My child has emptied every basket, bag, and lower drawer she can find this morning… carefully removing items and inspecting them one by one before flinging them with wild abandon behind her and moving on. It’s fascinating to watch. This explains why our house- which was lovely and small and cozy and CLEAN not 72 hours ago- is now on target to be on one of those fabulous English cleaning shows that Cort loves so much.

I have just put her down for her morning nap after chasing her through a maze of discarded treasures whilst she was nekkid from the waist down and cruisin’ like nobody’s business. She’s very fast sans diaper. Very. Fast.

The sock, you ask? The sock from Thursday is very happy, indeed. I’m down to the heel and am awaiting a phone call from Renae (Hello! Renae! Yooooooo Hooooooo!) so that we can embark on the heel and toe together… with hot chocolate and a movie in the background.

There’s another fun thing I’ve been wanting to tell you about: I’m making a rug. A rug!!! Crazy, I know. But I’ve had this sheet that I luHUUUV forever… and it has a tear in it. So, I ripped it into 1″ sections, bought a gi-normous crochet hook, and have set out to make a round rug for our living room. I need more sheets… I need lots. more. sheets. Any sheets you’re dying to get rid of but can’t bear to throw away (particularly of the older, flowered variety)send them my way. I will love on them for you. I expect to be working on this for…um, the next 10 years.

I said a sad, tearful, and somewhat dramatic goodbye to Trace yesterday… we shall not talk much about it here lest I eek out even more sobs. I want only to say that her parting words to me were, “Try to keep those chickens alive until we come back, ok?” Damn if that girl doesn’t always challenge me to my very core.

And now- to tackle the house, Torah homework, and put the finishing touches on some wee hooded sweatshirts for the shop today (6pm, folks). All good and noble deeds. It’s a new week! I’m wildly optimistic. What do you hope to accomplish?

*Hey! I typed this whole entire

thing with NO. SPELLING. ERRORS.*

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10 responses to “Hi.

  • sunday

    man 6pm! you are killing me. i wait with “bated breath”. is that how you say that phrase, bated breath? it just sounded like it would work there. lets see what do i hope to accomplish, uummm, good question. i need to finish my Bible study for wednesday. i want to make that “no knead” bread you have been talking about for a long time. i have had that on my “to do” list for ages. i have been making lots of bread lately. i just don’t have a pan i can put in the oven with a lid. that is where i am my little hiccup is. instead of doing any of these i will leave way too long comments.

  • CortneyTree

    Babe, today is my housecleaning day, and I have a list a mile long already. Plus, I’d like to get my thank you notes to the family finally mailed (yes, from Christmas, yes, I *know*), and I have to book some plane tickets for Matt and I to visit the parents (both sets, no less!) in FL in February. For which, I have to drive to the airport so that I can save over $40 in “convenience” fees charged to book online. Oh, the things I do for love…

    Sunday–I was thinking about you and bread this weekend, as I made my first french bread loaves (3 baguettes) yesterday! For the no-knead bread, I don’t have a good dish with a lid either, so what I did was put the bread in a good, very deep casserole dish I have, and then lay a glass 13×9 dish over the top as the lid. Worked like a charm! So, don’t let that stop you 🙂 Get bakin’, girl!

  • thekooiet

    That rug is AWESOME!! I think I have an old sheet for you. What colors of florals are you liking, hum?

    Geesh, I read that about Trace…and now I’m leaking. I didn’t want to say much either but I can’t help it…

    Good-byes are the hardest part of new journeys. I really know how this tears at the heart.

    Dear Kate a prayer for you…may God hold your heart tenderly as you mourn the here and now of Trace. May you be filled to overflowing with the joy of knowing that though far away, you are still close at heart…praying, loving, singing…you can still do it together in Christ Jesus.

    I know we are all going to be so blessed with the grand adventures and stories of the DiCocco family.

    I wish my words could properly express what I feel…they are so useless. I am in complete awe and in a moment of blessing as I watch relationships unfold, blossom, change…it’s knock-my-socks off beautiful. God’s timing is impeccable.

    Anyway, what do I hope to accomplish today? 1. Left-handed mittens…at least one of the three left. 2. Make a lovely dinner…SOS…courtesy of Jim. 3. Cry about my TEAM winning last night.

  • Jessica, Myron and Rylie

    13 months later Myron STILL cant figure out how our house is clean one minute and trashed the next….IN A MINUTE!!!

    I LUUUUUUUUUV the rug. Myron’s brothers ex girlfriend’s mother (geez thats a lot to say) made Kate (the ex) one for her house out of wool. It was soo cool. Your might be EVEN cooler!!!

  • Jessica, Myron and Rylie

    I am also scared to write down what I hope to accomplish out loud so as to jump the gun. So just leave it in your thoughts and prayers for me to do it and we shall talk about it thursday!!!

  • Shanna, Adam and Gracen

    Monday’s list of hopeful accomplishments:

    1. Rebuild the glider. I’m very handy at times.

    2. Wash diapers.

    3. Organzie hall closet that has been tormenting for months.

    4. Try to trim Gracen’s bangs. So far, it just seems like a dangerous proposition.

    5. Read an hour’s worth of Ina Mays’ “Guide to Childbirth.”

    6. Go to the gym.

    7. Take a nap.

    8. Read 25 books to G before Adam gets home. This is on HER agenda, not necessarily mine. We’re up to 9 already and we’ve only been up for three hours.

    9. Bake bread, since everyone else is doing it.

    10. Be asleep by 8:30.

  • jimmy

    The instant mess does not change over time either. Our Rose made our house full of toys, dolls and of course (love)….. that I didn’t even know were here, in about 15 mins when she arrived for the weekend. Ok now you need to tell how you are making the rugs. We have a couple up north and they are loved.


  • wende

    Oh, sweetie… I’m so sorry about your friend.

    And that child is perfect.

    I shall see what I have in sheets. 😀

    (this comment brought to you by spell-check.)

  • OurMrsMikrut

    Love the rug. Will scour Ma & Pa Russell’s house, as we are regular purgers around here and have no sheets for you.

    Now, I am off to e-mail you and chastise you for not completing the setting of movie-date with me.

  • the dicocco gang

    No spelling errors?
    Why have any other goals for the day? That one is good enough for TWO days of celebrating!

    Our moment was dramatic… didn’t mean for it to be so… but I’m so glad we got to have it. I was worried that I ruined the entire 11:00 hour for you. But I won’t take back our moment.

    I love you guys.
    and I’m still here…

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