Three years ago today I married The Boy…

and everyone came- from Texas, from Spain, from Cali, from GR, from Pitt, from Montana, from Cleveland, from DC…

and it was a beautiful day.

I remember loving LOVING the way the groomsmen and bridesmaids looked.

I remember trying so hard to listen to my father talk to me as we walked down the aisle that I actually missed the walk down the aisle.

I remember looking around and realizing all these people had come to see us… to wish us well and to pray for us and to fight for us and to laugh with us.

I remember thinking, “I don’t have to go home tonight.” Sleepovers all the time!

I remember Mr. Kirkley pronouncing us Mr. and Mrs. KATIE…uh, Curt Mulder.

Our daughter looks like you, Curt… you and my dad… the two greatest men I know.

You are a serious Greg to my Dharma.

You let me have chickens.

You built me a house out on a dirt road and you calmed me down.

It’s a beautiful day.

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TexasNorth is a little farm in Western Michigan. It's home to 5 chickens, 25 longhorn cattle, a coonhound (Banjo), 1 barn cat, a husband, and 3 ridiculously funny children. The mom of this zoo has been known to mow the lawn in a skirt and roast marshmallows after dark. View all posts by texasnorth

13 responses to “bonus

  • Mandi

    Happy Anniversary! May you fall more in love every day!

  • the bantam menace


  • thekooiet

    Your wedding photos are beautiful!

    Hap-happy Anniversary!! Do you and Curt get to go on a date tonight?

  • Wendelynn

    Oh, Happy Anniversary! Blessings on this year and the next and the next…

    (and psst… you were a lovely bride!)

  • CortneyTree

    Yay for anniversaries! I love love love your wedding pictures–great bridesmaids outfits, gorgeous flowers, and a truly lovely bride and groom. Matt and I wish you all many more years of happiness, chickens, and hayrides!

  • Jessica, Myron and Rylie




    Way to go kids!

  • the dicocco gang


    from all of us who love you over here… happy day of remembering and renewing.

  • Chelsey Meek

    I ‘member this day…so super special. I LOVED our outfits…and your dress…and the boys’ suits…and the flowers…and the food…

  • Amy

    And from the ole Belleville and Freeburg too!!

    my favorite part was when you sang amazing grace..

    no my favorite part was the seeds that i made dad plant outside where he said they wouldnt grow (whats up with those sebeck dads)..

    no no my favorite part was how gorgeous you were… everyone… i hope my wedding is that memorable..
    by the way.. will you write my invites… i do love your handwritin


    p.s. the fam loves your blog.. peanut is a jem…
    p.p.s. the seeds grew…

  • OurMrsMikrut

    Happy A-Day…oh, how I wish I’d known you then! I would surely have been there to fight and laugh with you…of course, I might have only been there as the creepy gatecrasher, but I would have made it happen nonetheless. Determined, I am.

    Sleepovers, heh…(are you blushing?)

    We need to do sushi again. Soon.

  • KatieKate

    Oh good night, it’s my little cousin Amers! Of course, Illinois! How could I forget? I always put y’all in PA. Cheers to St. Louis and Freeburg. Mmmmhmmm.

    Are you telling me you’re engaged? Is that what you’re saying? Are you saying you need a ridiculously funny flower girl to crawl down the aisle growling carrying a basket of flowers in her teeth- ’cause I got one of those.

    Details, please.

  • mr. chris

    hey KT i don’t have your email so i’m just gonna comment here. rie and i just got a new book today and you MUST get a copy. it’s called Letters from Father Christmas and it’s by j.r.r. tolkein (lord of the rings) every x-mas he would respond to his childrens letters to santa with “letters from the north pole from st. nick, a polar bear and sometimes even an elf”!!! it is just wonderful. we immediately thought of you, amazon has it really cheap.

  • sunday

    and us November Anniversay girls must remember our hunter husbands who said it was cool with them if we have our wedding during the rut! we cannot forget that! because mine is hunting today and will be home just in time for tomorrow, our anniversary!

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