my girlI am the Queen of Random and Otherwise Useless Information.  My brain will not recall the aisle I parked in at the grocery store, but I can hold a serious conversation about using ballpoint needles while sewing knit fabric or discuss the environmental decline of the world’s frog population. 
For example, let’s take this past Saturday: I got a call from Denver… Lia needed to know how to cook a squash.  Jo emailed looking for a concrete subcontractor.  Marcia needed to know the name of the 1st movie in the Lonesome Dove series.  Andy and I chatted about anchovies.  And, Natalie wanted some information on pocket [cloth] diapers.   Jack of all trades, master of none: that’s me in a nutshell.  But I will readily admit to being completely mystified on a few issues.  I call them my 5-Minute List questions.
Let me explain:  my boyI have a general concept of what happens After.  Afta afta, as Mr. Miyagi would say. In the sweet by and by.  After life.  Heaven.  I don’t have details, obviously… just theory.  I’m really hoping for 5 Minutes alone with The Big Guy to sort out a few things.  It may never happen, but on the off-chance we get a private audience you better believe I’m gonna have a list stashed away.  The list changes regularly, but these are the staples:
  1. Birth… I totally don’t get it.  How is it even remotely possible that 2 ridiculous humans (one who regularly trips on flat ground) can make another human?  And it grows inside???  And it comes out??? And it happens every day to millions of couples?  I would like this explained by the Man Himself.
  2. Dinosaurs… of course.
  3. the truth behind the JFK assassination
  4. Is there life on other planets?
  5. Slushies… are they a liquid or a solid?  I mean, I drink it… so it’s a liquid.  But, it’s all little pieces of ice… which is a solid.  This bugs me. 

I wonder: what mysteries are on your list?

[photos: my two loves]

[lots more photos of Ry over on flickr]


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13 responses to “questions

  • jim

    Couple of really awsome pictures floating out there.

  • Lisa

    Why don’t the headlights on my car burn out at the same time? I use them simultaneously. I never use the right without the left. So, why…why, why, why does the right one burn out and then, two months later, the left one burn out, too?

    Silly, I know. But I hope God thinks I might be on to something. 🙂

    You are SO TOTALLY RIGHT! This is going on my list as well. That drives me nuts. -KK

  • jtp

    I love that your list has all these deep things and then slushies 🙂

  • Miss Laura

    First off, I want you to know that sometime I would like to arrange a game of Trival Pursuit between you, Josh, my dad, and my cousin Adam, then sit back and watch. It would be stellar. You’re all the masters of random information.

    Second, for a minute I thought that picture of Curt was actually Greg Lockwood because of the curly hair next to his face.

    Third, I’ll get back to you on my Heaven List.

  • Julie

    First, thanks for the link on the Sweet By and By. I adore old hymns and love learning a little history behind them. precious words.

    Let me see:

    Why, oh why does teething have to hurt some babies so much?

    that is it for now. I will be thinking on it though!

  • Sunday

    Why, if the sun is so good for us and makes us emotionally happy, does it cause wrinkles and cancer? Could we please put beer and wine in the food pyramid? Why can’t animals live as long as we do? Why did you give me no math skills? Was it to be funny?

  • wende

    My 12 year old scientist once said (at age 9) that he thought heaven was exactly what you believed it to be. The Universe was accommodating like that.

    My big question: Laundry. And theologically, is Laundry a justification for the belief in Purgatory? And who will pray for my soul so I can hire a maid. Ahem.

  • Chris

    1. Unrequited love. I mean, what’s the point? To grow personally stronger through struggle, yadda yadda. Fine and dandy. But as Charlie Brown says, “Nothing quite spoils the taste of peanut butter like unrequited love.”

    2. Do animals have their own kind of heaven? If so, how do you get in? Do all animals go there or just the ones who were closest to our hearts? What about the ones who went straight to our stomachs… they lived a pretty noble life in their own way, right?

    3. Appendices. The only time they mean anything to a human is if one’s bursting, in which case it’s too late for appreciation.

    4. Why is music universally moving? We might all like a different kind of music but everyone’s profoundly affected by whatever they choose to listen to.

    5. Does anything that “causes cancer” really actually cause cancer, or is it all just a crapshoot?

    P.S. Your “birth” question is hilarious and wonderful. I’ve written it down!

  • Mom

    I recently held up the globe to my second graders and asked them if the people in Australia are hanging on by their finger nails to the Earth or standing up? After all, when you look at Earth, how could they possibly be standing up AND not upside down.
    ….they just looked at me like …. there she goes again….then a brave voice peeped up “yeah!” and another said “gravity – come on – gravity” and room 116 errupted into organized, chaotic, learning.

  • Cathy

    I’m not sure if this qualifies as a mystery of life but why do some people have to be so negative and so sour? Surely, they have to have something in their life to be thankful for or have a blessing to be counted on a list.

    Sunday, my friend said he is asking God when he gets to Heaven why dogs do not live as long as humans. Its heartbreaking when they leave you.

  • jim

    This one is bad to ask the big guy or gal: but how did you decide to make Radio and TV work and how does it.
    I still lke the pictures, and certainly the Ausies are holding on by their fingernails just because….

  • Rachel

    Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I tried your Chicken Enchilada recipe and we LOVED it! It was so good and Luke really liked it too! This is huge as we are in short supply of good Mexican food here in MT…

  • Ellie

    Oh, I feel like I’ve missed so much here in Pieville. I’m slowly but surely coming out of my own head . . .it’s a long trip sometimes. While I can’t offer these suggestions (in no particular order) with absolute certainty, may they bring you some degree of comfort:

    -Regarding JFK. . .greatest mystery of the 20th century. . .I felt particularly informed after reading Mark Lane’s seminal response to the Warren Commission, “Rush to Judgment”.
    -Regarding slushies. . .I believe there is actually a state of matter known as “semi-solid”. This consoles me when I make jell-o.
    -I’m pretty sure someday scientists will discover an ecological connection between the dinosaurs and. . .slushies.
    -ET and babies? beats me.

    xoxoxo. . .. Ellie

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