Hello. Is there anybody [out] there?

Just nod if you can hear me.
Is there anyone home?
[That’s for you, Aunt Maird. 1979.]

Welp… we’re back. I feel like we’ve been to the other side of the moon for a month. Everyone’s having a bit of trouble adjusting to ‘normal life’ again… especially Abe, who just turned 3 and lost his best buddy this morning. We sent my father out the door and on his way to St. Louis and, eventually, Tejas. I, myself, am now 31 and feelin’ fine. Thank you for the sweet messages and notes and cards and emails- though you were all a bit light in the ‘new car’ category. S’ok. I understand *winkwink*.

Mamma Mulder did score a few lovelies, though…
a baking stone (notice my blurry excitement)

a new camera

and… my one true love jacketthe guilt jacket… the jacket to replace the one my mother stole from me way back when… the jacket that will solve all my problems, personal and professional… the jacket that I lu-HUV. Never in a million years did I think I’d score this baby… but I must have cried some good tears a few months back. Some Boden tears. I put my red glasses on so I would look smart and Oxford-ish. You think?

The Family Road Trip to Beat All started December 26th when we headed to Cleveland by way of Ann Arbor and met up with Jim and his lovely wife Denise AND little Miss Rose, who is an absolute doll. Pictures with my brand new camera? Of course not. No time. Too much fun. Rose danced for Rylie, which made her an instant hit. It was so very nice to finally meet up with friends (that we’d never actually met) and find them exactly as wonderful as you expected. Next time, Burrows’, let’s aim for a tractor show and some hot dogs.

I am having trouble finding my mojo today.
This is reading like the back page of the Belding Banner.
Bless you for still being here.

Things I did on my Christmas Vacation:

1. kissed a cow (accidentally)
2. got the skinny on all the family who-loves-who and which-did-what
3. heard Rylie say LLAMA. I’m pretty sure she’s a genius it was an accident, but hey.
4. dressed a goose for new years
5. surprised Rylie’s Great Gramma Kluska
6. watched Planet Earth on Blu Ray. Blu is not, as I first expected, related to Rachael.
7. hired my husband and father to move the chicken coop and put a heat lamp inside
8. k-nitted 1 mitten for Rylie with plans for a second on the road but left my needles at home
9. took Ry sledding on my old Davos sled from about 25 years ago
10. completely caught up on David Copperfield

…and about a million other things that were lovely and wonderful and perfect- and I have pictures of them all… but right now, the bags are still unpacked, Rylie is waking up from her nap (singing/whining) to her baby in the crib, I have no idea what’s for dinner, I can’t find my sewing machine OR a clean pair of socks, and I have all of your blogs to catch up on! Oh my.

My words are just not coming out right today. But, the sun is out on the snow and we are blessed beyond belief with family and memories and absolute grace. So, happy weekend to you all and we’ll be back and in better story-form on Monday. We love you and we missed you so so very much!!!


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TexasNorth is a little farm in Western Michigan. It's home to 5 chickens, 25 longhorn cattle, a coonhound (Banjo), 1 barn cat, a husband, and 3 ridiculously funny children. The mom of this zoo has been known to mow the lawn in a skirt and roast marshmallows after dark. View all posts by texasnorth

17 responses to “Hello. Is there anybody [out] there?

  • thekooiet

    You still got yo’ mojo.

    I happy to hear you had a wonderful time with your family!

    Welcome back.

    I’m glad your back. πŸ™‚

    AND, I’m sure that Rylie did say Llama. Some of Abbi’s first words were “verizon wireless,” and I am so serious.

  • Jessica, Myron and Rylie

    hot stuff!!!

    My mom to this day has a goose she dresses in her front yard…she doesnt live in MI anymore can she do that?

  • CortneyTree

    I never had a goose, but I did have a pink flamingo that had several outfits–wonder where that got to in the move? I’m sure my neighbors will LOVE it.

    Anyway, YAY, I missed you, and I’m glad you’re back! I think we’re all a bit scattered. Getting back to normal is WAY too hard. **as evidence I present the fact that it took 3 tries for me to get this posted**

    And yes, your daughter is CLEARLY a genius.

  • the dicocco gang

    I’m so glad you have your jacket! What a surprise!

    Can’t wait to play with the camera together.

    Jessica – my grandma always had her matching geese dressed on the porch, and that was all the way in Missouri – so I think that even though apparently need coats because they can not migrate, they can find their way across state lines and adapt rather successfully. As long as they get a rain hat to go with their yellow jacket.

    Kate- I missed you.

  • KatieKate

    Verizon wireless.
    That is very very funny.
    Very funny.

    Trace- I need your help with the camera. I also need you not to move at the end of the month.

