a million and one

That’s how many things I have to tell you about.

But, tomorrow is ELECTION DAY, Peeps. It’s HERE!!!

Congress’ approval rating is lower (also here) than the current POTUS’. BUT, we all love our Congressman. And we keep sending them back term after term. Hello. I’m no genius at math, but something’s not adding up here. There will be LOTS of choices on the ballot tomorrow, and I, for one, am not ready. While most of us are set on our Presidential choice, we may still have some reading to do for our local politics. Very important issues! Education! Medical Research! Judges! Town Theme Songs! Ok, not the last one.

I’m dismissing class early today. Take some time today to familiarize yourself with your candidates’ history and platforms and options and proposals. Then, strut into the booth Tuesday feeling AWESOME that you did your homework. Your local news’ website will have a voter guide where you can read up on the local happenin-s. Here’s the voter guide for Grand Rapids: educate me AND, here’s how to find where you are supposed to vote: firestations and libraries and town halls, oh my!

And also, bake those sweet election table sticker people some cookies for Tuesday, eh?
And also, send some to me.
Thank you.

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