[The money jar contest goes until NEXT week, so you still have time!]

You know it’s gonna be one heck of a trip when you head down the basement the night before you leave and find it flooded with 2 inches of water AND the electronic door locked AND your foundations inside. Two hours and $2.73 later (from the filter), we were no closer to my foundations inside the washer. My mechanically-inclined husband took the bless-ed machine apart and put it back together again… which caused the thing to BEEEEEP and unlock the door. God bless America. I then did 5 loads on the speed cycle and packed like a maniac.


We’re havin’ a good, slow time here in Texas. It’s hard not to, what with all the new cupboards to tear into, new cowgirl boots, new John Deere hats, first-time haircuts, billy goats, cars to push buttons in, and grandparents that simply cannot get enough of a little pixie girl.

My father has always had a ridiculous way with children… they love him. LOOOOOOOVE him. Rylie has been stuck to him like glue since last Saturday afternoon. I am not looking forward to the morning she wakes up and realizes it’s just me again. It’s gonna be a rough re-entry, mark my words.

The hair cut was nothing short of traumatic… but I need the photos from my camera to complete the story, so that will come later. But look at the back now! No more sweet little ringlet mullet! Now she’s a little sprite… she looks like she walked out of a 1930s advertisement.

Curt has been off visiting local longhorn ranches and making notes for next year. The owners have welcomes us in, and I’d like to think that’s because there’s true Texas blood running through our ranch… and also because The Boy is handsome and maybe also because Texas folk are just plain kind. Good people.

We leave for home early Saturday morning and will break our journey at the Sebeck household in St. Louis. From there, it’s a 6 hour drive home to Grand Rapids on Sunday. Please pray for more sleep for Rylie this time… 4 hours again may just kill us all. I am armed with plastic farm animals, goldfish crackers, and some Baby Einstein in a pinch.

Talk to you Monday…
y’all be good now, ya here?


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