Postcards from the Mother Country – 1

We are here! All is well. Wish you were here.

My travel outfit was fantastic… sassy and Young Mom and airplane savvy to the max. After we got snuggled into seats on the first flight, Curt said that he liked my ensemble very much… especially since against the glass walls in the airport you could see straight through my shirt. Lovely. Grand Rapids, Milwaukee, Dallas… I hope you enjoyed the show.

Rylie is fantastic and thinks everyone is her friend. Texas suits the 15-month old just fine… and so does the beverage cart on the plane. She has requested one for the house.

Off to explore sunshine and friends…


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TexasNorth is a little farm in Western Michigan. It's home to 5 chickens, 25 longhorn cattle, a coonhound (Banjo), 1 barn cat, a husband, and 3 ridiculously funny children. The mom of this zoo has been known to mow the lawn in a skirt and roast marshmallows after dark. View all posts by texasnorth

7 responses to “Postcards from the Mother Country – 1

  • thekooiet

    Blogger is being very crabby right now…

    I commented on your previous post, but it has disappeared. And now it keeps saying ERROR.??? Dumb. (I’ve gotten smart and now I’m just copying and pasting.)

    Anyway, I’m so glad you are there safe and sound. We will all miss you while you are gone.

    And I have nothing to do for the next 6 days. Trip anticipation and excitement kills me.

    I can’t wait to hear all about YOUR trip!

  • thekooiet

    Yea! It FINALLY worked!

  • Mandi

    Looks like my earlier comment didn’t make the cut.

    I was just wondering what your schedule is like for being in Belton? My big kids will be staying with my parents for a few days, and I thought if you were going to be around on Friday, the 14th, we might stop by when I go pick them up. They would absolutely love to see the new baby goats!

  • Miss Laura

    Now, Curt said he liked the ensemble, he tipped you off to a need-to-know aspect of it…but was he inspired enough to suggest the Mile High Club? (You don’t need to answer that! I’m so bad…)

    Have a lovely trip! I will be in my bed, napping and nursing some sludge that has found it necessary to make its home in my lungs. Fantastic. Get me a souvenir (I know that’s not spelled right) refrigerator magnet with a built-in thermometer, please. Really. I’ll even pay you back.

  • Anonymous

    Hahahahaaha to the Mile High Club… I have to admit, I didn’t even know what that was until about a year ago…

    P.S. Personally, I’m in support of a personal beverage cart too. Go Ry.

    -miss christine

  • sunday

    that is pretty funny, the mile high club!!!!! are you embarassed yet?

  • Becky Swann

    love the update on the outfit, very important and necessary info.!

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