Molars suck.

1800s Coke bottles on my kitchen window sill.

Peanut has had 5 teeth for half of her life… that is, until this weekend. Three new molars- all on one side, all breaking through together. She is a red, crying, back-arching, food-shoving mess right now. There was a point on Saturday when all three human Mulders were in tears together… and Abe was ‘sleeping’ in the basement. He tends to hide his feelings. There is an obvious pattern of 12-hour pain… major episodes seem to rise at 3pm and 3am. Please avoid our house at these times lest you be dragged into the depths of hell. We do have the Jack Daniels– though that’s for me, not her. Yet.
Hello, Friends! How are you today?
You are looking lovely, if I may say so.
I never showed you my goods from the Keeper’s Recipe Swap-o-ramma. My magnet buddy was Trace, and she presented me with a Coke angel magnet- made and bought in the streets of Africa. It’s the perfect combination of the two of us, no? It’s also maybe the craziest thing I’ve ever seen and I laugh and smile every time I open my fridge. ‘Hello, crazy Coke angel magnet!’ I say to myself. ‘You are looking FINE today!’ I love it so much.
Curt has asked that I unpack my bag from vacation today. I am considering this. He also asked me if he could try out to be an American Gladiator (not a contestant, but an actual Gladiator). To this request, I said an immediate yes. I am, however, concerned that he does not have a NAME. What could his name be?

And finally, is this not the scariest thing you’ve ever seen in your short, sweet life? Many of you remember that my brother and I spent a good portion of our childhood overseas. This explains our love for fresh jelly donuts, Playmobile, and storks. It also explains some of the toys in our childhood boxes. Mom and Dad continue to clean out the attic and re-bestow the treasures, though Red Scary German Bunny is one I could do without. It was actually Danny’s… and you’ll be receiving it as soon as you have a child, Brother. The ears used to be elastic and stand straight up- which I think is part of his problem. Ears would make him less… well, evil. The body rolls like a weeble wobble, and there’s a melodic if not eerie little chime inside him. Rylie, of course, loves him with a passion so great I cannot bear to take him away.
I do put him under the couch at night, though.
You know… so he doesn’t attack me in my sleep.

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9 responses to “Molars suck.

  • Jessica, Myron and Rylie

    Girl, UNPACK that bag! you might find a hidden treasure

  • jimmy

    Don’t you just love those things that come from attics and overseas..
    Rylie, Rose’s Papa just got back from a root canal/crown and is feeling no pain send me yours and I will take it on.


    Curt’s name will come to me yet

  • OurMrsMikrut

    Ugh, I HATE unpacking suitcases. I assumed that’s what you meant when you referred to “the depths of hell.” Maybe I was off on that.

    If Curt was doing Lucha League wrestling, I’d suggest Nieva Amarilla…but since that’s not it, I have no idea. Something Latin sounding? Gluteus Maximus?

    And Kate, darling, ears will NOT help that rabbit. Don’t even give it a second thought.

  • jimmy

    Send you email with youtube video of a Curt (Bob) the builder gladiator. Hows that for a name. Cute the video as well.

  • diane

    Um. I had to put my computer under my couch so that the scary red bunny wouldn’t get me at night.

    It’s a very freaky bunny. I need to have a talk with Rylie about this.
    Are you in on the Treasure Hunt? eh? Do you have access to a 15 passenger van?

  • thekooiet

    As we were watching AG last night, Jeff said, “I could totally see Curt as a Gladiator. ;)” Yes, but what would his name be? We just don’t know either.

    That magnet is awesome! (Trace if you find a DIET Coke angel, please pick it up for me 🙂 )

    Bunny…hum….It kinda looks like a Pokemon.

  • sunday

    i am a little speechless by that bunny. it is scaring me!
    please let Curt be a Gladiator! Please.

  • Shanna, Adam and Gracen

    tell ry we’re sorry to hear about the molars. at least they all tend to come in together rather quickly. i hate them. but it does mean you have a whole new palate option of food from which to choose.

  • Chelsey Meek

    At least the psycho bunny has a sailor suit-like outfit on. Does that make him more credible or more crazy? I can’t decide.

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