    Oh, so good to hear from you guys- I’m starting to come around πŸ™‚

    SOLVED issue #1
    Dinner: potato and ham soup with fresh green beans

    vacuuming up the Glade Vacuum powder Ry found and spilled in her closet, out the door, into the hallway, and all over herself.

  • Shanna, Adam and Gracen

    very slow today. the goose thing confused me. i thought you meant dressed a goose, as in prepared for consumption with tasty things. you dressed a goose. other people do this too. huh. how have i missed this?!

  • KatieKate

    Slightly burned the soup. There is still plenty for dinner. ‘Simmer’ seems to not be an option on my stove. Ever.

    And, DUDE. I thought I was being all sneaky with the ‘dressing the goose’ thing. I wanted you to think I was a chef a la Copperfield. But, alas, no. It’s a cement goose… my aunt’s. Photo coming. Blast you brilliant people.

  • CortneyTree

    Jessica gets all the credit, I thought, like Shanna, that you were totally fancy schmancy and did indeed “dress” a goose for dinner, until Jess reminded me of the whole cement goose phenomenon.

  • sunday

    i was confused too! dressed a cement goose! interesting. awesome about the jacket. love it. so how do you know jim? we love jim? i need background. so glad to have you back! we were missed.

  • Jessica, Myron and Rylie

    you must too have a gas stove. blast’em. cooking with gas is suppossed to be amazing yet i like you miss the simmering option. we let ours boil, then turn it off, then repeat…i dont know if it works or not. we tend to use the crock pot for simmering.

    sorry to ruin the goose…

  • KatieKate

    Well… that’s a good question about Mister Jim, Sun. I met Jim when he was finishing up a 20 year sentence for armed robbery in the state pen and he was surfing the internet for ‘jail break’ options. Turns out, he found my blog and bread baking shennanigans and we’ve been friends ever since. He’s my parent’s age and his wife (who stood by him all those 20 years) is just an absolute peach.

    Naw. Jim found the blog while looking at Curt’s tractor and the red barn photos… though the bread baking is what brought him out of lurk-hood. His wife Denise is truly the nicest person you’ll ever meet. Turns out, we’ve got about 42 million things in common and decided to meet up at Zingerman’s for a little lunch and actual introductions. He’s Curt’s new tool buddy. We love ya, Jim!

  • jimmy

    So my first comments got lost, guess I’am not so smart. I was so sure we were having Goose for dinner, its very good if cooked correctly I should have known that wasn’t what you were saying. But more importantly did you Curt and Rylie have a squirt gun fight at the dairy farm. We were sledding at about the sametime, in Northern MI on sleds that were my dads, then mine and Denise’s. Lots of fun with the Rose girl. Denise and I went to high school together and she has kept me straight (more or less) for almost 38 yrs. Please give her a round of applause….and your condolences.

  • diane

    a) I nodded when you asked your opening question.
    b) I Love Planet Earth…watched some in Kenya this summer.
    c) I like your benediction.
    d) Do you think we could make Trace stay? πŸ™‚
    e) Good score on the Jacket! woot!

  • OurMrsMikrut

    I like Di’s bullet list:

    A) I am getting a new camera too…it’s “in transit” from Van Nuys, CA (according to UPS tracking), and not nearly as fancy as yours…but it’s RED. We can learn together, even without Trace…but we would do much better with her.
    2) I think I have some bungee cords and a padlock to assist in the “Keep Trace here” campaign.
    III) You didn’t fool me with the goose thing either. My parents’ neighbors have a goose on their front porch, and its ONLY outfit is a racing-checkered little frock and bonnet when there’s NASCAR races on.
    Delta) If anyone gets you that new car, I’ll happily take your “old” one off your hands.
    Cinco) I’m glad you’re back!

  • Chelsey Meek

    With the jacket, glasses and Dickens, I think you’re ready. I’m glad, ’cause I was looking for a study partner this summer. πŸ™‚

  • sunday

    thanks for the update on Jim. Jim i am glad you found the blog! so i need to know a little bit more about this camera of yours. does it have a screen on the back. duh i am sure it does since it is digital. but do you look through a viewfinder or do you look at the screen when you take a picture. ours you look through a view finder then you can look at the image you took on the screen. my mother in law wants a digital camera but it has to be VERY easy to use. she is not very technically gifted.

  • kwitters

    Hi Kate,

    Just wanted to say Amen to Boden. I am allowed two new things a year (one warm, one cold) and they come from Boden.

    And gas stove – ours lets us turn it down lower than low. I have to lean down to watch the flame to make sure it doesn’t go out, but it does get low enough to simmer. Another option is heavier pots – cast iron or enamel…I’m so in love with my gas stove that I’m saving for heavier pots.

    Peace on you and yours.


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