the end of an inning

[Below is a letter to some friends. You know a lot of these folks… you just don’t realize it.  I sincerely hope all of you are in love with some form of volunteer work the way I was with Mars.  Seek it out and put your whole heart into it.  It will change your life.]

Tonight, I will head to my last rehearsal with my Mars Hill worship band.  Sunday will be my last official gig up front.  This has not been your average church-choir experience.  This is a group of musicians who can replicate any sound, any band, any feeling; they push every envelope.  I did my best as a vocalist to hang on for the ride.

This has actually been my longest relationship.  I’ve sung here longer than I’ve held any one job, longer than I’ve lived in any one city or apartment, longer than I’ve gone to any one school.  Longer, even, than I was pregnant… which is shocking since that lasted, like, 2 years or something.    Being a part of this team has been no small love on my part.  You have seen me, knowingly or not, through break-ups and marriage, deep depression, the birth of Rylie, the pain of miscarriage, unbelievable stage fright, and multiple hair styles.  This music has been the constant in my life for the past 6 years.

The reality is we now live 40 minutes away.  Rylie is growing up and we are slowing down.  We believe deeply in the foundation of community that Mars has instilled in us… and it’s time for us to walk that walk in our (new) neighborhood.  It’s time for us to leave one community for another.  My season, as Aaron would say, is past.  I am scared and I am excited and I am pout-y… and yet I know it is for the Good.

Thanks to Julie, who challenged me to find my own voice

to Trace, who became immeasurably more of a friend than anyone deserves

to Alan, who is the only man to ever carry my luggage… you are a gentleman in purple-bearded wolf’s clothing

to Marie and Mike and Jami and Nate and Suzanne, who are family

to Elizabeth, who makes us all look good by wearing make-up, always being prepared, and hitting everything above my b-flat break.  Nice job, Lady.  Every time.

to Adam… there is no one I enjoy splitting harmonies with more than you, Friend.  For every note of yours I’ve stolen, I’m sorry.  For all the times I’ve thrown your keys and your music during rehearsal, I meant it and I’d do it again

to the BEW band… and all the Sunday bands… you, simply, rock.  You are inspiring and you are lovely.  I have never been around so much talent, so much heart, and so much crap all at the same time.  I will miss you so very much. 

and to Troy Troy.  You are the most gifted person I know.  Your leadership and your heart have encouraged thousands.  I am a better person for knowing you.  I am a better musician for listening to you.  Think of me fondly during Country Sundays when Bob and Joel are most uncomfortable.  Remember me in the awkward pauses.  Smile for me when Levi wears my brown snap-shirt and Jami plays the tambo. 

It is with a great big sigh I say, “I love you and I miss you already.”  Grab your parts and sing along…  friends are friends forever; one is silver and the other gold.  Do a little dance and get down tonight.

Love always, Kate

Come see me sometime out on the farm.  You are always welcome.

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11 responses to “the end of an inning

  • shauna

    lovely, and funny, and sweet. love it.

  • Elizabeth

    Awww Kate! I love you too!!! Of all days NOT to wear waterproof mascara and then read your blog!

  • Nate

    I feel a farm trip coming on.

  • Jami Vander Kooi

    We love you more than you’ll ever know….

    It’s a strange thing…to say good-bye, yet still be here….

    I understand how that feels in all completeness. I think it hurts even more than moving clear across the country. It’s a hurt filled with growth, excitement, and deepest peace.

    I can’t wait to hear stories of when you sing (in your heart, or on their stage) with your new church friends…of how you fall in love with them and they fall in love with you.

    And, yes, it’s time for a farm trip.

  • Aaron

    Wow, well said! It was an honor to get to share a number of those six years with you. You bring SOOO much to the team and will be deeply missed. I hope that this weekend is holy and fun and brings back a million great memories in that room. Many blessings to you and your family! Aaron

  • Greg

    Yep, this sucks… we’re gonna miss you Kate! Have a blast Sunday!

  • Suzanne


  • Mike

    Don’t think you can get away from us! I can hardly wait to kill some chickens out on the farm–okay, maybe I’ll let you do it. Thank you for being my friend. Madi misses babysitting for your sweet little bandana girl. I will never forget the ways in which you and Kurt have blessed my life and my family.

    grace + peace,


  • Jim

    Just rememeber that with each change we grow as people. Know also that friends never really leave you.

  • Julie

    so sweet!

    My mom said that you went up even further in her book when you made the comment on how nice girls don’t say “butt”. She loved that! So did I!

  • Julie

    tears – slowly streaming down my face. thank you. i love you and i will miss you singing – miss you deeply and dearly. thank you for making our lives better. i love you – and your voice.

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