time management

Hi! Hi, there. Have I told you lately that I love you? Well, I do. I DO.

Folks, I need your help. I have been (self)diagnosed with a syndrome: Extreme Productivity in Small Amounts of Time. Symptoms include: one who is able to clean their entire house in the hour before husband comes home / required to leave for the evening; fits of extreme accomplishment in craftiness followed by months of inactivity; completion of required chores, but lacking in motivation to do extra.

I need to know what your day looks like… how you organize your time… how you get everything done. I realize our responsibilities are different and that your husband loves to iron, but I think in general the needs are the same. Food, laundry, vacuuming.

Here’s a normal Winter day:

*dink around write/catch up on the ‘puter until I wake Ry up at 9am
*breakfast, dancing, heart to heart talks, and stoke fire
*dress Ry to head outside
*feed cows, cats, check on chickens, and bring in wood for the day (an hour or less)
*back inside where I vacuum real quick
*insert here: therapy some days, grocery shopping, lunch dates, errands, etc.
*Ry goes down from 1-3pm for a nap, where I think about dinner or crafting or Torah homework, and laundry
*Ry wakes up and we head outside again to check on the cows
*dinner prep
*Curt comes home at 6pm
*Ry takes a bath and heads to bed between 7 and 8pm
*Curt plays/works outside, I usually knit and sew inside until bed at 10pm

I know. It’s a good life. Obviously, some days are more complicated than others… and some days are not. I have been really fighting internally lately with how I spend my time. And while I may be convicted about some areas (particularly about how I cannot wake up in the morning), I find myself struggling to change it for the better. Our marrige does not keep tally marks of accomplishment, but there are responsibilities. I wonder if I am falling short… and how far.

I was particularly productive last week. I kept the cleaning up, cooked all week, and managed to squeak out some bags for the etsy shop. AND, I started serious work on my first sweater for me and finished Lia’s dress. But, my washing machine’s been broke for 3 weeks now… so there were less responsibilities than there are today.

Help me out. I see you out there managing to do it all with 5 kids in-tow and I do not understand it. Let me know you have days of crazy downtime where you finish an entire book followed by days of insane chaos that leave you in your pjs all day because there just wasn’t ever time to change or shower. Let me know how you manage to wake yourself up in the morning.

You could change my life.


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