Hell hath no fury like 70 mph wind gusts.

Greetings, friends…

This is not Kate. This is Laura. (You may know me from comments as Miss Laura. Or you may know me in person, and…well, I don’t know what to say about that 🙂 Kate called me veeeery early this morning to ask if I’d consider writing a guest blog. Y’see, non-GR-types, we had a series of pretty wicked storms yesterday afternoon into the evening, and Kate’s without power. And because she’s living the simple life in the back 40, they’re not expecting to have power restored for about four days.

She also told me that the home of her neighbor two doors down (about a half mile away, I figure)…uhhh…exploded. Apparently lightning hit the electrical line that runs to their house from the street and that was that, there’s nothing left. No house, no cars. Kate and Curt were able to find out just this morning that they’ve confirmed that no one was home when this happened. Can we all let out a sigh and a collective “Thank you, Jesus”?

Until this, the Mulders were planning to leave for a weekend camping trip today, and they’re not yet sure what they’re going to do…though it doesn’t seem there’s much reason to stick around.

Anyway, Katie Dear asked me to let everyone know that they’re all okay and she plans to be back in full force on Monday. And she especially didn’t want her dad to worry. So Mr. Sebeck, your kid is just fine.

And if you’re at all curious, you can see the damage my family’s dealing with at my blog here. You’ll have to check it out later today, as photos are required and my camera needs a-chargin’.

Good chattin’ with you, peeps!

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8 responses to “Hell hath no fury like 70 mph wind gusts.

  • sunday

    OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! there house exploded. that is the most horrible news ever, but Praise the Lord that no one was there!! thank you for keeping us up to date, b/c katie’s dad would not be the only one to worry about them. we appreciate it mrs. laura

  • thekooiet

    What neighbor was it?!?

    Holy Wa.

    That was a pretty crazy storm.

    I hope the dear head in Kate’s freezer find a place to stay…frozen.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the blog Laura. I kept checking and said, “Where are you Katie”..I think its become an obsession of waiting for her on Mondays & Thursdays.

    Oh thank the Lord none of the neighbors were home in the house. Oh gosh, that is horrible.

    Eeeewwww, the dear head…shudders.


  • Anonymous

    deer not dear!! LOL, need to proof read!!


  • the bantam menace

    I only suggest this because I’ve seen it before and it’s awesome.

    it’s too bad they didn’t also keep the deer butt, so they could mount the deer head AND butt.

    side by side.

    I’m not kidding.
    it’s awesome.

  • Wende


    Thanks for update, miss laura. 😀

  • Dan, Annie, Will and Mocha

    Thanks for telling us all.
    Can’t believe that someone’s house would just blow up like that and they would lose everything just right down the street. So scary.
    So glad you are alright Katie.
    Hope it all plays out smoothly.

  • EllieRichellie

    Wow. . .I’m so glad to hear that the Mulders are safe, but feel genuine sympathy for the neighbors’ explosion. St. Louis is a periodically midwestern-storm-ravaged place. Sending good thoughts. . .so, Katie, you weren’t kidding when you said you’d be moving in soon 🙂

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