEATER!! MINE, MINE, MINE!!! after next paycheck…

  • the dicocco gang

    oh, come on now… addiction or no – we all have to admit how fun the lumberjack finals are!

    – on my immediate list –
    *notebooks/sketchbooks/unlined journals – new ones hold such excitement as I dream of all they will hold – and old ones have all my best stuff crammed in them – quotes, ideas, lists, dreams, poetry, ramblings, inspirations, pictures, sketches, lines from songs I heard in the car and scribbled down while trying to drive, people’s phone numbers on a page somewhere in there –

  • CortneyTree

    OK, yes, I admit to Blogging addiction, and OMG, I totally forgot about my most embarrassing love for the Chicken McNugget Meal until Shanna and Katie fessed up with the fast food too. *sigh* I’m supposed to be better than McD’s nuggets, but I can’t help it. No sauce, I eat ’em with honey, and the fries too. And now I know what I’m having for lunch.

    Sunday, I know you and I have actually never met, but you must let me teach you to make sushi, and you will be able to satisfy that craving at a moments notice! Here’s pictures of my first time, and I’ve gotten better since then, and can even do eel!

  • Becky and Jeremiah Swann

    True true Sunday, blogging is an addiction, one i share with all of these peeps. Also MTV totally I’m addicted to the 10 spot and if you know what I mean perhaps you and I share the same addiction. I’m addicted to Patty Griffin,junk shopping,Nintendo DS, and I have a tendency to slip into my old but favorite 90210 addiction.

  • the bantam menace

    oh sweet, sweet addictions…

    Coke — tastes so good when it touches the lips…and it’s RED (my favorite color)

    Beaners mocha carmel/mocha carmel big chill — I get it every time, which is at LEAST once a week, sometimes once a day (I’m sipping on one right now…intervention may be called for)

    laughing — it’s wierd, I know, but so true.

    mcdonalds french fries — best fries ever…and I like them plain, or while eating an ice cream cone

    jeeps (particularly the red variety) — *sigh* I think being the daughter of a mechanic who changes cars like he changes his socks makes this kind of addiction rather normal from my perspective…

    hooded sweatshirts — this is a large reason why I love fall and the only thing that redeems winter by any degree. I spend summer LONGING for cold weather just so I can wear a hooded sweatshirt.

    communication — I keep my e-mail and bloglines up and phone on at all times and feel very hollow inside when there are no messages for me; it makes me feel very alone in the world. these have merely replaced the expectancy with which I used to wait by the mailbox.

  • sunday

    cortney- i am about to look at the picture. i have made sushi before, but that was awhile ago. there is just something so nice about someone else doing it for you. want to come make some for me? eel, now that is something i just have not gotten into. it is not for lack of trying either.

  • CortneyTree

    I totally think we should arrange an Asheville Sushi Party next time Jessica visits 😉 Even though I’ve gotten 0k-to-not-bad at rolling my own sushi, I do still so love to go out and eat it, particularly since I have a tendency to pile on too many ingredients into my own! I think Eel is my favorite, but I know plenty of people who can’t even fathom eating it, so I won’t judge ya on that. I don’t have a single space in my schedule this week to make and/or go out for sushi, but all this talk is killing me. How am I going to make it the rest of the week without it?

  • Jessica, Myron and Rylie

    its a date…Kate you comin too?

  • anna

    Minesweeper and sudoku.

    I sometimes wonder how productive I could be without them…. president of the world, probably. Or at least have a clean house.

    Also, buying books. My to-be-read pile has more than 50 books in it. When will I actually get to them? And also, why am I buying them? Guilt, because, hello? Library? What is with my selfish, consumerist need to own things? So far, my treatment is to not go near bookstores, which would work great except for: internet, to which I am also addicted.

    Also: $10 cds. Like I need to own more cds. See above re:internet.

    More also: Sonic onion rings.

    Why can’t I be addicted to something good, like exercise?

  • OurMrsMikrut

    1. Food. In general. In terms of quantity. In terms of “I think about it all the time to the point of being problematic.” God and I are having some talks about this.

    2. Kate’s blog (’nuff said, no?)

    3. I second Rie – communication. I check e-mail, myspace, facebook relentlessly and am not quite sure what to do if there’s not a message.

    4. Taco Bell. I cannot say enough about this one.

    5. Sugary things – candy, cookies, pastries, etc etc. (See #1.)

    6. According to my husband, aspartame (Diet Coke, Crystal Light, so on and so forth.) I’m still in denial about this one.

    [Josh’s addictions: baseball (watching or playing), The West Wing, protein.]

    Ahhhh yes, was today’s subject matter inspired at all by last week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy?

    Ooooh. Add Grey’s Anatomy to my list!

  • mr. chris

    KATE KATE KATE KATE. i hope that you’re able toread my comment with so many others on top of it! if you have not seen the “based on a true story movie” CINDERELLA MAN i will jump thru this computer. i would gladly pay for your rental of it if you have not seen it.

  • KatieKate

    I have indeed seen Cinderella Man and is one of the few DVDs I own (we’re still in VHS land). Thank you for the reminder. It is a classic. A gem. A rare find.

    You people Crack. Me. Up.

