All these therapists are kickin’ Mamma’s buns. We have an appointment, meeting, or playschool almost every day of the week. I am, in a word, unscheduled when it comes to daily life now that I have a child. I hope to be better at this when Ry is old enough to go to things by herself (like Walker and his summer camp)… I don’t want her to be the last kid on the sidewalk holding her teacher’s hand waitin’ for her mamma to come pick her up.

Let’s be clear. When I say unscheduled, I really mean lazy. I can be incredibly productive when I want/need to… like if The Boy is due home in an hour and I’ve got nothing to show for myself for the day.

My girl is 20 months-old today. We are thrilled to report that someone in the TexasNorth household carries a photogenic gene. You see few pictures of Mom and Dad (and especially Mom and Dad together) on the blog simply because we both take ridiculous pictures. My mouth is always open and The Boy’s eyes are always closed. Ry, on the other hand, well… it’s hard to take a bad picture of her. I realized this morning that these photos of Ry at this age will always remind me of therapy.

…speech therapy
…physical therapy
…occupational therapy
blah blah blah
They will remind me of a time when I received a much needed education in unconditional love from a child who could not walk or talk. They will remind me of a particular Summer full of fireflies and hammocks and chickens and kittens and new cows. They will remind me of a time when my Baby was changing and fighting and just so absolutely amazing every day, despite failing every official test she was ever given.
I made my best girl a dress this weekend using elastic thread. I will now make her wear it every day until she cannot get it over her teeny little body. Why it took me try this, I do not know. I was afraid. I was nervous. I was lazy. But, I am changing. My little girl is an amazing example of how change is really possible… not just some fairytale floating out there on an unattainable star. I am learning to learn from her. She’s a pretty fun teacher. Sassy, but fun. And, she dresses pretty cool, eh?

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15 responses to “therapy

  • sunday

    oh my word she dresses amazing. i would like 2 of everything, one for me and one for BellaRose. For you katie i would dress like my daughter. how in the world do you keep the headscarf on her? BellaRose would have that around her neck in a minute! rylie is so cute and just so sweet. i just want to hug her everytime i see a picture of her b/c she looks like she would let me. i can see why you have learned so much from her!

  • diane

    That girl is full of sass! I love the scarf in her hair. And the pic by the tub with her hand on her hip like, “what NOW, mom?!”

  • KatieKate

    Yah, I dunno why or how she kept that scarf in her hair either. It’s been there all morning. I looked at her once and said, “Don’t touch it.” and she hasn’t… it’s very VERY strange. Certainly not the norm.

  • CortneyTree

    Darlin’ that dress is precious–between all the blog girls with baby girls, I’m sure we could fill any free time you ever thought about having with custom orders 😉 (ha! free time, you’re saying, WHAT free time, didn’t you read this post–but you know what I mean).

    I’m off in a few minutes to bleed some more for the cause–keep your fingers cross for lots and lots of cortisol!

  • Amy

    your baby girl is just. too. precious. for words.

    the scarf. fabulous!

  • Jessica, Myron and Rylie

    Oh what a sweet dress!

    and that scarf…. Oh love it with her little ringlets hangin over it.

    does she like to suck all the toothpaste off the tooth brush too!

  • thekooiet

    Awww, that dress is adorable!

    AND that child is going to have the cleanest teeth for her first Dentist appointment! Ry, keep up the good brushing…and please teach Abbi how to brush her teeth.

    Therapy. *sigh* It will be done and over before you know it, and then a new page can be turned.

  • Chelsey Meek

    Love the dress…LOVE the headband.

  • amy

    you know, i don’t actually KNOW Rylie, but i think i would just love her 🙂
    She is a super cool dresser, i can only hope Aubrey has such great threads one day(perhaps from you?!!)

  • Gary and Lisa

    Our soul sister of dental hygiene. I love it. And a fashionista to boot. What a doll.


  • Amanda

    Designer clothes? check.
    Sassy scarf? check.

    All she needs is that harmonica and that girl could sell tickets to the Riley show.

  • Becky Swann

    Thats it I need to learn how to sew! Well I’m sure this statement is something I will be lazy about! But good for you she looks so sweet.

  • Dan, Annie, Will and Mocha

    She really does dress so cute. The headbands kill me.
    your so sweet.

  • ecky

    elastic thread? a-ma-zing!
    i love smocking but thought you needed a special machine to do it. who knew? you did, of course!
    i must try this…but first i need to get my sewing machine fixed.

    you know…i have always wanted to wear a scarf in my hair and look cool. it hasnt happened. i am jealous of ry!

  • Rachel

    Oh my, she is BEAUTIFUL! I love the dress and the scarf is a nice touch!

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