Mamma feels like poo.

Tomorrow is my first OB visit for Baby #2 (who desperately needs a code name). I have many questions already… namely why I seem to have skipped to the third trimester in sleep deprivation, food obsession, bathroom frequency, and jean-size by week 9. I’ll let you know.

To keep my mind off the seasickness, I’ve been planning a trip to Trader Joe’s and Ikea on MLK Day. As Laura said, “I can think of no better way to honor Dr. King’s memory than by purchasing flat-packed Scandinavian furniture and organic rice pasta.” Laura is often quotable. It’s easy to like her.

One of my resolutions this year is to get serious about recycling. Initially, we paid the $14 extra a month to our trash company for the blue recycling box… but it filled rarely inconsistently. The walk to the end of the driveway was too long for a peanut butter jar and an empty can of corn. Plus, they only accepted 2 kinds of plastic. Petty, I know… but we rarely do things that are not easy or efficient or decorated well. A quick look at the closest transfer station revealed that trip of larger proportions every other month would allow me to recycle everything. EVERYTHING. If I could make a planned 26-mile trip to Rockford (um, Corner Bar hot dogs anyone?) every once in awhile, I could rid myself of some serious guilt. I’m gaining weight in every area these days. The guilt has got to go.

This means, of course, that I need cute, purposeful containers. Three, I think: a bin for metal, a bin for all plastic, a bin for glass. Paper will continue to go in a paper bag.

I also need/want some air-tight glass jars for simplicity. Brown sugar, rice, multiple pastas, soups, cornmeal, and Bisquick will all find new homes in jars that can live on the counter top or in the freezer or in the cabinets. Their original packaging will be recycled, of course.

It’s something most people do already, I know. It’s something TexasNorth will do better this year. I’m ready to shift gears. Does your community have a good/easy/friendly recycling system?

I also need these tins.

So, happy Monday to you! I hope this week promises you many laughs and much health and an exorbitant amount of *really* good bread.


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