I truly and wholly believe that I can pack for myself and Rylie- as well as ready this place for I Heart Renae, finish laundry, and clean the basement- during the commercials of LOST tonight. You be quiet. I know what I’m capable of. My biggest worry is picking out my Travel Outfit. Do you know what I’m talking about? The outfit you can be comfortable but cute in for 24 hours, eating airport food, frequenting public restrooms, sleeping on the floor by the windows? The outfit that deters static from your seat in 12C and looks good with cheerios stuck to it? The outfit that doesn’t creep or bind or reveal whilst lugging a child and 3 suitcases? Yes. This is the outfit I will create today.

We’re headed to Texas- me for two weeks, The Boy for slightly less. We are excited to meet the newest additions to the Sebeck household- Rylie and KT. Cute, right? I’m the one on the right, but I’m sure you knew that. We will not talk about how stinkin’ long it took for my parents to name a GOAT after their ONE AND ONLY DAUGHTER… but I am rockin’ the barnyard now. [I won’t have internet access until we reach Belton, so please excuse my absence until the 13th or so.]

And finally, thank you so much for your kind words about The Shop update. Many of you have asked how Etsy works, and I’m happy to say it’s very simple. I pay $.20 every time I list something. I pay 3.5% of the price of everything I sell. And sometimes there’s a small fee for Paypal, depending on how the person paid. It’s certainly not paying any bills. In fact, the more I make things I enjoy the less I seem to sell. That’s ok. The point in me doing this was to create every month… to get better at sewing… to show a bit of the simple life… to make things I wasn’t afraid to sell to strangers… to experiment… to learn more about my camera. I’ve received such great feedback on my items. People seem to be pleased with the quality of what they receive and that is the best compliment I could ever receive. I am always surprised at what people buy and what they don’t. My personal favorite things are often the last to go… but I know I have a certain style and, again, that is ok. Behind the scenes, I have been getting a slow but steady stream of custom order requests… which I love. There is a vanity in watching things sit in the store and want to yell, “I’m selling things, you just can’t SEE IT!!!” I’m a counter of views, of stats, of comments, of sales… it’s easy for me to get sucked into that ridiculous race. This has been an excellent exercise in silent victory for me. So, in short, Etsy and all it has brought to TexasNorth has been very positive… both emotionally and work-wise. I feel I and my sewing/creating are better for it. Thank you for your comments and your support and mostly your encouragement. It truly means the world.

I also received some great encouragement from the local children’s shop that I made an order of bonnets for this Winter. They’d like to buy again come Fall, and she’d like for me to try out some other patterns, too. Very fun. There were 3 bonnets left over… 2 baby (up to 18 months) and 1 child (toddler) size. I’ll put those in the shop before I go. You be quiet. I’ll have plenty of time to do that.

I had hoped Abe would help me today, but apparently he is very busy at the moment. That dog is worthless the best thing that’s ever happened to me. [That picture was not, in any way, staged.]

And, many blessings.
We’ll talk to you in a week…
and I’m missing you already.


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