Ah, the internet…

See… it’s Thursday for you, but I am not here.  So sneaky!!!  I’m actually standing in a field in the middle of Oklahoma among the world’s best longhorns at the Loomis Ranch.  We hitched a ride South to pick up our mamma Midnight Safari and her calf, who live next door.  While we’re here, we’ll attend the Legacy Sale  in Ft. Worth.  Fancy, people.  Fancy like I had to borrow a floor-length gown and dig out my wedding shoes.  Fancy like I’ll prolly have too much silverware at my place setting.  Fancy like we get to stay in a hotel where there’s a pool and cable.   Crazy, right?  I’ll take lots of pictures. 

I’m waving to all my Texas people right now!!!  Hi!  It’s short trip… literally get there, load ’em up, come home.  We’ll be in the truck longer than we’re in Texas.  Awesome.  I brought a book and some sewing. 

While I’m gone I figured I give y’all a little homework.  Mmmmm Hmmmm.  We’re gonna have a little contest here at TexasNorth!  Phase I is this: email me [katiemulder AT gmail DOT com] a photo of yourself in your younger days that is caption-worthy.  No names will be used in the contest, so I will be the only person who actually knows who is who.  Have no fear.  Phase II will be announced in a week.  You have one week to get me your photos.  Photos that tell their own story… like this one:

that face

You’ll be able to participate even if you don’t send me a photo, but I need a good base to get started.  I haven’t got it all figured out yet, but I’m going to be crammed in the back of a Dodge for 36 hours over the next 4 days.  I may have some time to think then 🙂

Love y’all!  Be good while I’m gone!  I won’t be posting Monday as we’ll still be on the road… so see you Thursday!  Exclamation point!

Start digging for those photos…


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