the Holidays

Alright, so I’m panicking a little bit. It’s December 8th and I’m not doing so hot on my shopping/creating for gifting. Then there’s the question of what’s financially appropriate and who do you send cards to and when do you buy the tree and did your husband rsvp to his company Christmas party for the two of you which is this weekend? Let the season begin.

I’d love to know how you do this month. Give me a little perspective, would ya? We are ambushed with multiple birthdays (ahem, mine included) along with the other Days of Mention, so it’s a crazy money/time/fruitcake time. It is the time of fruitcake. There’s an awful lot to cram into a single month, and emotions run very high. Plaster that smile on and head on out into Winter. It’s time to get your Holiday Face on.

The Boy and I have decided not to exchange gifts between the two of us this year for Christmas. Ry will be bombarded with love and happiness from all directions, so she’s covered. Do you buy gifts for your friends? How do you decide? The same thing for everyone? Do you write a letter every year? Do you send it to your 5th cousin’s roommate who came to your wedding? I love me some letters and pictures, but I’m already so late this year. Hmmmmm. We’ll get our tree this weekend, have an extended-family Christmas on Christmas Eve and then our own TexasNorth Christmas on Christmas Day.
If you are shopping this year, may I remind you that handmade and/or local is the way to go? [101 Reasons to buy Handmade] I’d also like to say that love can be very simple… like a fresh loaf of homemade bread in a handmade towel? Don’t freak out, Folks. All you do is take a scrap of really fun fabric, cut it out to kitchen towel size using one of your own as a guide, and then zigzag the edges. If that’s scary to you but you like the idea, I know people who can help you. Get to it! Everyone will be so impressed, and it will cost you less than $2 per gift. LOVE.

Whatever you do, make it mean something.
And Ry would like to remind all of you to bundle up.
Baby, it’s cold outside!

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