for giggles

We are making our way back from Florida and back into normal life again… which, frankly, bites.  Vacation photos are up on Flickr AND there’s a new Rylie video up on YouTube which will rock your face off. I am ON IT today. 

 I thought I’d give us all a giggle to start our week.


That’s Yours Truly and my hair-blessed brother Danny (cira 1982) sporting our underoos.  I have my tough-girl face on because I am SO. COOL. 

Beginning next week, Mondays will start a new adventure for me here on the blog… ‘the encyclopedia of me.’  Maybe you’d like to join me?  Each week, I’ll go through the next letter of the alphabet and list things that would be in the Book of Me.  I’ve loved the others I’ve read online.  It’s such a sweet memory-book of the person writing, and a constant source of inspiration for journaling.  Consider yourself invited.

Unfortunately, my Gramma is not doing so well.  Tomorrow, Rylie and I will be headed to Cleveland to help move her into assisted-living.  My mother is flying in from Tejas, making it possible for 4 generations of Kluska women to be together again.  Please pray for safe travels and sanity.

Thursday: bran muffins and the people who love them.

Now… who’s going to help me with all this laundry?

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14 responses to “for giggles

  • Jim

    You are on your own with the laundry, I have been told that I can only do my own and that I am responsible for replacing the mistakes.

    But on muffins I’m all ears.

  • Cathy

    No I did not have underoos, When they made their debut…I was a “bit” old for them!! And no…sorry girl but you’re all on your own with the laundry!

  • Laura

    I didn’t have any, but you are truly my hero now that I know you had R2D2 underoos. Rock.

  • Carley

    That picture could not be any cuter! Love it!

  • Becky

    Oh my I love the underoos, Hope all goes well with Gramma!

  • Mandi

    Love, Love , Love Underoos!! My favorite pair was Wonder Woman!

  • madjeepgirl

    have I ever told you how much I love doing laundry? I’m NOT EVEN KIDDING. it’s one of those things most people don’t know about me. why do I tell you this? hmmm, I wonder…

    oh great. loud chatty people with a baby just sat RIGHT NEXT TO ME in the corner where only three people can sit, and are now blocking the heat from the fireplace.

  • Sunday

    i have not looked at the florida pictures yet, but saw that one on the side of the blog and I got BellaRose the very same bathing suit from Target!!! Annie picked it out. It reminded me of one i had when i was younger.
    Good luck with everything in cleveland!

  • Julie

    I am excited about your alphabet blogging idea. Can’t wait for the posts. It is always entertaining to see pictures of folks in their underwear! Thanks for the cuteness!

  • Cortney

    And I thought my Wonder Woman Underoos were the best ever…R2D2 Underoos would have totally given them a run for their money. I will have to try and dig out the ol’ photo of me in my WW ‘roos to compliment yours.

    Hope everything goes smoothly with your Grandmother. We went through that back in December, but things were surprisingly better than I feared. I wish you the same luck!

    Oh, and I detest bran muffins, but for your, I’m willing to *listen*.

  • Jessica "Haynie" Carr

    I was wonderwoman baby!!

    Rylie Jayne said and I quote “Oh WOW mom” to your picture!!

  • Lisa

    Have a safe trip to Cleveland. I’ll say a prayer all goes well.

    I’d also like to commend you for your extreme bravery…what with the Underoo picture, and all. But, then, that tough girl face foreshadowed a lifetime of extreme bravery. 🙂

  • Wende

    Thinking about you and your sweet family.

    That photo should be on your credit card. Just sayin’.

  • Amy

    i love that photo!

    Like many other commenters, i had the Wonder Woman underoos…complete with my red rain boots and a lasso…..

    Hope all is going well with your family!

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