H is for…

She put on her undies all by herself... both pairs.‘h’ is for HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Jess!  You are one hot mamma and I love you so very much.
‘h’ is for Hepburn… as in, Audrey.  An icon. My icon.
‘h’ is for humor…like, stitch in your side, silent, shaking laughter kind of humor.  Admittedly, I was a melancholy child and never learned to laugh properly.  I always wanted a great laugh but didn’t have one… which only made me more sullen.  Karen Thompson in high school had the best laugh- she could go forever.  Everyone is beautiful when they laugh, though. I try to laugh a lot, which is not difficult when you have renegade chickens and a child trying to catch rain in a paper bag and friends like Marie Dornan.
‘h’ is for hitch… a knot used a lot tying canoes onto adventurous students’ cars while working at TAMU Outdoors all through college. I can attach anything to anything, people.  Knots are awesome.

“h’ is for hard…  as in: potty training.  Trying to describe the ‘feeling’ you get right before you hafta go potty is hard.  Trying to explain that ‘feeling’ to a child who cannot tell you she wants milk to drink is hard.  Trying to explain that to your silent child while she is naked and chasing baby kittens under the porch is harrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrd.  I don’t like to do things unless I’m going to be good at it.   But, I’m sucking it up; I simply cannot force this thing to work, even with my best efforts. We’re taking a break from the every day psycho training for now.  She has cows to feed and holes to dig.  We’ll try again in July. [photo 1: She put on her undies by herself.  Both pairs.    &     photo 2: Potty Central and killing time.]

‘h’ is for hair… I have brown hair.  Medium brown, very thick hair that bleaches in the front during the summer.  Wavy hair that will do what it’s told when put in rollers or pulled into a pony tail.  I like my hair. 

‘h’ is for He’s Just Not That Into Youa movie I’ve seen several times now.  Justin Long?  Funny.  The last 1/2 hour wrap-up montage?   Love it.  All of it.  So great.

“h’ is for happy and healthy… which I am these days, more often than not.  A girl can’t complain about that.


Happy Monday, y’all 🙂


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15 responses to “H is for…

  • estefani

    friend…i’m loving the alphabet. i’ve got one for ya…H is for Hostel, as in a step down from a motel. our homes away from home for a summer. do you remember the one in Edinburgh? Snow White and the Seven Dwarves Who Didn’t make the cut…Burpy, Sloppy, etc. Hilarious. Or, what about the one in Prague that felt like it as straight out of The Shining. Swinging light bulbs in the hallway. I think we shared a twin bed that night out of fear. Memories. H is for HUG…sending you one!!!

  • Amy

    ohh….i am excited. Hes Just Not that Into You just came from Netflix!

    Also, LOVE the pic of Rylie on the potty. Priceless.

  • Jessica "Haynie" Carr

    your the sweetest.

    and those pcs of ry………priceless

  • Becky

    Oh tying knots for canoes, something I learned at Merri-mac! I have to admit I always felt pretty cool loading up a canoe trailer…ha!
    We have no idea about potty training yet, but it sounds like SO much fun:)

  • Miss Laura

    I love how Rylie looks in the first picture like she’s not sure why this is all so exciting. I just put my underwear on, Mom…but I don’t really know what it’s for…

    I have yet to see HJNTIY…sad, isn’t it?

  • Mandi

    Love the Princess of the Potty set-up! “H” is for “hang in there.” She’ll get the potty training thing when she’s ready.

  • Amy B.

    We understand about the potty training around here. We’ve made several stabs at it, but it just seems like if they haven’t gotten it after a few days, it’s just not time. Of course, EVERYONE says boys take longer, but are ready by 3 – I refuse to believe that, though. We’ll be trying again soon, with no diapers in sight to fall back on.

    And, FYI, I’m making a pair of your bloomers as a gift for a neighbor – not sure they’re suitable for little boys (darnit!). I’ll send you a photo when I’m done.


    Personally, I think you CAN make them for boys… a little David Copperfield/English style simply by moving the elastic down to the very edge of the leg and omitting the ruffle. Of course, I think they should speak with an accent as well, then… it would really complete the look 🙂 -KK

  • jtp

    um, I am such a loser that I checked last night before I went to bed just to see if your next letter was up….hmmm, I need a life 🙂 I love the first picture and the fact that she’s in 2 pairs of underwear 🙂 Your blog is so fun… don’t worry about the potty training- it’ll come…surely she won’t accept her Nobel peace prize in diapers…… 🙂

  • Julie

    I am loving the alphabet posts so much! We struggled a bunch with potty training too! Then one day she just did it and could do it. I am glad you are taking a break. good thinkin’. Caleb, my first boy, didn’t potty until he was ALMOST FOUR! But one day he just could do it. finally.

  • ecky

    h is for HILARIOUS!
    i totally need to bring a pillow into the bathroom with me!
    and what a great time to do a little grooming – hair, make-up, shaving. Ry is really onto something there.

  • LoLo

    Forget Princess and the Pea…it’s Princess and the PeePee!! I would never want to go if I had such luxurious accomodations, complete with your very own copy of Goodnight Moon! You could just sit there for hours, brushing your hair and looking for the mouse, and if you get tired, viola, just kick back on your pillow and catch a few ZZZZ’s. PRECIOUS! My version of potty training was simple, whenever they are naked, which seems to be alot for Ry :), just sit her on the toilet. One day, a little tinkle will sneak out, and they will figure it out. Just keep doing this and eventually they will see the light, or the mouse.

  • marie

    what?! seriously. i’m in awe. and SUPER thankful that i know you. there’s not many people who can be brilliantly hilarious with a straight face. *my next comment has been removed so to preserve the family-friendly nature of this blog*

    btw, i HAVE something for you. i guess it’s time to suck it up and be neighborly.

  • Margie

    I’m starting, but am not excited about, PT, too. We talk about it a lot around here and put Sarah on the potty, but so far, no dice. Figure I’ll use Lolo’s method, and spend a few days without clothes on in the backyard. You’d think having gone through this once already, I’d be an old hand. Not with this, though. Always a challenge.

  • Margie

    When I re-read the (now posted) comment, it looks like I’M going to be outside in the backyard not wearing any clothes. Let me clarify: Not me, only my child who will hopefully learn when it’s time to sit on the potty. And since Summer has now Officially Begun, I hope she learns quickly. Air conditioning has become lovely again.

  • annie

    potty training is on hold for us too. it was going great and then all of a sudden, fear struck????a mystery to me as well friend.
    you do have great hair.

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