D is for…

‘d’ is for Daniel… my father.  Class of ’72 and not pictured in any known yearbook.  He is a retired career ARMY first-sergeant and has no middle name.  Neither does my mother.  I think this is one of the reasons they fell in love.

Danny and Sarah's wedding 056

‘d’ is for Daniel Charles… my younger but taller brother.  He is a captain in the United States Air Force and has fantastic hair.  He’s taken, Ladies, by one of the sweetest Texas girls you’ll ever meet.  His middle name is for our great-grandfather, who was a bugler in WW1.

‘d’ is for Dansko… as in the shoes.  I recently retired my trusty ol’ clogs after 10+ years of faithful service.  I don’t want to talk about it.  It was a hard day for me.  My math tells me that those shoes cost me 2 pennies per day over the last ten years.  *sniff*  I mean it when I say they were worth every single penny. I miss you, shoes! 

‘d’ is for dance… as in the Texas Two-Step.  Contrary to popular belief, Texans do not line-dance.  We do Cotton-Eyed Joe, but that’s more of a circle.  Here are some folks dancing in Austin (ignore the bouncing couple… they must be from out of town), and here are my Aggie Wranglers doin’ some fancy footwork.  Oh, man… I loooove to two-step.  It’s something everyone learns at A&M because it’s just what you do on Thursday nights.  You can go with a date or with a crowd, but it doesn’t matter.  Every one dances with everyone… such a great time.

‘d’ is for Ducktales and Bobbysocks… my Senior Play in high school where I played a lead role as a waitress.  The performance was on a Saturday… a Saturday I was supposed to be defending my #1 ranking as an Alto singer at the Texas All-State competition.  I almost failed choir for choosing the play over the competition.  My one act of rebellion… whew!  I was a little out-of-control back in the day, Folks.

dinner 002

‘d’ is for dinner… and me standing on the sidelines as Curt wrangled 3 girls (2 of them our nieces) and a dog around pancakes, syrup, and bacon.  It was tricky and a very good lesson in what life may be like in 10 years, but he passed with flying colors.

Happy Monday, y’all 🙂

Ry and I are headed to Texas Wednesday… on a plane!  Pray for us!  Pray for me!  Pray for the people sitting near us! Oh, lawdy.



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14 responses to “D is for…

  • Becky

    D is for divinity, as is “Isn’t butter divinity” I have a feeling that you will know what that line it from. Don’t fail me now,
    I rebeled against a choir event myself back in the day, is it possible we ran with the same gang?? 🙂

  • jtp

    Oh how I love my danskos!!!! I recently sold, yes sold, my first pair on ebay. After I wore them about 4 days a week for 6 school years- still got $30 for them 🙂 Can’t beat a good pair of shoes…. Have fun in TX!!!!

  • Julie

    Thanks so much for the 2 stepping and cotton eyed joeing links. I am so very entertained by dancing….all types, but especially ones to some sort of country music!

    I really want to take your abc’s idea and use it on my blog. I just love it.

    And you remain to be one of the absolutely coolest gals I know!

  • Miss Laura


  • Jim

    Have a great time. Tell your Mom and Dad Hello. Planes have been full full full….for the last couple of weeks.

  • Lisa

    Ha! I’m cracking up at myself: I thought you wrote your brother’s middle name is for your great-grandfather, who was a BURGLAR. I’m so glad I re-read that. 🙂

    Good luck on the flight. Take suckers or a sippy cup for take-off and landing.


  • marie

    i TOTALLY misread “bugler in WWI” and thought it was BURGLAR!

  • marie

    i totally misread “bugler” for BURGLAR!!! either way it’s super awesome. swear.

    and i got your text awhile back that you met my former coworker, the aggie dan swain!! so funny!!!

  • amanda

    Ducktales and Bobbysox?! Must you remind me ?! haha. I actually found video of that last time I was home. Funny stuff…

  • Wende

    D is for D’oh! (thought you could use a little homer.)

    Have fun in the badlands. 😀

  • Zoe Speer

    Oh ducktales and bobby socks 😉
    I don’t know how to 2 step but I guess its those California roots 🙂
    Give us a call if you and Ry are up for a wild playdate with my 3 little monsters.

  • Margie

    Katie, I’m enjoying your alphabet posts. But I have to ask: does Curt two-step with you? I, too, loved to 2-step at A&M but my hubby, a Baylor grad and native Texan no less, doesn’t! (I married him anyway, but still.) Thanks for the memories!

  • anniesingletaryceramics

    I love these alphabet posts, danskos, ahhhhh, love em.
    that dinner with the ladies is precious. what a man.

  • ecky

    danskos are up there on my list as well!
    i actually just WON a pair!!!
    can you believe it?!?!
    the only thing better than danskos is free danskos!

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