It is no secret that I have serious issues with laundry. I can’t seem to get into a rhythm with it. PLUS, it’s cold in our basement. AND, I have this fear I’m going to fall down the stairs carrying a load of undies and then what would the neighbors say when they found me? Awkward.  Laundry is hard.

BUT, while I suck eggs at the process of laundry… particularly the putting away of clean laundry… I rock the house at fitted-sheets. I didn’t realize until I was married that I had this special gift. I thought everyonewas taught this way. It is one of The Boy’s favorite things about me, which is weird but sweet.

In case you’re in need of a little help, allow me to share the Sebeck Method of folding fitted-sheets.  It simply involves stacking all the corners on top of each other.  For you visual learners, here’s a video:

I hope you caught Ry’s stunt at the 2-minute mark.  I personally didn’t see it until I uploaded the video… but yes.  She is trying to look at you upside down.  She couldn’t give a rip about folding sheets. 

I also didn’t realize what a hard time  I would have emotionally posting this video.  Again, I’m a stand on the sidelines kind of girl… not thrilled with photos with me in them… use humor to cover up a lot… prefer to be anonymous.  I thought nothing of it until I played the video back for myself and a whole flood of self-esteem ‘oh my gosh is that my VOICE?!’ and ‘my forehead is a mile high why did I film on the bad side???’ came barreling toward me.  I thought I was past most of that high school junk. I apparently am not.  *sigh* Always learning.  I do not say this to encourage affirmation… only to let you know that I love y’all THAT MUCH.  I have information the world needs to know.  So there it is, for all of mankind to see.  We shall not discuss this anymore.

Please let me know what your laundry routine is like.  Do you have a certain day?  A patented sorting method?  Hired help?  I’m willing to learn. I can be taught.

Happy weekend to you all… we love you here at TexasNorth.  -KatieKate


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32 responses to “lessons

  • Jim

    I am at work so can’t see the video, going home early. Until the sigo retirement I did all my own laundry, therefore no need to sort (planned purchases) and put away, right. Stuff into dresser drawers or maybe leave in laundry tups works for me. Now I have been organized I am told. The rest of you just need to wait a few years it will get better.

  • sunday

    BR watched with me and she just said bye bye to you and rylie! Katie you are good, oh so good! thank you for sharing this with us. i can’t believe you did all this standing up without using a table. i look like i am in a wrestling match with a fitted sheet when i try. you look beautiful and i love your texasnorth accent!

  • Cathy

    Wow, that rocks! I have to go get a sheet and do it with you but I’m sure its not going to look like yours. You are the first person I’ve known to do it so perfectly!

    I do not have particular day to do laundry, just when it needs done. Yes, I do have a system. I like to wash the things that need ironed first so I can get the ironing done and then wash the rest of the things that just need folded and put away. Sweatshirts/sweatpants are put in the dryer for just a few minutes and than hung on the shelf rack to finish drying. Some may find my system weird but it works for me!! But, I like to get the laundry done all at once, I like seeing the hamper empty!

    oooooh… a special load for iron-ables (read: Curt’s clothes)… this is interesting and may require a test drive -KK

  • amy

    I am a very tidy person, but if you look in my linen closet, you will find that i DO NOT fold sheets. At. all. i (embasassingly) ball the whole set up and leave it that way. I have always figured, who cares if they are wrinkled on the bed?! I will, however, try this method as it looks fairly easy and not time consuming…..thanks!!!!!!! Such a great tutorial 🙂

  • Becky

    I love the stunt at the 2 minute mark that was so great! haveing never really met you, I would have never known of your self conscienceness you look so cute and sure of yourself! As for laundry…I feel like I’m always doing laundry, probably 3 loads a weeks, but more when I do sheets and towels, I guess we are always wearing clothes so…
    My mom has showed me the fitted sheet trick and I have yet to conquer it, I usually just ball it up and throw it in my hall closet!

  • Cortney

    Oh my goodness, you are my new personal sheet-folding savior! I’m so excited to try this, I just happen to have a set of sheets in the wash now–it’s like FATE.

    I wish I had a good laundry sysytem. Alas, since I started working at the bakery, my laundry has suffered. Actually, my husband is the one suffering, but still. Hopefully I’ll get it all ironed out (ha ha, *ironed*) soon.

