desperately seeking sunshine

That’s right. Mardi Gras beads, Chucks, and yellow long-johns under a lace-trimmed jumper. Winter brings out the crazy in our wardrobes around here.

Rylie’s room smells like fajitas. Any help on this? Is it because her door is so often closed? Is it because I browned meat the other day and the scent drifted to her room and formed a permanent attachment to her brown shag rug? Will it ever go away? The smell is strong. Strong enough to make one think, upon opening her door in the morning, that you’ve entered a small Mexican Taco Cabana… in Mexico. While I am not opposed to this, per se, the logical side of me would like to know the phenomena behind “baby room smell” so I can check that mystery off my list and move on.

I am somewhat behind on Copperfield. This is because, on Tuesday, I had my annual physical. Pass the wine, please. After the violation appointment, I dragged myself, Rylie Joy, and Renae to the yarn shop for a little therapy. It is time, we decided, to learn to knit SOCKS. Three hours later, we left with a pattern, sock yarn, k-new k-needles, and a child who had almost pulled herself OUT of her long-johns in boredom desperation.

And now, I cannot stop. The yarn… it stripes All. By. Itself. The needles… they are so fast and smooth and shiny. Now, you won’t save any money k-nitting your own socks. A skein costs about $15 and that makes a pair, but oh the results of handmade beauty on your feet. I cannot wait. Curt is beyond tired of the following conversation he hears coming from the crazy balled-up girl k-nitting in the crazy red chair by the crazy hot fire:

green row
green row
oh, another green
oooh… it’s turning light green- CURT!
It’s turning light green…
to lighter green
to yellowish-green
to ORANGE! CURT! It’s turning to orange!!!
grey to… what’s next? What. IS. THIS?!
YELLOW! CURT! It’s yellow- look. It’s yellow.
Oooh. Pretty.


So, I need to catch up on my Dickens.

What book didn’t you finish in High School English? For me, there was only one: Tom Sawyer. I gave up on that boy at about page 30 and never looked back. I don’t even feel bad about it. Not one teensy bit. I remember the crazy sense of (nerdy) confident rebellion I had… I’m not finishing this book! Me- crazy AP English reading girl Will. Not. Finish. This. Book. because I don’t want to.

I know… it’s a wonder my backsliding didn’t turn my life to the dark side right then and there and land my butt in jail. Thank goodness for all you people in my life keeping me on the straight and narrow. You are, no doubt, angels in disguise.

And, I mean that. Angels. We love you so.
Blessings to you this [frigid, -10Β°] weekend.


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15 responses to “desperately seeking sunshine

  • CortneyTree


    Really, I am a lazy knitter, and scarves are just about all I have in me, but miraculously I love me some socks. I have cozy dark green ones, and some red wool for a pair I promised Matt about two years ago, but clearly I need to get some stripey yarn and get excited like you!

    Also, I am a dork, and I *always* read the book. But if there had been a reliable movie version of Crime and Punishment, I would have caved, because THAT book kicked my butt, it was so unpleasant to read.

  • thekooiet

    I’m knitting my left-handed mittens today. πŸ™‚ I’ve gotta hurry; my family sure needs them before the Arctic air blows in.

    There was one *ehem* a few books that I chose not to read in my 10th grade American Literature class. One, besides David Copperfield (I think we just had to read one of Dickens works so we could see how beautifully he used description…which I thought, at that time, was much too far beyond embellishment to be worth reading) was “To Kill a Mockingbird.” I just watched to the movie instead…and actually came out fine at the end.

    I NEVER skipped the reading in my senior year English Lit class. Oh man, I L-o-v-e-d that class (my teacher was AMAZING…doesn’t that make all the difference in the world!?) I especially adored the poetry section…John Keats and John Donne rocked my world.

  • Mandi

    I read every book for every class (in true nerd fashion)–even the ones for history and government. I did cheat one little time, though, with A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur’s Court. I had my mom read it out loud to me in the car as we were on the way to College Station to check out the A&M campus for the first time. We both HATED it–and my mom was a high school English teacher, who is supposed to love all things written!

  • sunday

    love the yarn! LOVE IT! i hated reading all that greek mythology crap. at least i think it is greek. like “the odyssey” and all those books. i felt like you. did not want to read it so i did not. although it is hard to fake your way through that stuff. I LOVED “to kill a mockingbird” it is my ultimate favorite. i have read it a million times. i mean my goodness my dog is named after atticus finch!

