knit market bag

These bags are quickly becoming indispensable around our house. I have one in the car with library books. I have one on the counter with veggie-stand produce. Another is holding apples from our latest adventure. Rylie’s two baby dolls are currently living in the medium version. A small version is in the works… and it will be perfect for separating veggies from the rest of your groceries on your trips to the grocery store. It’s time to kill all those useless plastic veggie bags, eh?

The large (white and red in the photo) bag can easily hold up to 15 pounds of *stuff*. The medium (multi-colored in photo) holds up to 10 pounds comfortably. The small (not pictured) has not been weight tested.

Each bag is hand-knit by me with a drop-stitch pattern in cotton or acrylic. Bags are machine wash and dry. Are you kidding me? Of course they are.
Choose your size below. If you have a dying wish color preference, certainly email me [katiemulder AT gmail DOT com]. I’ll do my best. Color options and availability will change a lot, so be flexible!


small $12.00medium $15.00large $18.00


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