I’m comin’, I’m comin’.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled program.

Can you tell what’s going on here?

How ’bout now?
How ’bout now? I caught her in my 50 pounds of Honeycrisps… makin’ nice neat rows of apples with teensy bites out of them. It was so darn cute. Her friend wanted in on the action, too. These apples have a future in applesauce today and tomorrow.

You’ll remember that back in April I picked up 25 baby chickens. I didn’t pay the extra cash-ola for all ladies… I figured I had a 50/50 chance. You know. Odds. Well, now I’ve got about 20 roosters and 5 hens. My hand to Heaven, I am not even kidding. Slaughtering was never on my hobby farm list of “OOOOOH, I wanna do that!” but seriously, folks. These guys are huge. And they are terrible at laying eggs. They have plenty of room and don’t fight (and don’t attack), but I don’t need a million boys around here. Thus, I have roped my father into helping me make some chicken dinners when he comes in December to be our nanny visit for awhile. He’s an old pro. He used to hafta chopchop when he was a kid out on the farm… before the 20 miles walk barefoot and uphill to school, of course. Come Christmas time, you could have yourself a nice TexasNorth free-range chicken on your table if your gate swings that way. You local folks let me know.
It’s good to be back. We’ve missed you.
See you Thursday.

About texasnorth

TexasNorth is a little farm in Western Michigan. It's home to 5 chickens, 25 longhorn cattle, a coonhound (Banjo), 1 barn cat, a husband, and 3 ridiculously funny children. The mom of this zoo has been known to mow the lawn in a skirt and roast marshmallows after dark. View all posts by texasnorth

21 responses to “I’m comin’, I’m comin’.

  • Amanda

    We missed you, too. I hope you are feeling a little more un-swamped these days.

    Ry is one smart apple!

  • thekooiet

    Now that is the cutest thing I ever saw. Little Rylie bites out of all those apples.

    ARE YOU SERIOUS!?! 20 roosters?!?
    Ya know, Maya could just come over.

  • CortneyTree

    Okay, clearly, chick pickin’ isn’t your strong suit. Sorry, fellas…

    Honeycrisps are my second favorite, only Winesaps beat them out for me. I will knock a body over for some winesaps. But it’s not quite time for those, yet. I’m being patient πŸ˜‰ Obviously Riley felt it her duty to mark the good ones for you. Kid has a future in quality assurance, apparently. I just got my canner this weekend, applesauce and pumpkin butter are on my list…

  • Anonymous

    Awwwww, love the pic of Ry, “you caught me!!”

    Mmm, mmm…honey crisps are my most fav apples.

    Glad to see you back!


  • Julie

    20 roosters! I thought it was “only one rooster in the hen house” or something like that. Do they get in fights?

    Man, if we lived closer I would love to bring the boys to watch y’all take care of that situation. Wow, that sounds demented, but I swear, boys are a bit demented. I surely don’t get them.

    I officially added you to my blogroll cause I am a big fan and sick of checking others to see if you have a new one. Hope you don’t mind.

  • Jessica, Myron and Rylie

    Mmmmmm, honeycrisps. I am right there with Rylie.

    Roosters. ugh. We had a rooster. It attacked me while I was in my dad’s car. I do not like them Sam I am.

  • Jimmy

    So plz bake some of your no knead bread to go with the applesauce and then when both are warm make the wind blow my way. The smells and tastes Memories….

    Won’t tell you how my granmother took care of extra chickens. Your Dad probably knows that well.

    Mac are mine fav..even with holes in them

  • Mandi

    How cute is that?!! So glad Rylie is feeling better!

    (I’m sort of scared of roosters–and chickens–so I don’t envy your situation one little bit).

  • Janna

    just showed the apple series to aron and even he laughed and 'aww-ed'. πŸ™‚ sadly, the apples remind me a teansy bit of l & e's arms these days. 😦 glad you're back.

  • Chelsey Meek

    ahemmm…you forgot to mention your dad walking 20 miles, barefoot, uphill AND IN THE SNOW. No father got the sunny weather 100% of the time.

  • Dan, Annie, Will and Mocha

    That is too cute.
    We want to come over and play. Your house looks way more fun than our’s.

  • Zoe

    That is too cute. Little tiny apple bites. She was probably trying to find the PERFECT apple.

  • sunday

    where did my comment go? it went to comment *ell I suppose. So are honey crisps the kind of apples? i was thinking it was something that you make and then i would need the recipe. I want one of your chickens…to eat. Your porch looks so awesome, what with the cute kid and the mums, and the rooster and the color of your house. Man I want to be you.

  • Lisa...

    I love the, “Huh? You talkin’ to me?” look on her face.

    Also, I’m trying to mentally envision a world in which 20 roosters all start crowing at the crack ‘o dawn EVERY MORNING!

    Ok. Just did. Send me one for Christmas Dinner.


  • Miss Laura

    I’m letting you know.

    Preston used to do that to apples, and often they were found in the fridge. Sometimes with one of his daddy’s socks. Because, let’s face it, he was two.

  • EllieRichellie

    Okay, the apples: that sauce is going to be priceless. In fact, I would use the first picture to make a label for the sauce jars. It’s fantastic. Texas North looks very inviting right now. . .a little apple nibbler, free range roosters and mums on the new porch. I’m packin’ my bags.

  • Becky Swann

    That is so gross that is all I have to say , Not that I’m all pro bird and am judging, I like chic-fila an all but I think I would barf if I had to deal with that… so um…good luck with that, please don’t post pictures:)

  • KatieKate

    Hey, Becky… don’t forget that your scrambled eggs were pooped out of a chicken’s butt πŸ™‚

    And no. No pictures. I don’t think I’ll be around for the *um* event. I’ll leave that to the boys.

  • Wende

    Heh… Smart kid… leaving her mark. πŸ˜€

    She’s clearly feeling better!

  • ecky

    can you mail me some chicken? we’d eat it since we know where it came from.
    i had some bad rooster experiences when i worked at the farm museum. bad rooster experiences. nuff said.

  • Nate, for H

    sign the ernsbergers up for some dead cluck-cluck.

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