  • Jo

    kate – don’t hate me, but I LOVE to do laundry. I especially love to fold. I’ve do my best to do all my laundry on Monday’s. But usually it spills over into Tuesday. I start early in the morning, after breakfast, divide my loads, and go! That means once something is done in the dryer I fold it, put it in my basket according to bedrooms and then put away. Then I generally do have do at least a load or 2 of diapers in between, but generally I know we all have enough clothing for a week until I do laundry again.

    I don’t hate you… a lot. I like detergent… does that count? -KK

  • Nancy

    Until I read the comments I didn’t realize you were folding sheets. I was watching Rylie….LOL What a cutie!!

    I don’t own any laundry baskets. I put my clothes on the dining room table and have to fold and put them away because everyone would see the pile if they came into the house… I also do sheets every Monday (unless I have Monday plans, then I do them Tuesday) and don’t have to fold them. I put them right back on the beds…. Who needs more than one set of sheets? Oh, I do have more sets, but don’t use them unless there is sickness in the house.
    BTW, I get more compliments on the market bag you made me. I am using it as a purse and have given your name out to everyone that asks about it…

    No LAUNDRY BASKETS?? Where do you hide everything? How is this possible? I’m freaking out a little bit here. But thanks for the update on your bag. I love to hear they are living happy lives in their new homes! -KK

  • Kristen Moore

    I am just as laundry inept as you claim to be. I will try to take photos of my basement and you will laugh with sheer delight.

    Have you ever had to go to the piles of dirty laundry and try to find something not-so-dirty so your kid can wear clothes to preschool?
    I have.
    Have you ever put your little girl in a random pair of little boy superman underwear (complete with the opening in the front) just so she could wear something clean?
    I have. (the boy underwear was left at my house by a friend of mine over a year ago.)
    Have you had to throw out clothing just because the nastiness had “grown” into something so disgusting the three week old fece onesie could not be saved?
    I have.
    I will make you feel like a laundry goddess.
    happy thursday, kate and thanks for the video.

    You are my favorite person today. I think we’re totally normal. -KK

  • Amy B.

    I didn’t know that trick for folding fitted sheets until I married my husband – and I think it’s brilliant.

    Not much of a laundry routine here – just as it absolutely has to be done. And I’m terrible at folding and then putting away.

    WHAT IS IT about putting it away? I don’t understand. It’s the lats step! But, I also cannot unpack or get to the post office, either. I think all these things are related. There should be special counseling. -KK

  • jtp

    🙂 so I am at work and can’t see the video, but I have a sneaky suspicion that you may be my long lost ttwin- I adore folding sheets and make “packets” I kind of think it’s like what you’re talking about. 1) It keeps your linen closte nice 2) everything you need to make a bed is in the packet 3) it helps keep the sheets wrinkle free. I’m kind of obsessed with changing the sheets at our house and have been since I was in high school. I can’t wait to see the video- gosh, I’m really kind of a loser….

    There are NO TexasNorth Reader losers. None. We’re quirky. -KK

  • Mandi

    First of all, let me just say that you look absolutely fabulous!! I love your hair! Secondly, I needed this tutorial in the worst way. I really, really stink at fitted sheets. And finally, your daughter is a riot! I love her little trick of looking at the camera upside down!

  • shanna

    i’m getting ready to blow your mind (i used to work at a B&B and was officially in charge of folding sheets): 1) take that fab fitted folded sheet and place folded pillow cases on top. 2) take your flat sheet and lie it out flat right before the final fold down (long and skinny) 3)place stacked sheet/cases atop 4)ROLL like a pig-in-a-blanket until you have a cute little bundle

    it will make everyone in your home accept that sheets are supposed to MATCH.

    i have four loads of sheets to do today due to an awesome little stomach bug.

    i have a schedule written out for laundry for specific days (girls, parents, linens, diapers (2 days). i follow it about a week every two months. the rest of the time, i just wait until the mountain affects mobility through rooms.

    I cannot believe you worked at BB&B AND in the sheets department. You did, in fact, blow my mind. And, if I could fit everything rolled up in my linen closet, I would… it’s genius. -KK

  • Stacy

    Thanks to you I now know how to fold sheets as demonstrated a year or so ago . Thank you!!

