Need a kleenex?

We have some.
Peanut has decided her life’s love and passion is to find every tissue box in the house and empty it one hanky at a time. I find tissues in the bath tub, stuffed under doors, down her shirts, under the couch, and in the chair cushions. She’s very good.

She’s also started talking.
She does not speak English.
It’s some form of very confident Dutch mixed with Polish, I think… but she is serious. She lifts up her hands and points and shrugs and then shrieks at you if you look away. She is telling you something and dagnabitall, it is important. And, longwinded.

The shop has been updated for February. Next month, I’ll have some framed embroidery and some gorgeous women’s and children’s aprons… from $15 to $35. I am so. stinkin’. excited.

Our recipe for the Paper Chef Challenge is over at Ilva’s and you can vote for it! We’re the one with the really long name.

And, while we’re on the subject of voting… let me see your voter registration cards. Hold ’em high! I’m counting! People. You have to vote. Take your kids, drive through the rain, whatever you have to do. I know. You’re just not sure yet. You don’t like any of them. Yes, well, see… my father is not running and it’s unlikely yours is either. Or your mother, for that matter. That’s what we want right? We know him. And we know that while we disagree with 10% (or 45%, if we’re including fashion) of him, we respect him. You know, deep down, he’ll make the hard decisions in the best interest of his family. That’s what we’re looking for, right? That’s what I’m looking for. But he’s not there… and NOT voting is simply not an option, so I have to find the next best thing. It is my extreme priviledge to study and learn and watch and fight and cheer and get involved in this process. Plus, the folks at the firestation where you vote are so nice… and you get a sticker!

It’s such an amazing time. To think that we are living in a time when we can truly look at our kids and say, “You can be anything. You can be President.” and really mean it. It’s unbelievable. I just want to run around yelling ‘Freedom! We’re practicing freedom!’ dragging Rylie and all her tissues behind me. Truly. It’s grand. It’s a big year, and I am excited. Now, you can’t just go by tv and interviews… they’re all pretty and they all want change and they all have great ideas. They spend most of their time talking about the other candidates. I want to know how they’ve voted in the past. What’s their official stand on the war? Will you make lunch breaks include a view of the ocean and can summer be 6 months long? Take away all the names and microphones and money and figure out the basics of what they stand for. You may be (as I was) very suprised with the outcome. Here are just a few polls that narrow down the race to specific questions. You answer on your behalf and the poll shows you where your opinions fall in line (or out of line) with the candidates. It’s a start. It’s not a quick-pick, but it’s a way to weed through the personalities and get to the roots.
USA Today (This one’s my favorite, as it sites where the facts can be found.)
Michigan Public Radio

Rylie taking her own candidate survey… in Polish.

I shall now step down from my soap box.
I was standing on a kleenex, anyway.

Happy weekend, folks.
We think you are absolutely fantastic.
And we are going to build a snowman in your exact likeness and honor.


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15 responses to “Need a kleenex?

  • sunday

    Please we need ALL those kleenex. BellaRose is not feeling so great and with that includes a very runny nose. Poor sweet little baby. I am SO excited for the aprons. I am however not so excited about voting. I am not real big fan of ANY of them. I have 2 big issues that I really care about and no one, not one of them believes in both of them. What to do?
    I love when the babies are talking in their own secret language and they throw their hands in the air, because they are making a very big point. I am sure it is a very serious thing, I just think it is cute!
    Oh this word verification thing before my comment will post puts me in a cold sweat everytime.

  • thekooiet

    Our polling site is in a church….isn’t that kinda funny? Oxymoronish?

    Rylie speaks very good Polish. Does she ever say “pritz” as is “go pick up your pritz or “Ik heb honger.” If she says that, then she’s speaking Dutch? She might be secretly hanging out with Jeff’s grandma.

    Have a lovely day today…we are doing nothing here-it’s a snow day.

    Oh, and I knitted a washcloth.

  • Jessica, Myron and Rylie

    Agreed…we MUST all vote. Our caucus was WEIRD but it happened!!!

    Agreed #2: Rylie Jayne thinks it is SOOOOO much fun to pull kleenex out of the box!!!

  • Mandi

    Taking Kleenex out of the box (and putting them back–sometimes after they’ve been used) apparently remains quality entertainment for a long, long time!

  • Dan, Annie, Will and Mocha

    I will vote, but not too excited about it either.
    Good Word.
    Maybe that’s what Rylie is talking about too.

  • Miss Laura

    Uhhh, if I remember correctly, somebody we all know DID NOT VOTE IN THE MICHIGAN PRIMARY last month.

    Just kidding, love. But I couldn’t resist. No hard feelings. We know you’ll come ’round in November ๐Ÿ™‚

    Off to take my NPR quiz. In…English. (Yeah, that’s honestly all I’ve got!)

  • KatieKate

    I KNEW YOU’D CALL ME OUT!!! I KNEW IT!!! I knew it I knew it I knew it.

    I’d explain, but I can’t. I did send Curt in during the last 10 minutes to cast his vote… so our house was represented.

    I so totally knew that was coming, Laura. I cannot even explain it.

    I shall now put myself in time out.

  • Jimmy

    Thanks for the push for voting. As a guy like your Dad, my mom and others who have and are serving this country, it’s not so much who you vote for but that you do vote. We MUST exercise that right….

    I ask folks when they complain if they voted, if they say no, I have a very hard time listening. They gave up the right to b…. by not voting.

    Thanks for pointing it out so clearly Kate…

    And lets get Rylie to cook Polish soonest, I need help with those dishes. Denise will then be even happier.

  • Miss Laura

    It is comforting that you knew that, because that means we are bosom friends (a la Anne of Green Gables). Now we just have to figure out who’s Anne, who’s Diana…or maybe one of us is Gilbert Blythe? That would be awkward.

    I’m trying to find that poll thing you were talking about on the NPR site but can’t…help?

    PS I am on page 60 of Boleyn. Moves slowly, but very detail-rich…COSTUMES!

  • KatieKate

    Is it written with an English accent?

    Um, fruitcake. Just click on the words Michigan Public Radio above. It’ll take you right there.

  • Anonymous

    I must tell you that the tongue-sticking-out picture was the highlight of my day today… I almost burst out laughing immediately upon seeing it. Ry, you cutie.

    Also, are you talking about the book The Other Boleyn Girl? I got it for Christmas and still haven’t had time to read it. Is it good?

    -Miss Christine

  • Miss Laura

    We are indeed speaking of that book – I just started it this week and so far I love it. Kate and I have a date to see the movie when it comes out in a few weeks – we like movies with COSTUMES ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Wende

    Oh, I know what you’re future looks like. And let me just say in a few years you’re going to be looking at Curt and saying, “She uses too many words!!” ha!

    Boy Wonder spoke Chinese. Just sayin’. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Wende

    Your. not You’re. Boy Wonder is sick, again… and it’s taking a toll on my grammar. Arg.

  • MC and Brian Phillips

    Amen sister! We’ve all gotta vote if we want to recognize the freedom for which we are thankful…

    I already voted in the GA primaries ’cause I believe there is someone to get excited about… I’m a little behind on my blog rounds…but I’m on my way to NPR right now.

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