I think I’m in love.

[Ry’s doctor visit has been updated at the bottom of this post.]

green-chairYou don’t want to go shopping with me.  I am not a ‘shopper.’  I am a get in, get out kind of girl.  If I have advance warning (like the Ikea road trip), I can be prepared and pleasant.  But in general, you will not find me roaming the mall whistling a merry tune. 

Antique stores… certain antique stores… are a slightly majorly different story.  Oh, man.  I can wander aisles of a good primitive store for hours.  I’m not sure exactly what my style is (any opinions?)… it’s not quite country.  Certainly not modern, but I like simple and I do like metal.  I like rustic.  I love worn.  I don’t love cute or frilly unless it’s an apron. I dunno, exactly.  But I know it when I see it.  And this chair… this re-upholstered, 1920s office chair… this chair was ‘it’ this week.  It’s awesome.  It’s about 400 pounds with original wheels and base wood and crazy green pleather with metal tacks.  Break my heart.  Welcome to my home.

tutu-014Field Trip:  Today, as you read this, Rylie and I are headed downtown to the Gerber Center.  It’s taken us 4 months to get this appointment.  I have ‘this will be the day I get a flat tire’ anxiety, ya know?  Ry’s school therapists recommended that we visit Dr. Dodge at the Center to get a medical overhaul and cover all our bases.  Up to this point, Ry has had extensive testing, but it’s all been through the Early On program and the local school district (all free to every child in the nation).  Ry has never had a medical evaluation… and so this is our last stop.  Our last ‘try this just to see.’ Our last ‘who knows.’ Our last ‘Ry, please stack these blocks for the nice lady so she can evaluate your future potential to be a thriving adult.’

In the past 2 weeks, Ry has started communicating like crazy.  Multiple signs, different throat noises, new tricks.  This is all fabulous.  It continues out theory that her vocal muscles are just stinkin’ slow.  She recently tested at 100% comprehension for a 2 year-old.  She’s all there inside.  Her other motor and verbal speech skills technically fall in the 12-15 month range.  BUT, she continues to move forward.  We have the appointment… and we’re gonna go.  It needs to be medically documented in her charts for any future needs.  It could be a waste of time.  It could be a good excuse to go out to lunch afterwards.  Either way, I knew you’d want to know.  So, that’s where we are.  I’ll fill you in on Monday.

[5pm: I’ll fill you in now 🙂  Rylie has no neurological problems.  She has apraxia (which we kinda figured).  The doctor is confident she will talk, but gradually and certainly by school-age.  She is amazingly communicative and expressive.  Dr. Dodge thinks maybe a better word for Ry’s motor skills would be immature as opposed to delayed… she moves and talkes like a younger child but there is no indication of any serious underlying issue.  We will continue with pre-school and speech therapy, signing and general hilarity.  But, all is very well.  Amen.]


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