Oh, mamma.

Hurray, indeed.
settle in, folks…this is a long one…love is a choice, not a feeling

My little girl is one. The big par-tay was strictly a family affair… great grandparents, grandparents (some via phone… nice singing job, Folks), and Aunt Megan who shares the same birthday. Megan’s job as official Cool Aunt to 6 nieces is to buy Cool Outfits for them- including shoes. When she’s not saving cute children from Goodwill Forever, she’s an x-ray tech and cell phone junkie (Meg, meet Sunday. Sunday, Meg.) Meg has all the seriously good photos of our special girl’s day, as our camera is a sad sad shell of what once was digital genius. Those photos will be up on Flickr by the weekend. Baby scored mad amounts of cutie clothing, a Red Flyer Roadster, a little wooden rocking chair, and some cold hard cash (which was immediately put towards college).

I made Ry a banner…it says “Hurray for Rylie” on reversible fabric flags. Inspired by some simpler versions I’ve seen on etsy, I thought I’d give it a shot. I am, I must say, quite pleased with myself. It’s stinkin’ cute. I am thinking we’ll use it for all her special occasions throughout the years… like the Special Red Plate from Sears we have in the Sebeck family.

Traditions for birthdays at TexasNorth: banner (of course), pick your dinner, pjs all day if you want, cake or cupcakes of choice (Ry’s were strawberry coffee cake with cream cheese frosting- all homemade and all Y.U.M.), smaller than usual chance of getting in trouble.

My favorite holiday… food and naps and movies and knitting and lots of kids running around chasing each other. Go. To. The. Basement. We will have to make a special room to lock all the cousins in on family get-togethers… padded and sound proof with windows all around for supervision. It’s a good idea- right, Liz?

Curt, Rylie and I headed to Chicago and stopped at the Shedd Aquarium for the afternoon. Super super fun and sometimes you run into old neighbors. Random. The evening found us at the Westin on Michigan Avenue where, I might add, having a parking garage does not imply parking is included in your stay thank you very much please charge it to the room. Curt ran out for pizza and Jamba Juice while Ry and I lounged on the heavenly beds and watched the Aggies beat tu for the second straight year. Whoop!

Ate at the Grand Lux Cafe above Ann Taylor. Bill, you were right- they have the best bacon in the world. Affordable, casual, incredible food, unbelievably decor, ate in jeans, talked to a pregnant lady about the wonders of BundleMe. Please please please will someone- all of you- fly up here for a girls’ night out on the town to see Wicked and eat at the Grand Lux Cafe? It’s my birthday soon.

We headed to Millennium Park for a walk through the gardens and then headed back home stopping, of course, at the Bass Pro Shop. Baby got a t-shirt and talked to the stuffed bears.

I sure do love singing with Adam and Liz. A lot. And I love getting hugs from Jami. A lot.
P.S. Rob’s on tour again and coming to a city near you. Take a night out and go see our pastor… all the proceeds go to a charity close to our church’s heart: Turame.

I came home after the 6 o’clock service to a daddy rocking a red-cheeked, stuffy nosed little girl in the yellow chair… too much party party not enough sleepy sleepy. She is sleeping fitfully at the moment but is just so darn cute.


My house is a wreck and it’s sleeting here… a good day to hunker down, sew a little, drink a lot (of hot chocolate), do some laundry, and stoke up the fire. The recipe book is coming along, and I am dying to see what kind of magnets you get from the swap- be sure to share photos of your packages!

Ry heads to the doctor tomorrow for her 1 year check up- stats coming soon. My guess is less than 20 pounds of fun and a few (mom) tears from shots.

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13 responses to “Oh, mamma.

  • Jessica, Myron and Rylie

    sounds FaNTAsTIC…. much better then our holiday.boo hoo. we might need to borrow that beautiful banner in a few weeks. since we share names and all.

    rylie jayne sends love, and snow, and her mama does too!

  • CortneyTree

    I wanna go, I wanna go!! Hmmm, lets see, now how do I break it to Matt that I need to start a Katie’s Birthday Celebration Trip Fund….

  • sunday

    we have the special red dinner plate!
    i want a banner!
    i am totally addicted to cell phones!
    man so many things! i can’t believe you have a 1 year old.

  • sunday

    oh and are those enormous cupcakes or what?

  • Grace

    Happy 1st birthday, Rylie! What a fun holiday week! Enjoy your hot chocolate today… and tell me this… what do you think of eggnog? We have a raging debate in our house right now that’s spilled over to my blog.

  • diane

    um. do you have any cupcakes left? i sure would like one with my spiked Chaider.

    good to see you last night at church, singing yer heart out. you looked so CUTE!

  • thekooiet

    Rylie’s party looked wonderful! I adore the banner idea…I wish I thought of that 10 years ago! We have the same traditions here in Z-land…pj’s all day, favorite dinner, cupcakes or cake (or brownies)…I love brownies.

    I’ll go to the Grand Lux Cafe with you! Ooo, ooo,ooo pick me! (I can even drive… I like to drive in Chi-town) Yummy!

  • the bantam menace

    did someone say wicked?! liz and I are SO in…

  • OurMrsMikrut

    Did someone say Chicago? And girls? And food? I’m SO in. Do we get to stay in a hotel with fluffy beds?

  • KatieKate

    Diane, you were looking at my rear the whole time 😉

    Ok, Seriously?
    Let’s go to Chicago.
    Cortney, I’ll sell a kidney if you will.

  • Chelsey Meek


    Happy Birthday Sweet Ry…we will meet…I promise.


  • Wendelynn

    Whew! Whirlwind trip through your lovely life! I’m tired now.

    The padded space is very good idea… we have one, we call it the chill zone. 😀

    And Happy Birthday to the cutest kid on the planet. She’s darling.

  • sunday

    i looked at my calendar just to make sure it is thursday. yes it is. you are throwing off my routine!

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