the four one two

Let us skip past the part where I tell you that I got to use my new address stamp for the first time… on the envelope to mail my check in for the accident and ticket last Wednesday. Mmmmhmmm. Let’s gloss right over that and chat about the stamps real quick.
A few of you kindly asked how in tarnation the stamp thing happened and I am happy to tell you: very simply. I typed me up some stuff on Microsoft Publisher (a part of Microsoft Office) with my favorite typewriter font, and then I bent it into a circle using the ‘circle’ button. Then I typed up a plain ol’ straight address stamp in the same font. Then I saved those two files. Then I emailed Cindy at Ben’s Rubber Stamps and said, “Hi. I want to make these 2 pictures into wooden-handled rubber stamps. One big circle, one little circle, and one address doo-hickey. Yes?” And Cindy emailed me back and said, “Sure. They’ll be ready on Friday.” And they were. That’s it. You can do it, Peeps!
Jami hand-delivered my lovelies and brought along her two youngest children. Lydia had returned to check on her chicken, Amy. Lydia also said she wanted to stay forever. Amy was not available for comment. Hannah had come to love on Salt and Pepper, the kitty cats. Hannah will now demonstrate how to hold and not hold a kitten:

yes… and not so much… .

Which brings me to Salt and Pepper. You’ve not met them yet. See, I was at the local nursery last week looking for cabbage and this fancy schmancy lady (read: wearing makeup) was there with her kittens and talkin’ about how she was gonna have to take them to a shelter. Are you kidding me? Those little kitties hopped right in my back seat and are now happily stalking sawdust and nails in the pole barn.

I dragged Jami back to the nursery (Jami, you are highly featured in this post.) because, well, I still needed my cabbage and because Jami is my random field-trip buddy. I promised we would only come home with plants. Jami comes to the nursery with a list and a map of her house. Jami is prepared. She is looking for plants by their scientific names. I, on the other hand, wonder why things can’t be grouped by color. Jami asks me what my ‘plan’ is for the Shoebox, landscaping-wise. Like, do I have a color scheme? No (but that is a brilliant idea). What species of strawberries do I like the best? The red ones. Do I know of a yellow, part-shade plant that is less than 24 inches tall? In fact, I do not. Well, what are you looking for? Pretty things. I am looking for pretty things that I won’t kill. Time will tell.
I would like to report that my peat-pot starter vegetable garden is growing well. I shall transplant into Mamma Garden this weekend and the next. This will involve a lot of digging and, I suspect, a lot of whining lemonade on my part. Some little sprouts are already… sprouting! I would tell you which ones, but Rylie removed all my popsicle stick labels. I have a feeling some of my squash is going to look an awful lot like broccoli. Love that kid.
Thanks for the book, Pap. Aaaaaaaaaah, you so funny, old man! Remember that I’ll be caring for you in your old age. Be nice to me, or you’ll sleep with the cows.

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TexasNorth is a little farm in Western Michigan. It's home to 5 chickens, 25 longhorn cattle, a coonhound (Banjo), 1 barn cat, a husband, and 3 ridiculously funny children. The mom of this zoo has been known to mow the lawn in a skirt and roast marshmallows after dark. View all posts by texasnorth

12 responses to “the four one two

  • thekooiet

    Oh, I am laughing so hard — I can hardly catch my breath! I keep saying “Dear, dear, sweet Kate.” Over and over again.

    Did you ever see the movie “Secondhand Lions?” They plant “squash corn”, “carrots corn”, “lettuce corn”….etc. 😉

    And you did pick out some very pretty things.

    Can I come and help you plant your fabulous football field of a garden? I love me some digg’n in the dirt.

  • diane

    If you add some Raspberry Rum to your Lemonade your transplanting will be much more enjoyable.


  • Jimmy

    Diane; Raspberry Rum, now that sounds like a great idea. We are planting next weekend, and I was going to try wine…Kate tell how it works or not please.

  • Wende

    Love the stamp. And the book. Heh.

  • KatieKate

    Is SecondHand Lions the one with the two brothers? And they shoot the salemen that drive up? And they buy a skeet shooter? Aw, man. I loved that movie. I need to rent that again.

    And yes… that’s exactly the kind of garden I’m gonna have.

  • Miss Christine

    Hahahahaha yeah, that’s Secondhand Lions all right. Another tell-tale sign? Haley Joel-Osment’s mid-puberty squeaky voice! Cute as ever. He should be slightly older so I wouldn’t feel bad wanting to date him!

    P.S. I, also, am laughing hard at this post… you are so awesome. Thanks for being you!!

  • thekooiet

    We have that movie…you can borrow it. 😉

  • Lisa and Gary...

    We started our “gardening” with tiny, adorable clay pots of chives and basil and oregano. Who’d a thunk it would be so dang dry in the desert they’d all just up and blow away. Poof. Right into thin air. We (aka, my KatieKate) planted 20 bean seeds in one pot then flooded it daily with her pint-sized watering can. One bean grew. She and her daddy planted 5 sunflowers. Five sunflowers sprouted but one is now, mysteriously, missing. We suspect bunny…er, technically, a jackrabbit, I suppose, who is nesting in a corner of your yard and probably about to give birth to a whole herd (?) of new bunnies, caught wind of said sunflower and thought it would be a fine way to nourish her unborn offspring. When they’re birthed, I’m sure they’ll wise up and find that one bean, too.

    So……you will undoubtedly do better than that even if you don’t know what you’re doing. The garden sounds glorious. Plan or no plan.

  • sunday

    katie you are amazing. why can’t we hang out!
    i love that movie everyone is talking about in the comments!
    i love all the questions that were asked while picking out your plants. those are great. I go by color too and what looks pretty!

  • sunday

    so i am making BellaRose’s birthday cake listening to Ricky Scaggs and Kentucky Thunder and thinking about you. Have you heard the song by them “simple life” if not you need to.

  • Becky Swann

    How fun is that stamp! I made one last year with my “logo” for my artwork, I wanted to go around stamping it on everything, stamping around is such a good time.

  • Wende

    You know, I just got the weirdest impression that you’re pregnant! OH!

    Evidently, your blog is glowing. Hee.

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