Who knew?

You all are so kind to ask… Abe is sitting right here watching me type as always. I’ll tell you real quick about our beloved Abe, the chocolate lab I adore. He’s only 3 and has terrible hips and arthritis already. It’s been a heart-breaking journey with him as we’ve watched his knees give out several times over the past few years… so young, such an amazing personality, such terrible breeding. But, he’s a happy dog and we’ve learned to take care of him. On 3rd of July, I threw a stick for him into the water and he collapsed while turning in the sand… we would learn later that his left ACL ruptured. This left us with 3 ridiculous options:

surgery, understanding and expecting that his other leg will do the same thing eventually

no surgery and maintenance/low activity for the rest of his 3-legged life


Honestly, I had settled on sleep. I couldn’t bear the thought of dealing with a second broken leg someday and watching him truly suffer. Surgery, while it would fix his ACL, would not heal his hips or arthritis… so we decided it wasn’t wise. The day we had set to take him in, we both broke down and refused. So, he lives… lame but happy on the farm… for as long as he can comfortably. It’s pretty obvious his knee tissue is scarring over as he puts more weight on it every day- this isn’t great, but it will help for awhile. He’s a great dog and we love him so much. Obviously, there are a few dog lovers out there reading, and we know you understand the strange but wonderful strings animals pull on your heart. They are pets, but they are family.

And now, here is My Love, being beautiful at the river. Love her. She was so great in and around the water. Respectful, but adventurous. Cute as a button. Often naked. Just as it should be. Our trip was very relaxing… one day in camp at the river, one day out of camp at a new swimming hole, repeat times three. Add in family dinners with 6 other kids and their parents, some books about vampires, and smores every night, and you’ve got a pretty good picture of what my life was like a week ago. It’s was not a bad way to live.

Who knew I had given birth to Steve from Multiplicity? I know. I’m as shocked as you are. I kid you not, if this child’s first sentence is, “I like pizza!” I may die on the spot.

We’re on Jim and Denise’s pontoon here… a wonderfully indulgent way of easing back into normal life after camping for a week. Thank you, Burrows family. It was an absolute joy.

This picture kills me. SPACE CADET. Earth to Rylie, come iiiiin, Rylie. She’s actually staring at Abbi who is off-camera playing with an orange construction cone the campground uses to mark reserved campsites. We got a lot of use out of the cones in our week of camping. They can be a lot of things, is all I’m sayin’.

Please note this child’s outfit. She dressed herself. Day-old brown pants, folded over at the waist and wearing very thin at the knees. Pink and green filthy tank top. Red hooded sweatshirt, which only comes off her body when she is in a dead sleep. And the hunting/camo vest, which is her prized possession in life. We wear it ALL DAY with ANYTHING. Sometimes, we wear it with nothing.

There are lots more vacation pictures are here.

Monday: a story about parking lots.

Happy Weekend to you all.
Please come help me do laundry.

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8 responses to “Who knew?

  • Anonymous


    Oh Abe..what can I say? I know exactly how you feel, yes Dave and I are "furkid" lovers! We had a poodle, Precious, who had multiple health problems due to inter-breeding. Broke our hearts but we felt God gave her to us to love because someone else may have giving up on her. I had to put her down two days before her 10th birthday due to cancer which we had no clue she had. Still breaks my heart..

    Just love the pics of your vacation. Oh gosh…love the outfit Riley picked to wear! I had showed pics of her wearing it before to Dave, he loves it!!

    Cathy & Dave

  • sunday

    oh sweet sweet abe!!! i couldn’t do it either, not with that dog as sweet as he is and how much joy he brings you guys. i thought i would have to do that with atticus when he was a puppy and i swore i would never buy a purebred again. he eventually grew out of those things, thank goodness. worth thought he would have to put rainy down for a surgery she needed but he mom ended up paying for surgery and now she is almost 9. those crazy dogs that we love like humans, i tell ya! rylie is the cutest thing ever, love all her clothes. so jealous about the pontoon ride as well. jim keeps taunting us with boat rides!

  • Anonymous

    Need to correct, I had shown Dave the pics of Rylie with her camo vest..he loves it! She’s his kind of girl, LOL


  • thekooiet

    Abe is one spectacular dog…he has a one of a kind disposition. A total sweet-heart, non-chicken-killer, cat-lover, and beloved member of the family. He’s happy still as a three-legged dog, and that’s what is the most important.

    Multiplicity is a fantastic movie! Rylie does a great Steve impression!

    Camping…hummm. I’m ready to go back again right now…I need help with laundry too.

  • Amanda


    Love the space cadet picture too. Stella has those looks all the time. Hilarious. And love the hunting vest.

    Oh, and do tell: are the vampire books good? been thinkin’ about reading them with Blake.

    Glad you had a good time, but I’m more glad that you’re blogging again. Missed reading about you and your fam.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Kate,
    Kelly the haircutter here. So I was checking in on your blog/Esty page to see what all this ‘old sheets into aprons’ was all about and I believe it was divinely appointed. Aprons shmaprons……I know nothing about them. What I do know about is sweet doggies and I may have some help/advice for the very precious Abe. Call me if you get a chance. I’m off on Friday’s.
    Kelly B

  • EllieRichellie

    Thank goodness you linked to Adam because if you didn’t, I would. I have bought an untold number of little red hooded sweatshirts for my girls simply because they make me smile. I’m so sorry to hear about your pup… he’s lucky to have you as his family. While s’mores every night and lots of leisure reading sound fantastic, I am selfishly glad you’re home. While you were camping I had that same feeling I feel when our neighbors are out of town and I know I can’t ask them for a cup of sugar or something. No creepiness intended.

  • Becky Swann

    Oh your sweet sweet puppy! that would be so hard to make choices for a family member!
    I love how you describe the picture of Rylie so funny!

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