Sweet Will, here is your granpa, pipe-smokin’, old-man sweater vest. Your mom ordered it for you, and I hope you love it. I am quite, as the English would say, chuffed with myself. It turned out lovely. And those cables on the side? The vine thingies? New for me. But it all worked out. I’d keep it for myself ‘cept it doesn’t quite fit in the shoulders.

I sure do love to make things. I usually jump in, sight-unseen, and bake or draw or cut… and then do it again when it doesn’t come out right the first time. I am a kinethestic learner. A do-er. Reading out loud to me does not compute. No No No. My methods of do and do again drive my husband, the consumate engineer, absolutely insane. Take, for instance, a conversation from this weekend:

boy: I talked to the Fence Guy and he said to plan on $X per foot. (I wasn’t kidding, people… we’re getting longhorns… and they need a fence.)

girl: Great! So we just need to figure out how much fence that square is behind the pole barn. Maybe we could drive it? Or use one of your crazy work surveyor things?

boy: Well, actually… after I got off the phone with Fence Guy, I looked up a satellite photo of our property online and then used the scale on that to figure it out. I have the exact measurements right here.

girl: Of course you do.


girl: You did what, now?

Seriously… his brain. I don’t understand it.

We are all still sick, at varying levels, and at home today. Even The Boy. I have opened the windows to air us out. You know how after a week of sickness your house starts to smell like Sleeping Boy and Used Kleenex and Bad Television? Yeah. We’re there. So, it’s a rest day. Though, I will be doing some hiking. Mount Laundry is still downstairs and I must persevere.

I wonder, though, what it is you like to do? Do you like to make things? Do you like to cook things? Draw things? Buy things? Hike things? Read things? Watch things with popcorn in hand? What do you like to do when there’s nothing else demanding your attention?

I hope you find some time to do those things this week. I shall be gone this Thursday… off on an adventure with Jami at the Garage Sale of the Century. And, we’re having a slumber party. I’ll report back on Monday. And I bet I’ll have spent more than I made. Have a great week, Folks. We love you here at TexasNorth.


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16 responses to “finito

  • Jessica, Myron and Rylie

    When we lived back east and got out of work for snow….my favorite thing to do was watch Friends. I would put in a Season DVD and watch it for hours. I would scrapbook, have a glass of wine, and watch friends.

  • the bantam menace

    when nothing else is demanding my attention…

    I love to read, and usually have something from the library or borrowed from a friend sitting around waiting for me to pick up. ah, one of my first loves.

    otherwise I love to organize… this could mean revamping my files, creating new ways to archive my treasure hunts and clues, or my planner, or music, or anything else that might be around. it’s also a great excuse to go to office max 😉

  • diane

    I love to make things with my hands. This means many things depending on the weather and resources, I suppose. It includes (but is not limited to) baking, cooking, sewing, writing, organizing (b/c I am making space) and soon it will be my Pottery Class.

    Like you, I learn by DO-ing. I also would have driven around the yard to figure out the measurement…it’s just the way my brain is assembled.

    To me (and I cannot believe I am admitting this) even chores are something that I enjoy DO-ing because I am up and around and I can see the difference…the before and after, so to speak.

  • sunday

    i love that conversation! I also love that vest. I know Will will love it! lets see, i am a reader for sure. i also love to take pictures, but that usually is of people so i would need them around. i love to garden, i love putting flowers together. i love to read cookbooks and anything having to do with food. i love to bake and i am starting to get really nervous about BellaRose’s birthday cake that I have talked so much about, b/c I am not sure I can do it and I need to make a lot of practice ones first!

  • Mandi

    I’m sorry; I’m confused. What do you mean by “when there’s nothing else demanding your attention?” I’m not familiar with that concept. But if I was I would say that I definitely love to read. I love to put together scrapbooks. I love to play board games. And I like to shop for bargains. All. By. Myself.

    I absolutely LOVE that little vest! You do such great work!

  • Wende

    First off… that vest! I’m smitten. It’s really sweet, makes me wish I could knit. That’s knitting, right??

    You and I really are separated at birth with a ten year age gap–because uh, directions? POINTLESS.

    Your conversations sound very familiar.

    I’m so sorry you’re sick. But there is a box with your name on it that should be at your door today.

    And seriously… the thing I love to do is write. ha ha ha ha. I almost said “blog”.

