[Ok, your laundry comments and tips from last Thursday were genuis.  I read every one and took notes.  Who knew there were so many options!? I have great hope that I can be a better laundry maiden.  Thank you.]

cinderella full

Grammar Police, report.  Is this correct… the ‘of course the slipper fitted part?  Was there a time when it was correct… as in, the Days of Yore?  I am stumped.

A favorite couple of ours is due for their first baby any day now, which calls for a superduper present.  I have been very out of the k-rafting loop this winter, letting the blahs suck me into despair and un-activity.  BUT, I’m great under pressure.  When I realized I was headed to a shower with only a gift card in-hand, I quickly whipped myself back into shape and cranked out a little pillow for the nursery.  It felt good. 


I love little gifts.  I love little cards and little bottles and little pillows and little candies.  I love to run up and leave things on people’s desks or porches with a little note and then take off.  I think these kind of surprise, small somethings add a little smile to an ordinary day.  One of my favorite gifts for any occasion is to buy a cool bottle of French Lemonade (in the international aisle) and tie a little tag on it.  I love to do this when folks have just moved into the neighborhood or have something new to celebrate. 

Think about it.  It’s an exercise in putting other people first, in being simple, in showing grattitude.  Maybe next time on some random Tuesday you could just leave a little somethin’ at someone’s door with a note that says, ‘I heart you.’  No great handwriting, no genius wrapping scheme… just a quick thought for someone.  I bet they’d love it.  I bet they’d smile. I bet they’d have a better day.  I bet you’d have a better day, too.

Happy Monday, folks. 


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14 responses to “attention:

  • sunday

    i LOVE those lemonade bottles. they are so pretty and a perfect gift. they are good for preggar girls to make them feel special. thanks for your encouragement. you are so good.

  • Cathy

    The slipper fitted…ok. I always thought it was “the slipper fit”..just wonder if anyone else caught that. The pillow are darling!

    Sometimes when I am grocery shopping, I will have elderly customers stop and ask me to get something for them on a higher shelf or ask me if I have tried a particular product, I take my time with them. I always try to remember that will be me someday. It makes my heart feel good when they show so much appreciation for such a small deed.

  • Jami

    The commas are misplaced too…

    I remember in my last English Lit class the prof said that well known writers have the freedom to use grammar and punctuation as they please. They can use their own discretion because they just can. But that would be well known like Hemingway, Chaucer, Frost…. Not the writer of a condensed version of Cinderella. WEIRD.

    It should be “And of course, the slipper fit since it was her very own.”

    And your pillows are gorgeous! I love the “Sleep Baby Sleep.” So very precious.

  • Mandi

    I’m all about little gifts–and gifts for no particular reason! It makes my day to give someone a little something.

    Good catch on the grammar problem. That’s definitely not right.

  • Becky

    I am headed off today in search of little cool things to send to my sister for her birthday, you have “fitted” me for this task:)
    I think that Walt Disney was watching the Pink Elephants on Parade when he wrote that one!
    Way to go being creative while you are pregnant, it was pretty much an impossible task for me!

  • Chris

    I read that person’s comment about helping elderly people. Sometimes I’m asked for help, too, which I take as a huge compliment. So many older people tend to think my generation is rude and abrupt (probably because a lot of us are), so it’s nice when one of them sees me as being outside of that description!

    I wanted to tell you that the other day, I mailed a hard-back journal I made to someone. I love love love giving people things I make, especially if it’s by snail-mail (who doesn’t love mail?)!

  • jtp

    🙂 I love that pillow! How do you embroider the cute little phrases? I’m sure it’s by hand…. so cute!

    I DID embroider it by hand… I don’thave a spiffy machine that can handle that kind of work. But, I do love to do it by hand… in my own handwriting. I think it gives it a unique look. Thanks 🙂 -KK

  • sicacarr

    I still have every note you ever wrote me from camp.

    I heart you.

  • Cortney

    My dad’s birthday is Wednesday. My dad is the one they’re talking about when they say “for the guy who has everything”. So instead of fumble blindly for something to give him, this year I made homemade pralines, boxed them up in a tin with a cute handwritten label, and mailed them to him in Florida. As I get older, I find more and more that these are the kind of gifts that last forever in my mind. The majority of our Christmas presents in my family were homemade this year, and I already know I’ll never forget them, or who gave them to us.

  • Amanda

    Upon first glance, this sentence appears to be a definite error. Certainly, in every day usage, it would sound bizarre.

    According to, however, “fitted” CAN actually be used in the present tense
    (refer to # 9, here:
    However, #16, the example with “shoe” uses “fit”.

    My assumption would be with you, Kate, that “fitted” was at one time correct, but is now obsolete. Would have to check with the OED on this one.

    In other news, I am leaving for Germany at the end of February. Aside from working on my vocab skills for the GRE (and you thought I was interested in that grammar just for kicks…), I’m trying to make the rounds and say goodbye to people. Any chance you and Rylie will be around sometime in the next few weeks and I could come out to see you? Or we could meet for a pink lemonade somewhere…

  • Ellie

    Just wait until Ry starts reading Junie B. Jones books. That kid – albeit a staple for early readers – has the worst grammar. It made me crazy.

    Somewhere back in the Ellie-files is the “Practice Random Acts of Kindness” bumpersticker that I had on the bulletin board in my teenage bedroom. You are right – it does make everybody’s day just a little bit better.

  • M.C.

    As an English teacher, I get a little tick when things like that come along. I think I’m supposed to. Then I remember how rediculous the whole grammar part of this language actually can be, and the tick subsides. Good find! You should submit it…somewhere.

  • M.C.

    By the way, that lemonade goes really well with Annie’s wafer cookies (those specialty cookies that come in a little row in a little box). What great giving ideas!

  • ecky

    presents for no reason or that are unexpected are the best…and in these days of email there is nothing better than a random handwritten letter or card.

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