and 5 pesos
winner: the lovely Shanda, with a guess of $380.00

and, because I love Fall, Nancy ($350) and Chelsey ($361) win, too.
Ladies, let me know what you’d like… a knit, up-cycled, or organic market bag.
Three hundred and seventy-six dollars!!! That means $94 to local charity for Thanksgiving dinners! What a fantastic haul! The Boy is a little sad. That money jar represents 30 years of piggy bank stash. I promised him we’d prime the new stash well… and in a jar that Rylie cannot shop in every day. EVERY. DAY. Thanks for all your guesses, Folks! That was super fun. I had no idea what to expect from that jar… but now I know (and you know, for next time) to aim big.


1. We do not ‘do’ Halloween around here. I know. I KNOW. There are a million things I’d like to say here, but I won’t. We do hayrides and harvest and Fall and boots here at TexasNorth, no trick-or-treating or spooky dress up. But I WILL be ready to give your cute little cowboy or ghost or Jedi candy. The End.

2. And, in case I haven’t lost you yet, I’m voting for McCain in a couple weeks.

Stick with me. These two statements do not even begin to define me. I’m an educated world-traveller. I’m well-read. I’m over 30 and I make my own pie crusts. I’m pretty cute in pigtails, and I study… everything. As much as all this is true, I’ve found the two admissions above have recently caused a few folks in my life to look at me twice… and not in a good way. It’s cost me a couple of friendships/acquaintance-ships. I can hear my mother now: “Well, maybe they weren’t your friends to begin with.” Yes, I know. But, still. I expected… more, I guess. Better. It sucks the big one.

This blog has introduced me to so many things… so many fantastic people… so much fabric. I am forever grateful. I’m MOST grateful, however, for the variety of people that run through TexasNorth. We are as varied as you can possibly imagine. I’m hoping that, despite our many differences, I am still as lovely in your eyes as I was at the beginning of this post. I’m hoping, frankly, that I’m the exception to your rule. I’m not wholly fundamentalist. I’m not wholly Republican. I’m not anti-stem cell research and I’m not a vegetarian. I wear skirts because they’re comfortable not required, and I handle all the bills in our house. I’m Katie. Pleased to meet you. BE NICE.

I care what you think. Not out of low self-esteem, but because I’m a human being. I like to hear about what you think and why, and I kindly expect the same in return. Being dismissed implies you think I’m an idiot, which brings out the serious fight in me. And it makes me not want to make you any apple pie.
I don’t think you’re dumb. So, don’t assume I’m dumb. Wait a bit. I’ll prove it in better ways than how I’m voting or which (witch?) holidays we dig. Maybe I’ll take you through the car wash sometime. Thanks.
[photos: Ry’s new boots. Be still my heart.]

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