E is for…

[note: I fixed the photo on ‘the end of an inning’ post!]

‘e’ is for Eriogonum vimineumbetter known as buckwheat, a common Texas wildflower (not pictured). It’s wildflower season down here in Texas right now.  I love the messy, casual, simple imperfection of wildflowers.  

‘e’ is for elephant walk… one of our many, many Aggie traditions.  Have I mentioned that I love my school?  I love it.

Rylie 020

‘e’ is for E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrialone of my first movies in a movie theatre.  I actually met Dee Wallace when I was working at CHOSS.  Her daughter, Gabby, was one of my students for a week and had to leave early.  I had no idea who her mother was, only that she’d be picking her up after dinner.  When I answered the cabin door, there was Elliot’s Mom!  Elliot’s Mom!!!  Gabby was also in class with John McVie’s daughter.  Haley Joel Osmet’s mom was a chaperone that week… but he, of course, was off filming a little movie with Bruce Willis at the time.  It was a crazy week for me.

Rylie 023

‘e’ is for Eric Claptona musical genius.  I don’t remember not knowing his sound.

‘e’ is for escalators… of which I have a mild phobia.  Actually, now it’s simply more of a hesitation… a stutter.  Every time I’m about to get on one to take me down, I panic a little.  One of my earliest memories is of being a [cute and charming] toddler… only 3, maybe 4… and being separated from my mother who was pushing my brother in a stroller.  She got on the escalator instructing me to follow immediately, but something went wrong.  I stumbled over that awkward first gap, fell, and was caught by a stranger several moving steps below.  I can still see his face.  In my 30 year-old memory, he looks exactly like Ward Cleaver.

Rylie 024

‘e’ is for empty… or, alternatively, the opposite of full.  Our gas tank has kissed empty on several occasions when my husband is driving.  Sometimes, his sixth-sense about how much further we can go and still be ‘totally fine’ is, um, completely wrong.

‘e’ is for East of Eden a semi-autobiographical novel of Steinbeck’s and one of my favorites.  It’s unbelievable… and was even before Oprah gave it her stamp of approval.  I’ve also just discovered that it’s a movie featuring my boyfriend, James Dean, from 1955.  How did I miss this?

Happy Monday from us down here in Tejas 🙂  See you Thursday.  I’m off to rent a movie…


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8 responses to “E is for…

  • Jim

    “e” is also for easy. Easy to enjoy your posts.

  • jtp

    I love that on M onday mornings I get to read your posts during my planning period- I like the abcs……

  • madjeepgirl

    you’re not along with the escalator business! my sister visited me when I was in college and once on the escalator, she tugged on my left sleeve the entire time, saying, “rieeeee… rieeeeee.”

    she was 18.

  • ecky

    i have the same escala-phobia! i always have to pause and concentrate really hard before taking that first step. i also had a mishap as a child. those things move QUICK.
    i once knew a guy who tried to prove to his brother how safe they were – so he rammed his foot into the top where the stairs meet the new floor…and the escalator kept going…and his foot got stuck. it tore up his brand new pair of sneakers. they had to get mall security to shut down the escalators so that he could be removed. genius, right?!

    i remember haley joel’s mom. didnt she toilet paper her class’ cabin? she was a troublemaker, that one!

  • Aunt Regina

    Kate – you are scaring me——–your are not my child–are you??

    -I ,too, love my school – Penn State and it has lots of traditions as well

    – Elephant Walk – a great move with Liz Taylor and one of my favorite restaurants!

    -E.T – Again one of my favorite – Remember when Jere would wear the E.T costume I made and Danny thought it was the real E.T. and lead him all around the house. Good old times.

    -Eric Clapton – my all time favorite. Listen to him tonight on my way home

    -Escolators – The last time I wore a long dress at one of Uncle Gene’s company functions- It got caught in the escolator – I started to panic as all I could see is my dress geittng ripped off. Uncle Gene asked if anyone had a pen knife. Dumb question as there were about 20 coal miners on the escolator – all of them pulled out a knife. I thought this isn’t good. —suddenly the step dropped at it released my dress. All it had was a small hole. They guys were disappointed as they didn’t get to use their knives.. Lucky me.

    – Empty – I have ran out of gas on every car I’ve own. It’s a tradition. A couple of months ago I ran out of gas and then again one week later Both times I had the car towed to the dealership. The gauge was not registering correctly.

    – East of Eden – Again one of my favorite movies—–I like the 1981 version with Jane Seymour. She does an awesome job in the role. I actually own this one.

  • anniesingletaryceramics

    1st movie for me in the theater was ET as well, i was terridfied and hid under my jacket pretty much the whole time, I loved it and hated it all in the same.
    Ward Cleaver, laughed out loud at that one.

  • Julie

    What a great post. loved the links and the ward cleaver and James Dean comments. made me laugh.

    Escalators are pretty dangerous. I agree.

  • Becky

    E is for Everytime I read your blog I smile:)

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