  • thekooiet

    OHHH!! OOOOOOH AHHHHH! That vest is beautiful! Look at those cables! Vests on little boys are darling.

    What do I like to do? Sleep. I need me some of dat.

    What the hey? Looking it up on a satellite image…using the scale. Whew, that makes me dizzy. Yup, I would have driven around the property too or maybe have measured with a yard stick foot by stink’n foot.

    You guys all get better…you have got to be in tip top shape for the Garage Sale of the Century.
    Oh, wear some running shoes…and bring some earplugs. I loath listening to crabby women shopping at garage sales. And these women are exceptionally crabby.

  • Miss Laura

    Ha ha, I thought Jami wrote “scabby women” at first. I kill me.

    Sometimes I like to read, sometimes I like to create things. Sometimes I really like to write, though not usually because I find it exhausting for some reason. It’s a shame, really. Mainly I like just connecting with people. I rarely turn down an invitation to hang out, sometimes to my own detriment.

    I’m petitioning Josh to let me have an alcove in the new living room to put a table and an inspiration board and store all my little odds and ends. Unfortunately, this is the same alcove he wants to put the entertainment center in. Even more unfortunately, all the outlets and the cable jack are in that alcove, which means an uphill battle for me.

    Good grief. I write long comments. I don’t think I even need my own blog!

  • The Zoo

    Hi Friend–just checked the blog and had to respond.

    First of all–we have the same junkie cough & congestion illness. I shared it with Jonathan and Kylie:( The whole house needs a thorough cleaning to get rid of this yucky bug!

    When I don’t have anything demanding my attention (this is such a remote occurance I cant even really think about it), I would plant things. I love to work outside. I like to plant gardens, flowers, weed, water…anything I can think of. I love digging in the dirt. If I can’t go outside, I like to clean and then after its done, sit down and read a book or magazine.

    Great question!

    Love and miss you all!

    P.S. We just got a new puppy!

  • thekooiet

    Laura, I’m sure there will be scabby women there too!

    They will be scabby if they argue with me about prices! Oh, I sound mean! 🙂

  • Dan, Annie, Will and Mocha

    Ahhhh. I love it, it’s perfect, I knew you’d make the perfect one, it’s looks just like the little man.
    You mugs are almost done, they just need some glaze and last firing.
    That conversation sounds similar to the Singletary household, usually though ending in my frustration because I’m just too visual.
    What do I like to do…?
    Work on straight walled mugs because I’ve never made a straight walled mug and they have ended up being my favorite I’ve ever made.
    Learning anything new is what I like to do.
    If I lived close to you, I think I might like to come over for knitting lessons too.
    Hope you all feel better.
    How is it that in your sick state, you still manage to make beautiful things and write wonderful blogs? Mysterious Dear. Superwoman?

  • Miss Christine

    Lots of people think that ’cause I’m an art/design student, that I should like to make things in my downtime. The truth is, I do still like to make things just to make things… but left to my own devices, I really love to have time to read. I am halfway through The Other Boleyn Girl!

    I also really enjoy organizing. It’s the weirdest thing, but I’ve always been like this – I like getting rid of stuff I don’t use/don’t think I will use, I like putting things in order that I am keeping, I like unpacking & packing. I like alphabetizing. It is fabulous. And I’m weird. But that’s ok! I like me weird.

    I hope you & your family are well – I use that bag with the red stripe down the front and the raw leather handles all. the. darn. time – and totally get compliments on it. You are wonderful!

  • thekooiet

    Whew Hooo!!!

    We’re all done with the Garage Sale of the Century! And we survived!

  • Janna

    kt, for the record, we miss you when you are gone. 🙂

  • ecky

    i like to find treasures.
    i like to dig through bins and bins of crap and find that beautiful forgotten item at the bottom.
    i like to scour thrift stores and garage sales and freecycle for vintage goodies.
    i like to hunt for amazing bargains and give things new homes.
    mostly i like to hoard stuff.

    the garage sale of the century sounds amazing!! wish i coulda been there!

    oohh…and those cables are magnificent.
    i havent had the guts to try em yet. i havent knitted in ages. i always craft in spurts. i do something like crazy for a while and then put it down and forget about it for the longest time.

    and with hazel all crafting has been difficult!
    maybe soon…

  • Becky Swann

    Oh my gosh I’m so excited I can see will in that Vest it is AMAZING

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