Wrinkly baby feet, anyone?

Camping at Platte River over the long weekend was absolutely perfect. I managed to take only one photo, which is what happens when there are 6 tents and 6 cousins and 4 generations of family all camping together on one site. Also, I may die of West Nile Virus soon, but it was worth it.

I have sorted the resulting laundry into piles based on the colors in a Crayola 24 box. I’m not kidding, people. There’s a lot of laundry. The next load is Cerulean Blue clothes.

Now. Camping (within walking distance of the car). Yes. We love it. Even/especially with an almost-toddler. Let’s talk about some things that make life grand whilst camping for The Mulders of TexasNorth:

our tent: a Springbar… made in the USA, canvas, old-school, sets up in about 10 minutes, LOVE IT. Seriously. It rocks. My biggest requirement was that I be able to stand up while changing. I am not graceful while changing clothes in the wild. I need both feet on the ground.

our baby carrier: after borrowing a few and being sadly disappointed, we invested in a USA-made ToughTraveller. These people know what they’re doing. We could not be more pleased with it. It also has a great backpack under the kiddo seat that holds everything you could need for a day’s adventures. Peeps, if wimpy-ol’-me can carry the child in it while hiking, packing, harvesting the garden… you can bet your bottom dollar it’s a miracle product.

our high chair: I’ve mentioned this before, but the MeToo chair comes with us when we hit the woods. The MeToo chair comes with us basically everywhere. It’s perfect. And, it fits on any table. And, it’s lightweight. And, it’s compact. And, awesome.

our lunches: Breakfasts and dinners are sit-down affairs, but lunches are usually on the go. At the beach. On a mountain. In a boat. (not all at the same time) We always have Pickle Wraps for lunch. Of course, peanut butter is an option, too… but sometimes that just doesn’t cut it. There are always Pickle Wrap ingredients in our cooler.

cream cheese
lunch meat (usually turkey)
pickle slices

It goes like this:
take out your tortilla
spread a hefty amount of heaven cream cheese down the center
add 3 slices of lunch meat
and 2 pickle slices
roll and eat

It’s portable. It’s kid-friendly. It’s fast. It is sooooo zippy, creamy good. It’s possible to make these at home, of course, but it’s somehow just not the same as when you’re in the woods. Perhaps it’s the unexpected luxury of cream cheese. Perhaps it’s the tang of the pickles. I dunno. I don’t care. I’m a fan.

It’s time for the red-violet load to go in the washer now. Gotta run.
Blessings to you and yours this weekend!


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12 responses to “Wrinkly baby feet, anyone?

  • Jimmy

    I have not yet learned the laundry technique.

    Because of your previous pickle comments, I got domestic last night and canned 10 pts of bread and butter pickles. MMM good.

    One has your name on it when next we run into one another.

  • KatieKate

    Jim! We have your bike rack! Might have to force a trip East… oh, twist my arm 🙂

  • Jessica, Myron and Rylie

    mmmmmmmmmm, we love pickles here. they are the root to many many relationships and my existence to be quite literally honest!!! Also cream cheese is a MUST in this house. 9it is how I got Rylie to eat her dinner just last night!

  • CortneyTree

    Isn’t cream cheese magic? PURE HEAVENLY MAGIC.

    I’m a pickle eater as well, Matt once said the way I devour all things pickled he thought I had a vinegar deficiency.

  • thekooiet

    Awww, I LOVE that picture. I love wrinkly baby feet.

    I’m so glad you had a fantastic camping trip! We all were total brats this weekend and stayed in a skanky Red Roof Inn…but it really wasn’t that bad. Better than Labor Day camping at a icky-camp-on-top of each other campground.

    Now, you’ve made me hungry. I must go shopping for more pickles.

  • Becky Swann

    I think I shall have myself a pickle wrap soon! I love the color code system!

  • Gary and Lisa

    I love love love those toes!

    Think of it this way…you could be mashing your color-coded laundry against river rocks and hanging it to dry over tree branches. Welcome back to civilization and all its modern conveniences. 🙂


    P.S. Did you get any chocolate covered cherries?

  • EllieRichellie

    Pickle Wrap.. patent pending. That sounds AWESOME. The wrinkly foot portrait? You got mox, Katie. You got mox. I love it.

  • Jessica, Myron and Rylie

    LOVE the new video!!!

    She is so fantastic!

  • Miss Laura

    Pickle wraps = good. Wrinkly baby feet = good. Babies in general = good. Good baby gear = good.

    Aww, why’d you have to go make that comment about me staying home, having babies, and going to Meijer with you on Tuesdays? We could buy pickles and cream cheese. I’m absolutely smitten with the idea. Now excuse me while I go back to my only-mildly-rewarding-at-this-point job tomorrow.

    Also, we need to have a date soon.

  • jeff vander Kooi

    and if you dont have a knife you can even spread the cream cheese with your fingers… right kate?

  • Shanna Mac

    i think i have to go buy a tent now. g has our old 2 person set up in her bedroom, and i’m pretty sure she’s not going to let it leave.

    also, we’re eating pickles for breakfast.

    and i have 8 loads of laundry sorted for today’s project. i don’t wanna…

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