I fought the Law and the Law won. Again.

My family has a long history with Murphy’s Law. It’s not pretty. I thought it would leave me when I struck out on my own, but no. I am the girl who buys the sweater with the hidden hole in it. I am the girl who sits by the walrus-breather at the movies. I am the girl who gets behind the tractor and cannot pass for 15 miles. Every time. Really. I truly believe it was my exit from California 6 years ago that saved it from a typhoon and falling into the ocean.

Marriage dragged The Boy into it. We bought a VHS that lasted one week, was repaired 3 times, and still broke. We left our campsite for 20 minutes and received a $75 fine for attracting bears with our toothpaste. And, we plan vacations around work conferences that get absolutely cancelled.

Two days ago we had a lovely Texas trip planned involving a paid-for plane ride, hotel, rental car, and conference- all work related, with a little side trip to see my parents at the end. We had plans for dinner with friends. We had plans for road trips to research Austin’s apartment market. We had plans to park at Gramma Sebeck’s and watch some baby goats. He called yesterday to say that we now have 2 tickets to a city far far away and no free flight, no hotel, no rental car, no conference… NO WORK.

Oh, we’re still coming. And we are going to party like it’s 1999. The Boy just has to use vacation time, and that is very sad. We take our vacations seriously… and to have to eat 5 days of his precious vacation time with a non-refundable, non-transferable ticket at the last minute is, well, poopy. So, thank you, Murphy. I see you have not given up your love for me. It’s endearing, really, how you manage to sneak in at the last minute. I stick my tongue out at you and give you a big PFBLTTTTTTT. Anna, have a Sonic shake and tatertots waiting for me.

But enough of the misery.

The rag rug now has a lovely layer of green sheeting thanks to Cathy. It’s pretty, no? Perfect for watching cartoons on, Rylie says.

I have 5 aprons (3 kiddo and 2 adult) finished for the TexasNorth shop update next week and received an order of pillows in the mail yesterday for cribs and travelling and superfluous decorating. Very exciting.

The boy has met with a local celebrity in the Texas Longhorn breeding world (This is what he does with clients instead of playing golf. I’m ok with that.) and is getting quite serious about adding some cattle to our yard… which is super fun to think about. The more he learns about those animals, the more he likes them. They’re athletic! They’re friendly! They’re low maintenance! They have horns! He’s all about it.

And, finally, I leave you with with a very recent conversation between a boy and a girl:
boy is restlessly looking for something in the kitchen
boy is opening cabinets, fridge, dishwasher… not finding what we wants
boy is on a mission

girl is standing at the sink
“What’cha looking for, Love-O-My-Life?”

“That big, flat-bottomed glass bowl. It’s not here anywhere.”

“I think it’s in the freezer downstairs.”

“Are we going to use what’s in it?”

girl pauses and checks her sarcasm meter
“Yes. Yes, I believe we are.”

“DANG IT. That is my favorite bowl to mix drywall mud in.”

Welcome to my world.

We shall be revisiting our vacation plans (which begin next Friday) and trying to have a little fun this weekend. Company is welcome and encouraged. I think chicken fingers from the Corner Bar and a hard lemonade will be involved. I like to live on the edge.


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TexasNorth is a little farm in Western Michigan. It's home to 5 chickens, 25 longhorn cattle, a coonhound (Banjo), 1 barn cat, a husband, and 3 ridiculously funny children. The mom of this zoo has been known to mow the lawn in a skirt and roast marshmallows after dark. View all posts by texasnorth

10 responses to “I fought the Law and the Law won. Again.

  • thekooiet

    The Walrus Breather. I will never forget that man. Good movie, eh? Where you able to hear the dialog?

    Drywall mud mixed in a glass dish?!? Seriously Curt!

    I absolutely love you for making me laugh so hard!!!! (Many other reasons too!)

    We’re up for some fun Saturday night… 🙂

  • the bantam menace

    WALRUS-BREATHER?! I nearly snorted over here in my B corner. so frustrating about the vacation time…ugh.

    and I love that curt uses top quality containers for mixing…

    if you get cattle, I will come moo at them. I’m quite good.

  • sunday

    what a big ole bummer about the vaca. i am glad that you are still going but I totally know what you mean about saving that time. you are so funny and part of me is glad that things happen to you in the way they do b/c they make for some wonderful reading! why do our men have to use our wonderful, beautiful things for “work” stuff?

  • Mandi

    Same thing happened to us once. Only we didn’t find out the trip was cancelled until THE DAY we were supposed to leave. We were literally there with our bags and found out we had no hotel reservations, no rental car, nothing! We took off anyway and had a really wonderful second honeymoon. It’s definitely frustrating, but do try to enjoy! I hope we will get to see you!

  • Jessica, Myron and Rylie

    yes, men have no problem using those wonderful beautiful things for work stuff or garage stuff or how about your best dish towels to wipe up grease in the garage….

  • CortneyTree

    Matt does not understand the concept of pretty embroidered dishtowels and how they shouldn’t necessarily be used for either tomato sauce spills or wiping up excess WD40. After about the 15th total meltdown, though, he has learned to ask me first what he should use to mix up whatever handy-but-not-necessarily-food-safe concoction he’s ready to brew in the garage.
    I will be with you in spirit this weekend, sipping my girly blueberry beer and toasting your lemonade with it.

  • Jimmy

    Why are you all surprised, that’s why bowls are designed for multiple purposes. Curt should be praised for saving money.

    Of course I bet you have never used the fishing/hunting knife for cutting paper.

    Hey all, go over to Lucullian delights next week and check out paper chef. This month flowers are the theme and for we Northern folks that might be a nice sight.

  • Wende

    Girl, what are you doing using his drywall bowl for FOOD. What’s gotten into you? 😀

    That baby. . . she’s so lovely.

    No, it doesn’t make me want more children… but it does make me dream about grandbabies.

    That’s probably wrong, huh. Considering my child is 11 and despite his knowledge of inflatable bras assures me that women on not on his “agenda” until he’s “OLD.”

    Not that I’m in any hurry or anything.

  • Miss Laura

    Walrus Breather.
    Tater Tots.

    I am falling apart over here.

    J & I just this morning spent our entire federal refund on two plane tickets to Miami and a rental car. Bugger off, Murphy.

  • Megg

    Hola from Mexico Mary Catherine. Just thought I would waste some time tonight. Hope the weather is fab up in the mitten state. We are sitting in 83degree weather. See ya soon. Meg

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