Oh my word, it’s Thursday.

I swear, this baby in me is sucking the common sense life out of me. I’m losing my mind. My MIND, People. It will not let me sleep. It will not let me eat. It will not let me watch bad tv. But thank you so much for your excitement and your cheering and your carrying-on. From the bottom of my Texas Heart, thank you.

We’ve been trying over a year for Baby #2. The answer kept coming back, ‘No.’ While I preach and generally live by the ‘Let it Be’ philosophy, I find that extreme trial tends to bring out my Justice Complex. You know… the ‘Hello, we’re doing everything right the best we can so give me a baby! a vacation! a new church! red leather pants!’ type conversations. Brilliant conversations to have with the Creator of the Universe, by the way. ‘Hey, I think you’re doing a crummy job.’ says I. ‘Oh yeah? Right back at-cha, Darlin’.’

I forget- every time, I forget– that I am living on borrowed time. I am spending borrowed money. I am raising a borrowed child and tending to borrowed land. It is not mine. They are all graciously given to me through no accomplishment of my own. In fact, if I were personally audited, I’d be given a one-way ticket to The Bad Lands… cause: Not Living Up to Fullest Potential and also BEING A WHINER. So, no audits. I take what I get. By grace, by Grace, I am blessed.

I am pregnant. And, I am joyful. I am scared and sick and thrilled… but I am joyful. I wonder what Child He is sending my way this time? Please let it be healthy and safe. And also, please let Curt let me name it Tess.

And please don’t let it be a Little Curt.
We none of us are ready for that.


Sunday, Darling… you want your perfect tree to live forever. Here you go:

materials: kitchen or pruning scissors, florist wire, old wreath, lovely evergreen boughs
All materials can also be found with a quick trip to your local Michaels or Hobby Lobby.

1. Grab your old wreath off the front door. Curse yourself for the shabby shape it’s in.

2. Trim your evergreen boughs until you have a nice stack to choose from. Grab your wire. Note: I used silver because it was on-hand, but there’s also green which would blend in better.

3. Begin by laying one or two evergreen pieces down on the wreath with the stems sticking to your right. Grab your spool of wire and wrap around entire piece… wreath and boughs together. Continuing to your right, lay more boughs over the previous stems wrapping the wire as you go. The wire, from the front, will disappear into the branches. No worries.


4. Continue all the way around your wreath until it’s as full as you’d like. Maybe add some holly berries to brighten it up a bit. That’s it, Folks! Oldest trick in the book.

Love to you all… have a fabulous weekend.


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