a letter

mamma and her girlDear Rylie,

Hello, Doll.  It’s been a while.  You are 29 months old now… a walking genius and a babbling fool.  Your vocabulary increases by the minute, though the language is yet to be determined.  This is your first Spring to be upright and mobile, so The Great Outdoors holds a whole new treasure of discovery.  I cannot keep up with you.  I know this is only the beginning of me feeling this way.

ry-doing-grammas-homeworkLast week, you and I took our first solo road trip 5 hours East to Cleveland.  Cleveland, to many, is like Gotham City, but I have been to Muskegon and Killeen so I am not afraid.  Your mamma can be tough when she has to be tough.  Have no fear.

We went to Cleveland because your Great Gramma Kluska is not doing so hot.  She has to live in assisted-living now… in a truly wonderful facility that has daily therapy and really good food.  But, she’s sad.  She’s 83 and has lived alone for 50 years now… so she’s sad.  You (her only great-grandchild) and I drove out there to surprise her and to help pack up her old apartment.  While you were minimally helpful in the packing department, you were stellar in the ‘cheering people up’ department.  It’s hard to be sad when you’re around gabbin’ to people and sneaking drinks of their pop.  This place had lots of straws, so you were in your own personal Heaven.

ry-pushing-mrs-phyllisYou and Gramma Great go to the same kind of therapy, Ry!  When we arrived, Gramma Betty was deep into dexterity practice, which is old-hat to you.  You jumped right in and finished her homework.  I was happy to tell your therapists you did not miss a session while you were ‘on vacation.’   The nursing home says you are welcome back any time because YOU ARE SO DARN CUTE so long as you let them know before you move any more patients down the hall in their wheelchairs. 

4-generationsRylie, this letter is really a confession and an apology.  See, we hopped in the car Tuesday morning barely awake and JUST unpacked from Florida.  Child, I forgot to pack pants for us both.  I cannot explain it.  By Thursday, your only pair of jeans were a milk-encrusted cracker-crumbed MESS. There was nothing left to do but go to the mall.

I took you to JC Penny’s wearing only your diaper.  Gramma Sue bought you a dress.

You handled it very well. And, we were all appropriately clothed for the 4 Generations of Kluska Women photograph.

I love you, Child.  I love how you bring joy to every situation… even the hard, sad, sucky ones.  And I love how there’s almost always a craisin stuck to the bottom of your shoe.

Love always and always, Mamma

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TexasNorth is a little farm in Western Michigan. It's home to 5 chickens, 25 longhorn cattle, a coonhound (Banjo), 1 barn cat, a husband, and 3 ridiculously funny children. The mom of this zoo has been known to mow the lawn in a skirt and roast marshmallows after dark. View all posts by texasnorth

12 responses to “a letter

  • jtp

    I just sat down and thought ” hey it’s Thursday…what’s Katie up to?” What a beautiful letter! The part about the pants made me laugh and I’m assuming Ry pushed random patients down the hall- very cute! I mean she always looks cute in her pictures, but these were especially adorable…I think it’s the ponytail…. Love the 4 generations pic too! I have one of those from when I was two that I use in my class during genetics…all of my students think I will have a big nose when I’m 97…. Rylie will be beautiful at 97…. just check out her great granny 🙂

  • Jessica "Haynie" Carr

    Oh Sweetness!!! SOunds like something I would do.

    Look at that little ponytail!

    Isnt it ammazing how fast they just start talking. Rylie language usually needs “a little” translation. but it just happens so fast.!!!

  • Heather Pellick

    Oh, my Katie. You really know how to make a woman cry… LOL! I’m sure you and Rylie brought joy to your Gram by suprising her. I will continure to pray for her health! You have a beautiful daughter! I really hope that we can get together when you are back in town. It will really nice to catch up on our famlies. Please keep in touch!
    Much love, Heather

  • Cathy

    A beautiful story, sad but its beautiful. The pic of Rylie pushing the wheel chair is “darling” though, I”m sure she brightened up some faces in there.

  • ecky

    all that travelliing isn’t easy with a wee one.
    we have trouble just getting out the door to go to the store – let alone another state. our stellar move is to pack everything, but then leave the bag at home! fun!

    hazel usually has a raisin in her shirt. that’s fun to find later.
    and straws! straws are the best!

    ry is adorable as usual…and very strong! those pictures are awesome. i especially love the second one where they are both looking in opposite directions while enjoying time together.

  • Annie

    O I love your letters to your daughter.
    They are priceless.
    And…funny to boot.
    I was getting all teary pictureing this precious older woman with this precious little one cheering her up and then bam you go and make me laugh with the whole pant things.
    Hilarious I tell you.

  • Lisa

    What a beautiful gift to both Rylie and her Great Grandma. Kudos for making the trip. Even without pants!


  • texasnorth

    Know who my grandmother was looking at in the photo above? Mike. Another ‘cripple’ as she calls the folks in the nursing home. He was setting up a time to wheel over to her room and take her to the afternoon music program. A DATE. My word.

  • Laura

    Oh dear. The pants. And I’m left wondering, what did YOU do about pants? Did you too go to Penney’s in your skivvies?

    Bless your sweet grandmother and your sweet baby. I love watching the elderly and the very tiny interact. I’m sure they gave each other a lot of joy.

    You remind me a lot of my mom, Miss Kate. That’s *probably* one of the reasons I like you so much. Keep writing those letters. They’re going to make her feel so loved one day.

  • Margie

    Wow. This is great. I’m speechless. And a little teared up.

  • diane nienhuis

    This was so great! I laughed and giggled. That child of yours is CUTE!

  • amanda

    I love the pic of Ry pushing your Grandmother. Too cool!

    Also, you have really cute hair.

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