bits and pieces

I’m feeling a bit more scattered than usual today, so try to bear (bare? no…no baring here) with me, dear Readers that I LOVE.

Things that have made me cry recently:
  1. the video clip of Paul Potts auditioning for the British version of American Idol.
  2. me saying, “Bye-bye” to Rylie before leaving for Laura’s birthday dinner and her turning around in her high chair (no-no, Peanut, no-no) and waving back. Yeah. She also figured out a straw this weekend.
  3. Tim’s McGraw’s song “If You’re Reading This,” at the lyrics ‘I hope she looks like you; I hope she fights like me.’ Beautiful, beautiful line.
  4. making AP’s canvas and filling it with words of hope and truth and laughs.
  5. The Office. Man, I laugh so hard at that show. Every. Time.

Latest conversation between a boy and a girl:

girl: Come watch college football with me. It’s a Michigan team.

boy: What’s that say? It’s the 4th inning already?

girl: [pause while deciding…] Yes. It’s the 4th inning. But…there’s only 4.

boy: [whilst girl is popping popcorn] Girl! Hurry! Come watch this rerun- this guy just gets blasted!

girl: Seriously, Boy? Seriously? Rerun? OHMIGOD, it’s a REPLAY and it’s the 4th QUARTER and here’s your popcorndon’tyouhavesomethingelseyou’dratherdorightnow? I.Love.You.

Number of bottles in our shower: 8

Number of bottles I’ve been trying to empty out for (seriously) over 6 months: 4

Number of bonnets the children’s store HopScotch (over on Cherry) ordered from me: 10 IknowIknowIknow! I’ve been clapping and running around in circles for an hour now. Fingers, beware.

Number of sleeps until the hayride: 4

My brain is on overdrive.

How many bottles are in your shower?


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17 responses to “bits and pieces

  • diane

    Paul Potts: that was amazing.

    Something that made me smile last week: your email. write another one, wouldya?

    Bottles in Shower: 3 (shampoo, conditioner, soap) It’s called Simple Living, I know, it’s crazy.

    Something that makes me cry: cannot come to yer hayride as I am allergic to hay.

  • sunday

    the office!!! awesome. we don’t have cable, so i am watching the 3rd season on DVD right now and your post sort of reminds me when it is pretzel day and Michael gets the pretzel with all the sugary stuff on it and he goes into overdrive(you know which one i am taling about?). SO.Funny.
    hold on let me look at how many bottles………..7 big bottles, 5 little bottles. i get bored easily O.K.

  • The VanderPloeg's

    only 4 more sleeps until the hayride!!! yahoo!!!

    4 bottles in our shower plus 1 can, 1 razor, and 1 pumice stone

    number of friends celebrating your bonnets at HopScotch: to many to count!!!!!!!! congrats Kate!

  • The VanderPloeg's

    only 4 more sleeps until the hayride!!! yahoo!!!

    4 bottles in our shower plus 1 can, 1 razor, and 1 pumice stone

    number of friends celebrating your bonnets at HopScotch: to many to count!!!!!!!! congrats Kate!

  • The VanderPloeg's

    only 4 more sleeps until the hayride!!! yahoo!!!

    4 bottles in our shower plus 1 can, 1 razor, and 1 pumice stone

    number of friends celebrating your bonnets at HopScotch: to many to count!!!!!!!! congrats Kate!

  • Mandi

    In our shower we’ve got one bottle of soap for me, a bar of soap for Jeff, a shared can of shaving cream, two razors, one cool thing like hotels have that hangs on the wall and holds the shampoo and conditioner, a couple of mini back-up bottles of shampoo and one fabulous jar of Body Dulce Sugar Scrub.

    I’m so happy for you getting your bonnets into a local shop. I’m meeting with a salon/spa on Wednesday to see about getting my scrubs in there. I already have them at a place in Temple. Very, very exciting! I can relate to running around in a circle and clapping for an hour!

  • thekooiet

    That’s so funny that you mention the bottles….I just cleaned them ALL out of my tub yesterday.

    We had 4 bottles of shampoo…one for the kids (that tearless stuff), one almost empty, one full, and 3/4 empty. Jeff’s finishing off the “almost empty one. And I’m using the new one (so the 3/4 empty one is just sitting there)
    There was 2 bottles of conditioner…one almost gone and a new one (we could continue to use the 3/4 empty bottle of shampoo, but how dare the conditioner not match…another snobbery I guess)

    Ok, so that’s 6.

    Plus two bottles of body wash (kids and me.) And one bottle of Doc Bronner’s…for the times when the shower has to be quick and we feel like being environmentally conscientious…(really, it’s just leftover from camping.)

