another photo from Butternut Lake…
*le sigh*

Dude. Yesterday was a banner day for me. I hired a babysitter (I know, right?!) in the middle of the day and went to the salon to get my hair cut, a teensy bit colored, and- this is the killa for me- someone else washed my hair. It is my luxury in life to go to the salon and have someone wash my hair with fun shampoo and fun conditioner and warm warm water. Oh, bless my soul.

I’m not gonna lie. It’s been a rough couple weeks for this mamma, and a little time away in a place that smells good and everyone could wipe themselves was exactly what I needed.

I wonder what your luxury is?

I returned to find that the babysitter had emptied my dishwasher (so sweet) and also downloaded aol onto my computer (remove, thank you) AND taken some sneaky photos of her and Ry with my camera. This is all extremely ok with me… again, because someone else washed my hair. Ry was a very happy girl and ate a big dinner and went to bed wearing her candycane pjs. I love her. Just for laughs, check out this video [click] of Peanut last night before bedtime. Pay close attention around the 45-second mark when the girl is laughing so hard she runs out of breath. Oh my lanta. We watched it about 42 times last night.

Hear me: I cannot say enough about all the kind words and letters and emails and books and smiles you’ve sent my way over the past week. I have returned to them again and again in the sadder moments and always come out better for it. You’re good people.

I hope you find a little luxury this weekend.
Blessings to you and yours.

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17 responses to “luxury

  • sunday

    did you know that “spit-up” now smells like throw up when they eat real food? i know that b/c BellaRose just woke up from her nap with “spit-up” all in her hair. awesome right? can i go with you to the salon. i NEED that!
    did you take that picture of the lake? awesome. i went to the picnik site, but it about shut my computer down. did your babysitter come here to my computer too?

  • Anonymous

    So, where is the pic of your do?

    I love the pic of Butternut Lake, absolutely gorgeous.

    My luxury? As corny as it sounds, I love to go to Buca di Beppo’s in Pgh. It is a fun and relaxing place to go. Its so neat to walk around and look at all the decor, pictures, etc. And the food is delicious too.


  • Miss Christine

    Haha, that thing about the pictures makes me laugh a lot. It would probably be a lot worse (albeit REALLY hilarious) had she taken pictures of just herself, you know, MySpace style, complete with stupid facial expressions and one arm looking gigantic from holding it out in front of your face… 🙂

  • KatieKate

    My hair was a bit salon-ified yesterday… it needs to calm down a bit before any reveal is gonna happen. Curt was like, Hey! Can it look like that ALL the time. And the answer is no.

    And I LOVE Bucca DeBeppos. Mmmm. We don’t have one here that I know of, but yum. Eating out is a very close second to the salon for me.

  • the dicocco gang

    Katie- come to my house. For serious… the girl at the salon washed my hair for a solid 15 minutes, complete with a head and neck massage. Now, I am used to getting absolutely spoiled at Capelli’s… but this was something else! AND the haircut is cheap!

    My luxury? Yes, having my hair played with… and having a fancy drink (like a cherry french soda… sigh)… and having my friends with me.

  • Lisa and Gary...

    Wine. At the salon. Wine at the salon while on the receiving end of a hand massage. Even better.

    God bless babysitters. We still don’t have one. The last one I tried to interview didn’t even show up for the interview. So much for that.


  • Jessica, Myron and Rylie

    ohhh These days my luxury might just be Target. By myself. with no crowds. That sounds awful but shopping/walking through quiet, peaceful, no one else around stores has always calmed me.

  • sunday

    wanna know something funny? when i click on from you links, it takes me right back here to your page!
    my luxery is just what you said, going to the salon. my hair dresser does a neck and head massage that is out of this world. i go about 2-3 times a year, it is such a treat i try not to spoil myself. also wine, also a facial!

  • Rebecca

    Love the video! And the laugh!
    Belly laughs that take your breath away are really the best kind, don’t you think?

    My luxury? Hmmm… a cup of coffee, doesn’t need to be fancy, a good book and a magazine. So really, the luxury there is TIME!! Which I won’t be getting this weekend. My husband is off on a camping weekend, to help his brother say goodbye to being a bachelor. I will be home with our 3 children! Maybe next weekend would be better for me to have a date with luxury!

  • diane

    My luxury?
    Driving alone in my car.
    I’m 110% sure that I will not carpool to work next year.

    I can’t believe how much I love being alone in my car during my commute.

    I’m spoiled like that.

  • KatieKate

    Sun- I absolutely cannot figure why Dooce sends you back to my page. I have played and played with it and it simply will not change. The site it, though.

    And Rebecca… dear, you do NOT have a luxury weekend coming up! But I bet it will be funny 🙂

  • Becky Swann

    I am a massage girl, I got some gift certificates and went twice while pregnant—amazing!
    that video is awesome what a fun child you have she is so happy!

  • Miss Laura

    Falling asleep during a massage. Yes. Check. And I FULLY disagree with Diane about driving, because I do way too damn much of it!

  • EllieRichellie

    KK – I can’t believe how much I’ve missed at TexasNorth during the last week! Reading through all the posts, I can’t tell you how many times I laughed audibly (which is different than a courtesy LOL)! Sitter in the middle of the day? Good for you! I have a standing time for 4 hours each week during the summer. The girls need some time away from me 🙂
    Also..I do not want to be an annoying “been there, done that” kind of stranger/friend, but I want to say that I feel your powerful mommylove/heartache with what you and Ry are going through right now. We thought we’d be feeding #2 girl with a fudgesicle stick until junior high. So many T’s. . .PT, ST, OT. Ankle braces that looked like moonboots. Coupla nights in the bubble. And now she’s five, and what I thought I couldn’t handle I realized I handled. You are so graceful about sharing your feelings for her and with her. The mommylove shows and it is all you need. You are doing all the best things for your daughter.

  • Dan, Annie, Will and Mocha

    Katie, I can’t believe I missed the below post about Rylie. I did read it, and wow, amazing words of wisdom always spill from your head. thank you for sharing with all of us.
    Babysitters scare me, we’ve had friends come over, parents come over and all watch Will, but never a real babysitter that we call and pay and ahhhh, it’s happening, I think that really means we’ve grown up, calling a person to babysit, and they are emptying your dishwasher and entertaining your child with taking pictures while downloading who knows what. I’m scared. Glad to know you made it through to the other side and also got o be pampered. Yeah for the salon on this side too!!!!

  • Maddie's Mom

    I am SO jealous of your salon trip…I just had a toddler brush (read whack) my hair with a vegetable brush. It wasn’t quite the same experience 🙂

  • CortneyTree

    Oh man, thanks to a sale at Lowes and my wonderful husband, my newest luxury is a ceiling fan in the kitchen, right over where I stand to cook and wash dishes. It doesn’t take much 😉

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