I live in a zoo.

When I was little, my father used to sing to me on my birthday:

Happy Birthday to you.

You live in a zoo.

You look like a monkey,

and you smell like one, too.

And then I would cry hysterically and run away to my bedroom. *insert door slam here*  After this past Monday Tuesday Wednesday of trying to settle back in to ‘normal life,’ I think he may have been on to something.  Don’t tell him I said so.  This place is nuts.

bloomers 004

My child has discovered nakedness.  As soon as we hit the backyard, she’s stripping off clothes and looking for a sprinkler or puddle or animal trough.  Enter: the bloomers.  Grammy hooked her up with 2 pair from her fabric stash and I have 3 more pair cut out and waiting to be sewn.  I also bought her white Hanes camis… oh my word, how adorable.  This child will be naked 87% of Summer.  The rest of the time, she’ll be in pantaloons and white undershirts. 


Salty’s kittens (4) opened their eyes the day we got home from Tejas.  The next morning, one kitten had disappeared.  I was absolutely distraught internally, but took it in stride.  Yesterday, that kitten reappeared under Rylie bed… a little skinnier than the others after his 2-day solo adventure, but otherwise fine.  Holy Bananas.  THEN, I heard a ruckus (yup) in the living room the yesterday and figured a chicken was attempting to storm the castle (again), but no.  Just a post-pregnancy mamma cat upside down and caught between the two doors.  I remember feeling that way, too, Salt.  Hang in there.

The chickens have stopped laying in the coop.  This is due to many factors… mostly involving their interim landlord whilst I was away.  They just don’t like peeps not wearing an apron. I have 30 or so ladies who are capable of laying eggs.  Yesterday, I found 4.  I’m not so great at math, but that’s not quite adding up.  I shall dress pretty today and lure them back to their digs.


Then, just because things weren’t interesting enough, we hooked up a temporary electric fence and let the cows into the backyard to mow the grass.  Here’s a picture of the baby you haven’t seen yet: Miss Bonnie’s 09 calf who was born the week we were in Texas.  I call him Scout.  Muddy Bravo is behind him with the white speckles.  Scout is a much softer, solid brown… like a deer.  He. Is. So. Cute. I am going to sneak him into the bedroom tonight and snuggle with him.  Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

This place is crazy.

That being said, please come visit!

P.S. Vacation photos here [click].

About texasnorth

TexasNorth is a little farm in Western Michigan. It's home to 5 chickens, 25 longhorn cattle, a coonhound (Banjo), 1 barn cat, a husband, and 3 ridiculously funny children. The mom of this zoo has been known to mow the lawn in a skirt and roast marshmallows after dark. View all posts by texasnorth

19 responses to “I live in a zoo.

  • Jim

    Great Pics thanks for sharing, looks like you two had fun. For sure your Dad did… And you would not be happy if it was too quiet.

  • Mandi

    Your daughter is gorgeous!! I loved your pics and am sad that I didn’t get to see you while you were in the great state of Texas.

  • Jessica "Haynie" Carr

    My Rylie loves to be naked to. She runs around shouting “Im Neeeeked Im Neeeked” Oh lordy!!!

  • Stacey

    A Bloomer Tut would be great….. if you get a chance in atllthat crazinesss……..

  • Jami

    Next week we are visiting you!

    AND OMGOODESS! Your daughter is bungie corded to a fence!!!! HAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! I about peed my pantaloons!

  • jtp

    I want to snuggle with scout too…… and I’m dying that before you rescued Salt you took a picture 🙂

  • MamaM

    Oops! Shush, grandma. I’m supposed to be quiet in the library, but I just got done laughing, crying with hysterics at Ry in her very large hair rollers. Brings back memories trying to straighten my hair using orange juice cans in a day when curly just wasn’t cool.

  • ecky

    love the pics! grandparents are the most fun!

    those bloomers rock! everyone should have a pair.
    i’d love to know how to make ’em.

    i think most kids enjoy being naked. my neices used to run around the house yelling “i’m nudie” all the time! hazel is a fan of streaking as well!

  • kateohkatie

    The bloomers + tank top look is too cute!

    And I too want to snuggle that baby cow.

  • Laura

    I love all of this so much…I could just roll it all up in a tortilla and eat it.

  • amanda

    Rylie, Your mama knows fashion. You look real cool in your pantaloons.

  • Cortney

    I am SERIOUSLY diggin’ the Rylie Joy Official Outfit of Summer. Seriously. And the upside down cat and your fantastic zoo. All the nekkid’ talk reminded me of a story from a friend of a friend, who’s little boy had designated “naked time” each night before bed, wherein he would mostly run around the house sing-songing “it’s Naked Time!” over and over. One night during the ritual he was carrying his pajama pants (I guess waving them like a banner to announce Naked Time), and he stopped dead in his tracks, threaded the pants through his little bum cheeks, and said casually, “It’s Naked Time. I have a tail.” And then carried on with the dance, tail held firmly in place, ’til his mamma declared it was time for bed.

  • Rachel

    I enjoyed looking at all the pics from your time in TX. It is always hard to get back into the swing of things after a trip, especially one where you’ve had 2 extra helpers day in and day out! I can always tell that Zane struggles in missing all that extra attention for a few days! And, I love Ry’s fashionable summer wardrobe! She is too cute!

  • Susannah

    I don’t remember exactly how I stumbled upon your blog, but I’ve been reading it religiously (?!?) ever since and have meant to comment so many times. I look forward to your delightful updates on Mondays and Thursdays. But it took the lovely pantaloons to get me to finally say hello. They’re fantastic! Fantastic enough that I will have to teach myself to sew some for my daughter and myself 🙂

  • wende

    I love reading about your life, Katie. Never stop. M’kay?

  • El

    The curls!! For the love of God. . .the curls!!! Thinking of you because I made a whole passle of strawberry-rhubarb jam day before yesterday. Please take this as the highest praise – that I would make a substantive, cognitive connection between my dear Katie and my beloved rhubarb preserves.

  • Ellie

    I just had to stop by TexasNorth to see the cows/chicks/babes/gardens/general goodness. . .and to say that I have by no means fallen off the face of the earth. I am leaving on Tuesday for my FOURTH TRIP (!!!!) to Boulder to get us “settled” – really, though, will we ever be settled? – and am crazy/happy/crazy with the whole thing. Cabin Life will be up and running again as soon as I know where. . .er. . .the next cabin will be!!

  • Ellie

    I listen to John Denver’s “Rocky Mountain High” once every day.

  • Ellie

    You can come and visit

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