  • Anonymous

    Your varsity sweater on etsy:

    is a total copy/rip-off of the work of tinyhappy:

    i will no longer buy from your etsy shop. inspiration is okay; copying a signature style and selling it as your own work is not.

  • KatieKate

    Wow. What a way to start the day. Every bone in my body wants to delete this comment because it has brought me to tears, but I want to address it.

    First, let me say that I will be changing this forum to dis-allow anonymous comments. They are cowardly.

    Second, let me say that Etsy has a ‘report this item’ button specifically for this type of concern. Etsy also has a ‘conversation’ button to allow for questions and email… this would have also been a more tactful way to start this conversation.

    Third, I whole heartedly agree with the inspiration -vs- copying. I spent a lot of time researching this subject before opening the store and am careful with every item I put in there.

    I am a regular reader of Melissa’s blog and even a purchaser from her shop. I had not seen the post you referred to, though after reading it I can see your concern.

    I have seen hundreds and hundreds of wraps/cardigans/sweaters/jackets made from recycled sweaters. It’s not a new idea. The style- Melissa’s style- is indeed unique and wonderful and I whole heartedly support her work. I meant no disrespect. If I were intentionally going to copy someone else’s work, I would be a bit smarter than to include her in my favorites and bloglines.

    You may certainly choose to no longer buy from my shop. I am so sorry to have offended you. It was, if you will believe the best of me, unintentional.

    I have also contacted Melissa and we will decide where to go from here.

    The manner in which you have handled this has absolutely crushed me. I can think of a million different ways you could have approached this subject… the least of which is anonymously on a blog. But, I understand you are upset. I do applaud you for speaking out.

    And, well, I do not know where to go from here. Perhaps back to bed.

  • sunday

    oh katie! you handled that beautifully. i am very proud of you and i would not have been so graceful. i would still love to buy the varsity sweater, but if it is on hold for awhile i WILL BUY other things. i love you
    Sunday Mascaro Grant
    (in case you were wondering)

  • CortneyTree

    Dear Kate,
    I love you.
    Anonymous cowards be damned, you and I know the truth, that you have integrity and would never blatantly copy anyone, particularly for profit. As much as I adore the internet for keeping friends close and for introducing new ones, I sometimes forget what a dark, cruel place it is outside the comforts of friends you trust. And you can’t help but feel violated when someone intrudes on your happy little corner of cyberspace so harshly. I am sorry this happened to you, here, on your dear little blog.

    Anonymous, that was cruel and tactless, you should be ashamed. Feel free to hop on over to my blog and we’ll discuss THAT further.

  • anna0099

    Don’t let that person get you down!!!!
    Geez. There are only so many ways to make a new sweater out of old sweaters, and only so many ways to make a sweater, period.
    What an idiot.
    Just try to forget they ever posted.
    Cortney and Sunday are right; you handled that with true grace.

  • Shanna, Adam and Gracen

    i heart you too. do people really have so much time and energy and negativity in their lives to even comment on such things? wow. i’m proud of you for leaving the comment and responding to anonymous. i’m sure she/he/it has since read your follow-up and feels like a sincere ass. and i hope the sweater returns to the store, ’cause i’m pretty sure gracen was wanting it for her christmas card picture.

  • KatieKate


    The jacket has been cut and given a new life. If it’s possible, I actually like it better than the original as it stays closed lover-ly and has 3 gorgeous buttons on it now. AND a cute little dress with peek through the bottom.

    I will not lie. This has been a terrible terrible ordeal for me. But thank you for being my posse. My father even called… supposedly to talk to Rylie, but I think he secretly was a little worried about me. Because he knows I’m fragile and a little bit of a cryer.

    So, thank you for the support. And remind me never to get in a fight with Cort.

    Lia, ‘member when we met and I fixed your bracelet and it was even better than before? I can fix things.

  • Jessica, Myron and Rylie

    what the @$%Z!
    I am sorry you had to wake u[ to that and wonder why someone would be so disrecpectful in their actions. You handled the situation wonderfully and i hope this individual understands that a 3 am anonomys comment may not have been the most tactful approach.

    Those of us who know you know and understand your compassion and honesty of you put omto your work and would never question it being a copy.

    I am desperatly trying not to get upset about this individual…it really “chaps my hide”… oh wait maybe i should take that back has it been said before?(sorry}

  • Jessica, Myron and Rylie

    I am sorry we must have been talking at the same time….I am a cryer too it makes it all better sometimes.

  • the bantam menace

    kate, i am giving you a huge, huge hug right now in my head and heart.

  • sunday

    you are so fast. you have already changed the sweater. you are a good woman katiekate.

  • CortneyTree

    Hee! That’s right, I’m sweet as pie until you cross me! And I happen to be somewhat fierce when someone gets caught messin’ with my friends. Fear for us all when I have kids and the Mama Bear instinct kicks in! Anyway, I can’t wait to see the new and improved sweater!

  • KatieKate


    I have just received a long long long sweet email from Melissa over at TinyHappy. All is very well, friends. All is very well.

    I shall now turn off the internet… turn off the computer… and put this bizzare episode to rest.

    Thanks again for all your sweet (and fierce) words.

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