the minors

Dear Rylie,

Just a quick (?) letter to update you on a couple breakthroughs we’ve had over the past couple weeks. No doubt, you know some therapists have been coming to visit you. We try to make these appointments early in the morning, as you (and I) are known to tire quickly of interviews and prodding and suggestions and small talk. Amy came last week… your physical therapist. After 45 minutes of ‘sit like this,’ ‘grab this,’ and ‘just try one more time,’ you picked up one of her toys and placed it in her tote bag. With all genuine sweetness, you then looked up at her, waved bye, and said clear-as-day, “Bye-bye.”

I think, my dear, you were finished. This was officially your first word, though I will always believe you said ‘llama’ at three months. The “bye-bye” had a witness, so we’ll mark that one down for posterity. Nice job, Doll. Nice job.

As if that weren’t enough work for a silly one and a half year-old, the other night you took 4 steps. FOUR unassisted STEPS. You were tired. You were silly. You were happy. You’ve not tried again since, but we are all so very very proud of you. You continue to teach others about patience and joy and individuality. You are a wonderful teacher.

I cannot mail this part to you, but I’ll put it on a cd with your other videos. You have a particular love for music, Child… and have become quite proficient at the harmonica. While this does not register on any of the tests your therapists give you, I personally think this makes you hilarious and absolutely my favorite person of all time.

So, happy day to you, Sweet Girl. We are all celebrating with you!!!
I love you.
Let’s go grocery shopping. It is, after all, Monday.


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15 responses to “the minors

  • Kristen Moore

    Congrats to Rylie for knowing how to politely show a pestering person the door.
    Kids don’t beat around the bush! I remember being embarrassed when Jane would interupt the guest who was talking and say “Okay, bye bye.” And she would turn her back.
    This would happen at the end of a long day or if she didn’t like the person, it would happen 5 minutes after they walked through the door.
    I have to say, I like kids who know what they want. Rylie has guts, polite guts.

  • Jessica, Myron and Rylie

    Way to GO Rylie!!!!

    Bye-Bye I love it. You WERE ready aye!!

    I saw the harmonica video last night. You are so talented! way to go. I love how you are just yourself. Fabulous, stay yourself always.

  • Miss Laura

    Hurrah! Next thing she’ll say is, “Mama, cookie?” I’m quite confident, especially if she’s anything like her Aunt Laura. I say that often.

    Can I come grocery shopping? Sounds better than what I’m doing!

  • diane

    that is, hands down, the CUTEST video I have ever seen. ever.

    also, i love love love the red polka dot dress. i would like one just like it, thank you very much.

  • EllieRichellie

    How can that therapist not give extra credit for a good harmonica rif? Where did that person get their degree !?!?
    Chicago was good for some adventures, but there were no long horns. Advantage. . .TexasNorth.
    And it looks like Rylie, the boy, and Mama Llama had fun on the U.P. Did you build that sand stalagmite yourself? Nice work.

  • amy

    you are such an incredible writer…and a great mama 🙂

    I think Rylie has quite a talent for harmonica. Walker is almost 3 and he can’t play nearly that well!
    Shes such a cutie…

  • proudgrits11

    That harmonica-playing IS adorable!!! So is her “bye-bye” story. So cute!! I cracked up at your comment on the zippers over at ellie richellie so I had to pop over! 🙂

  • Amanda

    Ah, so sweet! I’ve never met that girl, but I SO want to! Brings a big ‘ole smile to my face. For reals.

  • thekooiet

    I absolutely love that little girl’s hair! Just darling. Hopefully, when she’s a teenager she’ll still let me play with her curls. LOVE them!

    She IS making a lot of progress….you’ll be running after her in no time, and she’ll talk your ear off. You are doing a great job, Kate.

    BTW…Zoomy’s now has 2 points on him! I’ll tell you more about that tomorrow! 🙂

  • ecky

    yay four steps!!! that’s no small feet (get it, feet)
    i love watching her put on that pesky outfit in the video. i agree ry. it makes a much better cape!
    i wish i could pack up someone’s bags and send them off with a little bye-bye every now and again!

  • Rachel

    LOVE the video- what a talented musician, thanks to her mom no doubt!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the “bye bye” story. She knows how to get her point across when she needs to, doesn’t she? She is a smart cookie!

    And, her first steps, too- WOW, I’d say that was a busy week!

  • Becky Swann

    I love that she felt the need for a little pajama on head intermission to the harmonica show! She is a silly goose and I love it!

  • Lisa

    Too dang cute!!


  • Anonymous

    I absolutely love the bye-bye story, smart kid!! LOL. The harmonica playing is just too cute.
    Yeah..four steps! Keep going Rylie!!


  • Dan, Annie, Will and Mocha

    As always, so precious, so honored to be able to read these messages to your sweet one. So glad about the bye bye, I know it made your heart flutter. And the steps, go rylie go.

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