    Plus 3 = 9. What the heck! Dumb, dumb, dumb.

    Now, after yesterday, there is only 2 bottles left. 🙂 Thanks to yahoo freecycle.

    See you in 4 sleeps.

  • CortneyTree

    Bottles. Oh, my darling, the bottles.

    Currently Matt and I have to be getting ready at the same time, so we maintain separate shower spaces. I know in *mine*, there is 1 ginormous bottle of shampoo that isn’t being used yet, because I’m still squeeze sneezing every last drop from the last bottle, and that is somehow going on forever. I just tossed a bottle each of body wash (this was the opposite–I knew there was more left in there, I could see it, but I COULD NOT get it out) and a bottle of the smelly orange conditioner I like that I rarely find. I still had half a bottle of the conditioner I sort of like and half of the decadent smelly bodywash I use but don’t feel good about. So I bought new body wash, and I hate it. There is a tube of honey and almond shave cream left from my honeymoon trip (usually I shave with the bodywash), a pumice sugar foot scrub, and a face scrub. And just yesterday, Matt reminded me that we’re going to be sharing a bathroom once we move (in two weeks), and suggested like the boy he is that we celebrate by buying all new toiletries. And I laughed and laughed because, PLEASE, I will never get through all these bottles by then, and HONEY, don’t you know I can’t bear to get rid of a bottle until it’s finished?

  • Jessica, Myron and Rylie

    I melted when Jim went in and kissed Pam after consoling Dwight this week…..ahhhhh I seriously have a “teenage, movie star “crush on him!!! I thought about blogging about it but that might be pushing it a little

    Ok I will go and finifh reading the blog now~

  • Becky and Jeremiah Swann

    I liked that part too Jessica!
    as for bottles, ALOT I’m with sunday I get bored easily too, My husband has one 2 in 1 shamp/conditioner and several beer bottles 🙂
    As for all the crying and scatteredness…are you pregnant????

  • Shanna, Adam and Gracen

    i’m proud to say i’ve never missed and office episode (the joy of DVR). it makes me very happy too, even when i want to puke. i want to puke a lot these days.

    i’m still crying from the tim song. thanks.

    i don’t usually shower, so ours only has one bottle of shampoo for adam and a bar of soap. don’t worry. i’m not stinky–just a bather. the tub surroundings, however, have 12 bottles. the problem is that i’m allergic to most fragrances, so i try something, i sneeze or break out, but then don’t have the heart to throw it out because it’s still completely FULL. i’m glad you asked this today because i just ran out of shampoo yesterday. it really is a shame because i still have another inch of conditioner left, but i’ll have to switch the variety, because someone sometime told me i’m supposed to do that for the health of my hair. and like others, you have to have matching products.

    gracen is lying in her crib barking because she’s hearing the dogs bark at the deer outside. sillyhead!

    congratulations rylie on waving and using a straw!!!! such a big girl…

  • Wendelynn

    Bottles in my shower? What are you implying… I don’t drink there. I drink in the laundry room.

    Don’t judge. You would too! If you had a boy.

  • KatieKate

    oh, WendeLynn, THAT THAT THAT is funny.

    funny times three

  • OurMrsMikrut

    I was gonna say…beer in the shower? I had a college roommate who left a beer can in the shower…and we hung it from the shower stall ceiling in commemoration and “beer in the shower” has been a permanent phrase in our little language ever sense.

    But anyway…I counted from memory, and I think it’s thirteen. That includes two little sample-sized bottles, three different types of dandruff shampoo (’cause that’s what the dermatologist said to do), and a number of other things we have because Josh’s best friend is a sales rep for a salon supply company and we tend to get free stuff.

    Then there’s JOSH’S shower, which has maybe two bottles? Let’s just say two. We never use that shower these days.

    Four sleeps! WOOHOO! And tell Diane that I will commit to not going on the hayride…she and I will sit around the fire and tell tales of boundaries thrown by the wayside.

  • the dicocco gang

    those slippery boundaries –

    bottles –
    one face soap
    one body soap
    one shampoo
    one conditioner
    and then a bottle of swimmers shampoo that I think we can relocate- considering we haven’t been to the Y since sometimes in July.

  • diane

    trace, you said it well. these boundaries ARE slippery. and we’re not even near the K&C boundary.

    Laura, alas, I have a play date with a friend Friday night…I won’t be at the Mulder’s after all…unless friend wants to play on The Farm.

  • OurMrsMikrut

    WHICH FRIEND???? Bring friend. Need to meet friend. Seriously. How has my DH met Friend and I have not?

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