    Laundry – today is the day or any Thurs for that matter. I start Wed. gather all the baskets (one in each bedroom) sort, dark, light, white, towels/sheets. Then begin. It takes all day as I have 6 loads usually. then fold and put back in baskets according to kid. I figure do it all at once and then don’t have to look at it for another week.

    Hmmm… this folding by kid/bedroom thing may have to start happening around here. I never thought of that. Because I am simple. But I sort like you do… old-fashioned. Sometimes I have multiple loads of lights and darks and sheets though… because it takes me so long to get into the basement! -KK

  • Jami

    6 people in my family…that’s all I have to say about laundry.

    And…you are REALLY cute!

  • sicacarr

    Thank you.
    I wanted to see you so bad. IT was wonderful to actually see you on the video. You look SO good and I want to cut my hair just like yours.

    I am currently doing laundry. I do it almost everyday. This week I have been doing 2 loads a day to get rid of all the germs. I have no routine and am DEFINATLY trying your method next time I do sheet. Its genius!!!

  • sunday

    oh you know what i totally forgot you were pregnant and you look awesome. i am like jessica i just have been wanting to “see” you so bad. it has been way to long. i am a stead fast once a week washer BTW. we only did laundry on Saturdays growing up and that is how I do it here. You talk of wearing pants from Saturday I wear mine for almost weeks at a time. It might be gross, but I just don’t like watched jeans!

    Oh, Sun… I don’t wash my jeans that often, either. If there’s nothing obvious on them, they don’t get washed that week! And I grew up doing laundry on Saturdays, too. Mom would fold everything on her bed and we had to put it away before we went to sleep. -KK

  • Amanda

    I, for one, was glad to “see” you. You’re looking fab, my darling, at 12+ weeks prego! For realz.

    Thanks for sharing your secret. I am doing laundry right now and will be washing some sheets soon SO I will try it. My dryer is semi-broken, so it takes like 2 hours to dry one load. It literally takes me all day to do laundry. I don’t mind the folding and putting away. For me, that part is the reward of the whole process. I do hate getting it all in one pile and then sorted and then down into our also very cold basement.

    I seriously think that if I had a laundry chute that shoved everything downstairs into the cold cave I’d be 4 steps closer to making a difference. -KK

  • ecky

    i agree that you look grreat!!
    thanks for the folding tips, but mine still come out all wonky.
    my laundry routine is to have chris do it!
    i am the folder and the put-awayer. he is the washer.
    if you fold while watching tv it isnt so bad.
    and i love putting clothes away bc it means lots more to choose from when getting dressed.
    we do a lot of laundry bc we are constantly washing diapers. (and chris is in charge of poo)

    I totally agree about folding while watching. It’s the only way I get through it… with a little When Harry Met Sally on in the background. -KK

  • Laura

    Stupid hotel wireless…too slow for the video. Will have to watch when I get home tomorrow night.

    I know you asked specifically for us not to give you any affirmation, but doing so is irresistible…I love your voice. It’s among my favorites!

    I have a way I fold my fitted sheets, but there’s nothing clean or crisp about it, so I’m eager to see what you do. Right now the clean set is bunched up in one of those blue IKEA tarp-y bags…on which other things have been piled. (BTW, I don’t use laundry baskets, I use IKEA bags…when you live in an apartment, they’re the perfect space-saver!)

  • Ellie

    I don’t reccomend the Cabin Life laundry method – it involves a lot of desparation, occasional swearing, and frustration. It follows a sort of “critical mass” philosophy and does not take into consideration any efficiency measures. Until it ‘s warm enough to hang stuff on the line again, and then I’m a laundry rock star. NOT AS BIG A STAR AS YOUR KID, THOUGH

    OH MY GOSH, Critical Mass philosophy is EXACTLY the word for it. Yes. Yes, and amen. -KK

  • jtp

    ok, watched the video and yes… we are long lost sheet folding sisters- except…and i bet you will like this idea. I lay the flat sheet down, put the folded fitted on top then the pillowcases, then fold it all in thirds so you have a little packet 🙂 I’ve never known anyone else to fold sheets like the talberts…but now to know someowhere in Michigan sheets are neatly arranged in a linen closet will make me smile as I go to bed 🙂

    Ahh… me and you and Shanna could open our own linen clost folding store. It makes me feel good. -KK

  • Amy B.