  • Jessica, Myron and Rylie

    The yarn is quite pretty I must say! I love rylie in her carseat….any rylie in her carseat it is pretty humerous.

    it was -28 here this morning…..but at least we will get sunlight. My sympathies. I am ready for WARM WEATHER

  • diane

    This is my 2nd time trying to comment:
    Katie, you may need all those socks for the Treasure Hunt on Saturday. I wonder if the -10 degrees will make us all run around a bit faster?

    The Kooiet: Can’t wait to finally meet you on Saturday! I’ll be the one holding the trophy! πŸ™‚ And as a High School teacher it’s incredibly intimidating to hear that the person who could make or break my class is…well…is me! Yikes!

    And it wasn’t assigned in High School but I’m a HUGE fan of Les Mis and have seen it on Broadway and in film, etc. So I thought I’d read the book. It’s gi-normous, just so you know, and filled with an insane amount of Details. I started it in 1999 and have yet to finish it. Does that count?

  • KatieKate

    “reading all that greek mythology crap”

    Oh, Sunday. I totally snorted when I read that. πŸ™‚ You crack me up.

  • Becky Swann

    I remember reading the Scarlet letter, and Treasure Island, in HS followed by many many things I had to read some of which I “Fake read” (this includes David Copperfield which I just gave to Sunday), being an English major in college, I did enjoy Shakespeare but having to read so much this is probably why I don’t even go there now, unless a book seeks me out and makes me read it, It probably just ain’t gonna happen. I’m kind of curious to see if this will even change though, I’m with sunday on the greek mythology crap, the book I really hated was Beowolf! more like Barfowolf haha

  • OurMrsMikrut

    I too, LOVED my senior year English Lit class. It’s where I fell in love with Jane and the Miss Bennets (and more importantly, Fitzwilliam Darcy). I believe I did end up finishing Frankenstein, but I was perpetually behind schedule…and being the overachiever that I was, I suffered extreme, Catholic-like guilt. I’m sure there was some Shakespeare play I didn’t finish…King Lear? MacBeth? That was TEN YEARS AGO. Holy cow. I guess I have to lose some weight and go to an expensive party this summer.

    Anyway, thank you, friends, for the weather forecast…I will be wearing my Biga** Sasquatch boots and my Acorn fleece socks. These two items in and of themselves will capture that trophy for Diane.

  • the bantam menace

    there were other things occupying my attention in ap english…like a really cute basketball player…so of the books I had to read, I only remember the jungle and the grapes of wrath. I’m not even sure I started them. my memory is really foggy on all that. oh, I remember reading 1984 and fahrenheit 451. I finished those. I liked them fine, but not as much as that boy…hmmm…

    can I just say right now that chris is watching WHO’S THE BOSS on TV right now?!?!?! HORRORFYING!!!!

  • Wende

    10 below? Good grief!!! Your description of your knitting cracks me up. πŸ˜€

  • Jason and Jennifer Haynes

    Hi Katie! I know you are probably flipping through you’re mental files wondering how you know me. Don’t worry, you haven’t forgotten. We don’t know each other but I’m close friends with Sunday Grant and Becky Swann. I kept seeing your name on the comments on their blogs after my husband and I went oversees. I wondered if a new friend had moved to Black Mountain while I was gone so I asked them about you. Ever since I’ve admired the beautiful knitted gifts you’ve given BellaRose (saw them when we got back to the U.S.) and have often peaked at your blog because I’m fascinated with your blog style and the sweet life you guys seem to have…so tonight I clicked over after reading a comment on Becky’s and then felt guilty that I’m reading your blog and you have no clue I exist. So here’s me, Jen, saying “hi” and I love the blog and I’m glad my friends are friends of yours!

  • Angela O.

    I never finished Tess of the d’Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy. Not sure why – just never did.

    I like the yarn too. Don’t knit but maybe someday when I have a little more time.

  • Shanna, Adam and Gracen

    perhaps i’m losing my mind, but all my comments keep disappearing. i give up.

  • KatieKate

    Aww! You’re not losing your mind… my comments on other blogs have disappeared as well. Boo. But I see you now!

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