    Along the same lines, I cannot stand unloading the dishwasher either. Once things have reached a usable state again, I guess I’d just rather move on to something else.

  • whitney

    I was thinking the whole time how skinny you looked for being 3+ months pregnant. Of course we are girls and always critical. I thank you for the lesson in folding sheets…that always bugs me. And…if I had advice for folding and putting up clothes I would tell you but I promise you I am worse at it than you. Thankfully Rusty put up about 8 loads of clothes last night for me. Some of the loads had been washed and tumbled twice.

  • Julie

    I don’t have time to read all of the comments, so i just skimmed and figure I will repeat what has been said already.
    Let’s see……I hate laundry……anytime I do it, I think that we need to scale back on clothing (that is when I am putting them away)…..I do a lot (hubby working construction, I teach aerobics, 2 dirty little boys and one girl who changes clothes 3 times a day) ……I did enjoy your sheet video. One day when the house gets listed again and I have to have neat closets, i will do just what you said.

    Until then, I will continue to wad up sheets and stick them in the linen closet. (I do hope my mom isn’t reading this)

    (she reads your blog regularly but maybe not the comments)

  • Julie

    Oh yeah, and i was thinking the same as the Whitney. You look very skinny! and I love your hair!

  • ecky

    oh…and i love that piece of furniture in the background!!!

  • Bonnie

    Oh, yes. My mom set me up for life fantastically by teaching me this method. It makes Gary melt in admiration. It’s probably time that I passed the secret on to my girls.

    Just this year we started folding straight out of the dryer into a basket for each member of the family. Love it. The laundry never enters the family room anymore. But my family members are old enough to do the folding and bring up their own baskets when they realize they don’t have clothes. That’s something to look forward to.

    The bane of my laundry now is that Ellie wears about 18 layers every day. She’s a color lover and if she can layer 6 camis of color she will. Hard to convince her that they’re not all dirty.

  • trace

    I just miss you. I have to figure out how to download this video to my computer so I can just watch it whenver I need to feel like I am sitting in your living room with you… which is often. I say “hooray” to an entire Katie video series. You could talk about the proper temperature to enjoy a coke in a can for all I care. I just love being with you.

    I don’t have a dryer at my house… which adds quite a bit of tricky timing (it rains a lot these days) and ironing. I do have a friend that I pay to help me with the ironing bit, but I love going out in the sunshine with a pile of wet laundry on my shoulder… hanging each piece just so … pairing the socks together on one clothespin so I don’t have to hunt for them later on…. shirts go upside down so we don’t have funny bumps in our shoulders after they dry. Then, going out later to stand in the middle of the lines, smelling the fabric softener baked by the warm sun… touching each piece to feel for dampness. I fold what I can get away wtih – into child-specific piles and they have to take their own clothes to their rooms… hopefully not to just end up on the floor.

  • Chris

    KatieKate, thanks for sharing the video! I’m one of those ‘visual learners’. And I knew the part about stacking the corners, but I always got stuck after that… I never figured out the rectangle-forming stage! Thanks for the help and clever video. 😀

  • Mary Carol Phillips

    Laundry seems to be the theme of the week. I sometimes enjoy doing laundry and I’m not always a tidy person, but I get funny looks when I tell people I fold my laundry as it comes out of the dryer…is that weird? I just hate to fold clothes when they have cooled down and become wrinkly. My laundry room is off the kitchen and there is no heat vent in it, so it’s FREEZING! So, my hubbie and I thought we were so smart and got this thing at home depot that blows the air from the dryer back into the house like a vent. We thought this would solve my cold laundry room woes. Unfortunately it immediately turned the room into a steamy spa and soon water was dripping from everything! I took it back today. 😦
    You made the fitted sheet look so easy! Mine never looks that good and I always struggle to make it the same size as the flat sheet.
    I cracked up at Rylie’s stunt. You were fantastic!

  • Heather

    no good routine in the Ernsberger house… but I’ve got Ian to keep me on track. And he’s quickly training some cohorts… A & M fight over “screen time” in front of the LG. Love your folding trick! I’ve been doing it quite similarly for several years… thanks to Martha Stewart. But you’ve kicked it up a notch for me. Thanks! You rock.

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